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Reviewed: 02/16/11

Dante vs. Deadpool Fate of Two Badas-no wait I mean Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Fate of Two Worlds

You don't have to be a Marvel fan or know anything about Capcom to enjoy this fast paced style fighting game. After basically a decade of waiting Capcom finally gives fans what we've been waiting for and releases Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on Feb 15, 2011 in which I pre-ordered. Having its roots beginning in the X-men vs. Street Fighter games 15 years ago and evolving into Marvel vs. Capcom then Capcom vs. SNK, and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. The Capcom vs. Series is about 3-on-3 fast paced tag teamed fighting involving Capcom characters duking it out with some of the big name characters of the opposing franchise. In this case being the grand comic book company known as Marvel. Now the series is one of my absolute faves out there for me, being a fan of Marvel from childhood and a loyal fan of Capcom for a while now, it only assured my purchase of this team based fighter. Although not everyone will be satisfied with this game as it feels a little too much like an arcade game with too many things left out for future DLC so it may be more suitable for a rent depending on your tastes. Many new characters are included like Dante, Chris Redfield, Okami, Thor, X-23, and Deadpool. However as with life, you gain one thing yet you lose another as many characters from the previous installment are taken out including Gambit, Cyclops, Ice Man, Cammy, Strider Hiyru, Venom, and the should be staple Mega-man and Ken. However future DLC characters are already confirmed so we can still hope for the future(and maybe I can hope for my Sengoku Basara characters to debut in this franchise). Now before I continue ranting on, lets move on to the reviewing section.

Gameplay-Playability: 9/10
Simply outstanding and nearly flawless fighting system and controls that merges both classic and new mechanics. New notable changes with this installment is the change in control scheme. No High/Low punch or High/Low Kick anymore but a new simpler Low/Medium/High and a new "Exchange" button which is used for launching opponents straight into the air and following up with another character to string in the new air combos along with a new simple mode intended for newcomers which makes combos easier to pull off but you lose some special moves. The gameplay runs very fluid and hectic paced triple team matches are hard to get tired of especially when your experimenting with the 30+ characters and all their combos and specials which can be chained together with other teammates to create some "Viewtiful" combos (No pun intended its actually a combo rank). The Arcade mode is your standard in fighting games, defeat a certain number of opponents and fight the final boss on the final stage. Every character has a unique ending usually involving character crossover story lines which were intended on providing plenty of fan service, I especially liked Deadpool's and Dante's endings in which a special guest whose name will not be mentioned appears in the latter ending. A new mission mode which feels based off of Tekken's combo training mode where you have 10 missions for each character intended for learning each character's combos starting from the easy ones up to the hardest combos. As usual we've also got a training mode but obviously every fighting game should have one of these. And theres a new option to register your usual teams along with costumes and assist types is a real time saver and should be implemented in every team based fighting game from now on.

Online: 6/10
I can imagine most of you probably bought this game in the first place to compete against your buddies online so I wish I could say the online was better than it is. First of all, it works great. I've never experienced lag when fighting online which is a big + considering the amount of lag in other online fighting games. Matches take place in lobbies of up to 8 people where two people duke it out and everyone else just sits there and waits. That's right no spectating matches or challenging any of the other waiting lobby members while waiting for your turn. All I hear in the lobbies is people complaining about how long it takes to get into one match and when you do finally get into one, its usually some spamming wannabe who has no confidence in anything else but spamming, but I realize that's not Capcom's fault so I won't take points for that. Not to mention it also takes forever to connect into a quick match making it a total drag to find any good matches, so its up to you to decide if its worth the wait getting into an online match.

Graphics: 9/10
I had my doubts at first but in the end the graphics are really crisp beautiful comic style art as opposed to the usual sprites. Every character is highly detailed to look match their original appearance and stage backgrounds are all majestic from the character floats of the Daily Bugle, to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Base stage to the Licker zombies in the background of Wesker's lab.

Sound: 10/10
Every character has an individual theme song which follows them into battle when they switch out which is really nice to have a change of music which doesn't get old as all of the songs are fitting the characters they represent. I especially love the appearance of the song "Devils Never Cry" from DMC3 as Dante's theme song(yeah if you haven't noticed I'm a hardcore Devil May Cry fan). Voice acting is incredible for every character with a nice roster of notable voice actors who for the most part have reprised their roles of their respected characters, and a nice addition is the option to change the Capcom characters voices from Eng to Jap individually. That's right if you want Dante and Ryu to speak English and have Wesker and Viewtiful Joe to speak Japanese you can. It would have been interesting if we could hear Spidey or Hulk in Jap though. My only slight problem with the music is the menu theme song "I'm Gonna Take you for a Ride" which a is pretty repetitive song. Fortunately the menu theme changes every now and then so its not all bad.

If you managed to get your hands on the Limited Edition of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 then you will find a nice little prologue comic showing how the game's story begins and plenty of official artwork along with some well drawn and creative fan art as well. A 1-month subscription to Marvel Digital Comics and a code to download Jill and Shuma Gorath which will be available a month from now on March 15, 2011(Can't believe they cost 400 MS Points or 5$ for the characters individually) is also printed on the back of the comic book. You'll also find that the Special edition comes packaged inside a beautifully designed steel box case which I hope you take good care of. If your planning on buying the DLC characters next month you might as well buy the Special Edition since your paying ten dollars extra for the special edition which will be equal to buying both characters separately(seriously 10$ for two freakin characters, whats next, the DLC stages are gonna be 10$ individually, damn shouldn't give Capcom any ideas).

Overall: 8.5
What this game truly is at the end of the day, is an arcade game inside out. A great game to play with friends offline and online if you can stand the online waiting, and tons of extra content to unlock which will keep you hooked for a while and a lot of fan service, character interaction, and witty Deadpool jokes. However theres just so much content which Capcom already announced as DLC, that kinda I don't know, maybe...... SHOULD HAVE COME WITH THE GAME TO BEGIN WITH such as Survival and a Time Trial. I really hope their not gonna pull another Resident Evil 5 Versus mode on us and charge for content that's already on the disc or should have been there to begin with. If you're a fan of this franchise I would definitely recommended buying it as even with a lack of variety modes its still a blast, but if your a first timer you should probably rent it first and see if its your kind of thing as you may be disappointed by the lack of variety. I wouldn't call this "Game of the Year" material, but its definitely high up there on my list regardless of a few flaws, yet the new control scheme should be revolutionary and influence fighting games in the future to come.
"You can't spell assassin without sin, and twice the ass"-Deadpool

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (Special Edition) (US, 02/15/11)

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