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Reviewed: 03/15/11

I'm gunna take you on a ride: To a mediocre fighting game.

When I heard Marvel vs Capcom 3 was coming out I started to drool a little. After the wonderful MVC2 I had been waiting for more. Despite many good games like Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars and Street Fighter 4 I was pumped to see a big fighting game with lots of characters I knew and wanted to once again play as. I could finally put away my XBOX and MVC 2. I went excited to get the game and came home opening it and putting the disc into my new XBOX that is where the odd experience started. And this is where I will start my review.

Visuals: 10/10: Since I grade on a 10 spot I cant go any higher. This is easily the most beautiful fighting game I have ever seen. Stunning colors and fighters, the way Deadpool walks the fire on Dormamu's head all of it was simply art. This game got it all right. Atmosphere is a big deal in fighting games and this game does not dissapoint in any way shape or form. Each stage has a great background which I spent lots of time staring at in training mode as things flew by. My favorite being the first stage of Ghouls and Ghosts a game I loved (and a stage I saw MANY times due to the incredible difficulty of the game.) Costumes also are spot on, each fighter has four separate costumes. I will use the example of Spider Man: the web-slinger has his normal red and blue, he also has the Symbiote Spiderman attire, another button will give you the Scarlet Spider costume, and finally another push of the button brings up a suit I have never seen before. It reminds me of a stealth suit or something futuristic. The costumes alone are spectacular. But that is not all the wall in this game. Projectiles from any fighter look great from a simple hadoken to a more elaborate black hole. My personal favorite of this generation's graphics are Spiderman once more his web ball and block both cause webs to appear. When the block is dropped or the web ball escaped strands of webbing fall like hair from a military barber's chair. While still a tad cartooney this game shows off beauty like nothing else I have ever seen.

Sound: 10/10: Once again this game excels in the department. Stage music is great voices sound clear. I am pleased Capcom gives the option to change the voices of each speaking character. I want to hear the Captain America speaking Japanese as almost as little as I want to hear Ryu or Akuma speaking English. This of course is a personal thing. Some people like voices in one language or another. The only thing I do not like is rarely some fighters are muffled so much I have to turn my TV up to the point of waking the dead before I can make out what they are saying.

Gameplay: 6/10 : This is where the game fell apart for me. First however, the good parts. There are thirty-six wonderful fighters. While this is a substantial drop in characters there is hope for Downloadable fighters in the future. There is a great system to learn for new people in mission modes it teaches us combos and styles of play. Bringing in obscure characters like Dormamu M.O.D.O.K, Arthur and Amaterasu from their various games into a fighting game is a great change in ideas. I have never even thought to see Ammy in anything but Okami. I was so pleased with a stat keeping system seeing who I played as and how many wins in various ways.

On the bad side however. For the last fifteen years I have been playing fighting games. Streetfighter, Mortal Kombat, Killer instinct, Tekken, many crossovers, the list goes on. Each generation I am treated to upgrades in styles combos and the like. This year seemed to be a step back. Let us look at the controller of this console generation pretty standard eight button controllers with a D-pad and analog stick both handy. MVC3 breaks down the controller in the most simple of fashions which is bad in my book for many reasons. Gone are the days of light medium and fierce punch and kick attacks, perhaps this is only for MVC3 but I am shocked to find nothing but Light Medium and Fierce attack as a broad thing. Example needs to be given, Ryu a fighter almost every gamer knows about. Hadoken Quarter-circle forward punch, each separate punch determines speed of the projectile and in some games damage. Hurricane Kick: Quarter-circle back kick. varying power changes speed distance and perhaps power once again. In Marvel vs. Capcom 3 however there is no punch or kick. Quarter-circle front or back is followed by ATTACK light medium or fierce. While this can be a joy for people who have a hard time remembering commands,people who like more variation in combos are shafted for simplicity. The worst thing in the game is while using all three directional styles (Dpad, Analog stick, Arcade controller) I was hit by unusual mistakes. I have played these games for years and I am in the middle of a great combo needing to end it with a special move, I bounce the opponent in the air go for my beam of death and suddenly I am standing stalk still pointing at the ground with three special bars drained rather than the one the beam costs, needless to say cursing ensues. In talking with people over XBOX live and friends at the local Gamestop I am horrified to learn this is not a problem only I am having.

Finally there is online: I am a decent player I have been a gamer for over a decade. Online is a funny thing. When you release a game you should test games for little flaws. Once again through chat with many player I have found that I am unable to find a game through the "Online Mode" menu, There are ways around it but it should have been fixed right away. I have yet to find more than one Ranked match by using the challenger mode. In every online game there are plug pullers. Something many games have learned to deal with. Marvel Vs Capcom promised to gather up people who disconnect and make them play other people who disconnect. A fair thing for people who turn off their XBOX to avoid a loss. I am hoping in the update to fix the matchmaking they also fix the game so that if they leave before the end it counts as a loss to them. I am also horrified to learn that there is no way to bounce back. MVC2 had this ability and it helped oodles. I have been pinned in a corner while a guy uses an invulnerable assist to slam me and T.Boone to keep me there only to land a three man super combo which killed me. This would be ok but he hit this move instantly and there is no recourse.

Replay Value: 9/10: It is a fighting game. Fight win fight boss win get neat character specific ending. There is nothing new here but nothing bad.
All in all I like the game. It is a bit strange to jump backwards so many steps. Being pinned in a corner makes a person hate the game but at the same time it makes them want to get better all the time. I have been running late to work only to say one more match I have to have one more. I am still growing to like this game but until the minor flaws and strange little happenings are fixed it is still too broken for me to love like I love its predecessor.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (US, 02/15/11)

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