What transfers from Mass Effect 2 to Mas Effect 3?

  1. I don't have the money but I did reserve it so I have a little time to play 2 before going all out in 3. My question is broad but also if I have to narrow it down I would like to know what assets trasfer over. In particular the mining and scanning. Is there an advantage to mining every single planet in 2? Does it effect 3 in some way or does the minerals you mine transfer over? Do your upgrades transfer or is it just a waste of money that would otherwise be transfered to 3? So many things to spend time and money on that I would like to know what matters in that aspect. Obviously plot points will but what else???

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    kamperkonkel - 5 years ago

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  1. These are the things that will transfer from Mass Effect 2 to 3.

    -Character's Level
    -Talent Points
    -All of their powers (excluding any bonus powers)
    -A 15 percent bonus to their Paragon or Renegade ratings

    That is all, but of coarse there is more when you beat Mass Effect 3!!!

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  1. Tons, but not all game affecting. All the extras you had in your cabins get packed up and hidden around the ship. The Normandy upgrades (shields, armor, guns) transfer. You character skills as well, but you get one free respect in the med bay. All I've noticed so far.

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  2. Also if you romanced anyone in ME2 it will carry other to ME3 for dialogue purposes

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  3. And if you completed the Kasumi DLC, the fancy clothes carry over.

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  4. Also, in response to the mining question, if you have a large amount of minerals left over when you finish ME2, all the minerals will be taken away in ME3, but you'll get some War Assets (a value that helps determine the ending you get) in exchange

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  5. You can import ME2 charecters to ME3.

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  6. ur mining resources disappear but u get some war assets for the crucible all of the ship upgrades carry over as war assets as well which characters survive ME2 also affects both the story as well as ur war assets so the more that survive the more war assets u will have this includes both kasumi and zaheed

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  7. Sadly, all loyalty powers painstakingly earned in ME2 doesn't transfer.

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