How do you get your fish from ME2 into this game?

  1. The extremely poor strat guide (come on, 3-4 different strats for EVERY encounter but no lists of things like shop inventory, actual NUMBERS for weapon dmg, no real lists of anything) says that there is a bonus piece of intel you can get if you load a ME2 character that had the Prejek Paddlefish and then keep that fish alive thru both new game and new game+ in ME3. My ME2 character had all the available fish and my final save is of him in his cabin LOOKING at these fish, but no fish seem to transfer over. Has anyone actually gotten their fish to appear in ME3? I went to my cabin immediately as soon as it was available in ME3 but there are no fish, no option to feed or clean out dead fish, nothing. Tried deleting character and re-doing up to that point, same result.

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    Greymore111 - 5 years ago
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    Eh, ok. I played ME2 about 7-8 times and Chambers ALWAYS dies. How do you get her to survive that game? Seems like no matter what I do she dies in the Collector pod.

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    Greymore111 - 5 years ago

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  1. What Uruz07 said about saving Chambers in 2 do all available missions before the reaper AI one that way when you do the reaper AI mission you will only have the geth ship to do before going through the omega 4 relay.. That should save most of the crew including chambers. Then find chambers on the citadel in mass 3 once the lower levels become available and she'l give you your fish back.

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  1. *SPOILER* (?)

    You have to find and speak to Kelly Chambers on the Citadel to get your fish.

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  2. To keep Miss Chambers alive at the end of Mass Effect 2, after your crew is captured by the Collectors you can only do 1 mission to activate the Omega 4 relay to go to the Collector base and save your crew, after that one mission if you do another and then go to the collector base, half your crew is turned to goo, 3 or more and only Chakwas survives. my recommendation is to just do Legion's quest then hop through the Omega 4 Relay.
    P.S. Kelly is in the first half of the Crew.

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  3. What Uruz07 said. TL;DR: Go through the Omega 4 Relay as soon as it's available and after saving the crew, send a Loyal party member (Tali or Mordin is best for this since they're kind of pushovers when it comes to holding the rearguard) with them.

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  4. I saved Chambers and never found her once on the Citadel and checked locations everytime I went, and just completed my first playthrough. The only fish I had in my aquarium were the ones that I had purchased. I'm guessing you maybe had to romance Kelly? That shouldn't be right, though.....

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  5. I've never seen kelly either and my femshep didn't romance her but did save everyone - crew and squadmates. the only way I've ever got fish back into the tank is by spending money on the citadel. at least wandering around the normandy got my spaceships back. and my hamster.

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  6. The only way to save her is to go through the Omega Relay as soon as the Reaper IFV is ready to do so.

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