Kaiden Maleshep romance option... HOW!?

  1. I've been trying to romance Kaiden like NOTHING else.

    I would like to know if anyone knows how to get him with MaleShep. I've looked around and so far I've found nothing!

    Please someone tell me!
    (And if it helps, I accidently romanced Liara in the first (I told her no so I didn't get the sex scene but she still loves me...) and I intenitionally romanced Tali because... SHE'S TALI! I love Tali.)
    If anyone can help please tell me!

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    Moss257 - 5 years ago

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  1. Buy the bottle of wine from the shop in the hospital and Shepard will eventually give it to him when he wakes up. Kaidan will make a pass at Shep, but tells him to forget about it. Later on, after you're able to get Kaidan back on your team, he'll be hanging out at the cafe area on the Presidium. Go and talk to him and Kaidan will eventually ask if you want to be in a relationship.

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  1. Kaidan is a romance option for both a male and female Shepard. I romanced him with my MaleShep the first time I played through the game. You MUST get the Whiskey (though it was wine, my bad!) to romance him as a male, though.

    Also, a FemShep can romance Diana Allers as well as Liara and Samantha Traynor (as far as females go, of course).

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  2. The technicality with romancing Kaidan as a male Shepard is that you cannot have locked in a relationship with someone else. For example, someone that locks in a relationship with Liara before having the lunch with Kaidan will just get a conversation between bros. People that, say, romanced Tali in ME2 and have lunch with Kaidan before the Rannoch arc will get the option to switch to Kaidan (happened to me).

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  3. First you need to make sure you don't accidentally lock in another relationship. The ones you need to worry about are Liara, Tali, and Steve. Liara's lock-in point is on the presidium near the markets. Steve's is in Purgatory. Tali's is when you call her up to your cabin after she rejoins. If you have any of these conversations before talking to Kaidan at Apollo's Cafe, make sure you pay attention to the dialogue and tell them you don't want a relationship. Yes, it is possible to reject Steve without claiming to be straight.

    As for Kaidan himself, make sure you choose the upper option at every dialogue choice. Buying the whiskey in the hospital helps, but make sure you do it before you talk to him. Make sure you talk to him both times he asks you to before the coup. The first time you talk to him after he wakes up, make sure to initiate a second conversation. Go through all the investigate options, and if he asks if you're flirting with him, you're on the right track.

    After the coup, make sure you let him back on the Normandy. Make sure to talk to him immediately in the observation lounge. After the mission on Gellix, go down and talk to him in the crew quarters. If Shepard throws Kaidan's "are you flirting with me" line back at him, you should be set. Once Kaidan sends a message about dinner on the Citadel, go find him at the cafe. If you have no other relationships locked in, Kaidan should ask about turning things romantic between the two of you. Choose the upper dialogue options.

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