***SPOILER**** Rannoch: Geth Base, Tali and Legion survival?

  1. On the Rannoch: Geth Base quest, after I defeat the Reaper, how can I make sure that Legion and Tali live, and the Migrant/Geth Fleet aren't destroyed?

    User Info: Typhanus

    Typhanus - 5 years ago

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  1. Slight clarification. You need 5 points from the following:

    2: Destroy heretics in Legion's loyalty mission in ME2.
    2: Keep Tali'Zorah from being exiled in ME2.
    1: Broker peace between Tali and Legion in ME2
    1: Destroy the geth fighters on Rannoch before destroying the Reaper base.
    1: Save the quarian admiral (instead of his crew) on Rannoch before destroying the Reaper base.

    You also need to be up to the 4th bar on the type of persuasion you're trying to do.

    Yes, Legion dies no matter what. And if you sided with the Geth and didn't get the quarians to stand down, you lose Tali as well. ProTip: don't do that unless you're a complete monster...look for the YouTube video instead.

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  1. If you didn't import a save from ME2 then you are already screwed.

    If you did Import your save then you had to make sure that you Tali wasn't exiled from her Fleet. Make sure you make good decisions while you're on Rannoch and that whole mission. Save who you can and make sure you do all the missions there. You're paragon/renegade also has to be high enough to save them.

    Legion can't be saved however. No matter what happens he will either die or give his AI to spread through all of the Geth.

    User Info: SkaterUB

    SkaterUB - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. To clarify further, you need to have:

    1) Recruited Tali in ME2
    2) NOT sold Legion to Cerberus, but activated him instead in ME2
    3) Completed his loyalty mission, one way or the other, in ME2
    4) Complete the Geth fighter squadron mission (where Shepard enters the geth collective Matrix-style)

    If you import a save and chose the "paragon" option of rewriting the heretic code in Legion's loyalty mission, you must then have prevented Tali's exile and kept the loyalty of both Tali and Legion by the end of ME2, along with rescuing Admiral Koris instead of his crew during the quarian mission. You MUST do both of the missions requested of you or one will die.

    If you successfully meet the prerequisites and get enough points, you must also have at least 4 bars of Paragon/Renegade to make the call. Legion will be uploaded into the geth consensus (he "dies," but not by your hand), and Tali will call off the quarian fleet instead of committing suicide :( All will be well.

    User Info: Dawn_Reaver

    Dawn_Reaver (Expert) - 5 years ago 0 0

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