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The weakest in the trilogy, and not just for its abominable ending either.09/21/12IdealisticCynic
Deus Ex Machina the Game03/13/12MStango
A beautiful game that ultimately polarizes the fanbase05/21/13BigReed
The Mass Appeal of Mass Effect10/15/12D87Cook
Don't Fear the Reapers03/19/12DandyQuackShot
So close to being the one the best of all time04/18/12DarkSymbiote
An amazing story to the end of an amazing trilogy, with the exception of the actual ending itself05/25/12Demigod_Tyek
Mass Effect Finale06/02/17DouglasFett
Mass Effect 3 is all about what you make of it... or chose for it to be.03/14/12ExtremePhobia
An epic capstone to one of this generation's great series11/15/12Galactus21
Earth Won't Stand Alone03/13/12iAmTheTot
A Good Conclusion To A Great Trilogy03/21/12jparis09
Once in a generation03/13/12masterchief6154
Hampered by a few human flaws.04/02/12Mattvento
A good stand-alone title, but the weakest of the ME trilogy02/19/13MEPS3
Back in my day, all you got for an ending was a "Congratulations!"04/21/14nastynate3118
A fun game worth playing for fans without hitting the heights of Mass Effect 2; Bioware can't help but place too much weight on frustrating shooting.04/06/12nintendosega
Mass Effect 3: The end of an amazing journey03/15/12nwowwe723
A Botched Sequel03/18/13rubicon14
Not quite the fitting end many hoped for, but near perfect in almost every other regard.04/16/12Soldier_0_Cross
A solid conclusion to a much beloved franchise04/03/12Unrequited_Lust
Mass Effect 3 Fittingly Caps Off One Of Gaming's Greatest Achievements, But Not Without It's Problems04/09/12vivalapolitik
Epic Defined04/12/12Westen Shelton
So this is how it all ends? Well great job Bioware!05/17/12Zylo the wolf

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