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"A Brilliant End to the Trilogy"

Gameplay: Mass Effect 3 is a third-person cover shooter that wants the player to utilize there arsenal of weapons and combat abilities. The combat in the game focuses usually on smaller scale incursions with enemies ranging from mercenaries to husks that intend to melee you to death. So you have lots of variety with the opponents you face and you get the guns to do it. The arsenal within Mass Effect 3 is the biggest it has ever been in the series giving you guns that range from submachine pistols to experimental weapons. Each gun is highly customizable which allows the player to craft a gun to your play-style. This customization really helps cater to everyone's style and makes many encounters in the game fun knowing your engaging your enemies with your own weapons. As well you can give your character special abilities based on their class chosen at the beginning of the game. Your class's abilities range from special grenades to having a combat drone with you in battle. The combat is very fleshed out and feels much more fluid then in past games, but still at times entering cover can be difficult if your at an odd angle on the screen. Of course this is just a small issue that usually is not that frustrating.

Single-Player: Besides the above mentioned improvements in combat the single-player is as usual story driven. Much of the game can be spent in dialogue sequences if you prefer by using the games new narrative option that lets your battle scenes end more quickly by boosting your combat stats. This can be a relief to some players who rather ride along for the game's story and not for the combat, but honestly it is not worth missing out of some of the great challenges in the game's combat. The dialogue sequences are still based on your choices and those choices reflect numerous story arcs and your player's reputation. The game tells the story of your character's quest to save the galaxy from the reapers, a robotic race out to destroy the entire galaxy. As you move through the single-player story you will be making allies and gathering resources for the final standoff against the reapers. This is a fun plot to follow since you are essentially building the most massive armada ever seen to fight probably one of the most ruthless enemies in gaming.

Multi-Player: A small extension of the story that you can play through which involves surviving waves of enemies and completing objectives. By working through this mode you are also helping your single-player story by helping build your resources for war. This mode is not competitive and really just a cooperative mode. The selling point here for this game is the single-player and the multi-player is more of just a fun extension you can play with your fellow Mass Effect fans. You will not see tons of competition here and overall the combat is really just against enemy A.I. and that is all.

Overall: Mass Effect 3 delivers very strongly in story and gameplay and is a game anyone simply can not miss. The game puts you the player into a science fiction masterpiece and your fate is directly tied to you and your actions. You drive the story and that is something you just do not get often in games today. This game of course is not perfect when considering the not so intense multi-player mode or sometimes odd cover system but overall these gripes are very mild. Really this game is a masterpiece and any fan of the Mass Effect series or action game fan should go out and pick this game up today. Mass Effect 3 gets a nine out of ten.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/07/12

Game Release: Mass Effect 3 (US, 03/06/12)

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