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"A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action Please."

Introduction: This is the third installment of the Mass Effect series. It builds upon the storyline presented in the previous two games. While the story mode is the central part to this game it features a series first multiplayer mode.

Controls: The controls work quite well for the game, for the most part being very intuitive. The only real problem here is the massive amount of controls mapped to the A button causing some problems while under heavy fire, particularly in multiplayer mode. Outside of this the controls work very well and respond exactly as you would like.

Graphics: The graphics for this game are outstanding. In fact they are so great it is really impossible to say anything about them. If all games delivered graphics as spectacularly as this one does this would not even need to be a category in game reviews anymore.

Sound: This game is fully voiced and really shines in the sound department. The music and gameplay sounds all work very well and offer key information as to what is going on in the game. This is one game where anyone playing with the sound off will really be missing out as it greatly enhances the game.

Single Player: This games campaign picks up shortly after the ending to the previous one. Most choices made in the previous two games are referenced within, and can have quite a substantial impact upon the game. The story itself is fantastic, over the course of the game perfectly wrapping up the story of the previous two. One big change to this game is the Galaxy at War function, rewarding players who are more thorough in their play through with more options in regards to the ending. This can be offset by a heavy amount of time spent in multiplayer, offering players who are not completionists a fun way to unlock options they might not have otherwise seen. The single player features a huge amount of memorable moments, resolving centuries old feuds that are encountered in the previous two games. It may be a bit difficult to start playing with this game however, as much of the storyline is introduced in the previous two games. The huge amount of new weapons introduced in the single player helps to give players an individualized approach to combat that is quite refreshing. This is in addition to the level up system that returns, giving players a huge amount of choice as to how exactly they want to play. This game has less of a focus on dialogue choices from the first two, however these choices often have much larger impacts upon the storyline than in other games. One spectacular thing about the Mass Effect universe is it is almost entirely player choice driven, with no real cannon decisions to be found anywhere in the game. While the ending is not perfect, it is really not as bad as people say. The storyline combined with fun combat system make this one of the best single player experiences to be found in any video game in recent memory.

Multiplayer: This is the first time in the series that a multiplayer element is included in the game. While many, myself included, were skeptical at first it is an outstanding co-op experience with something to offer for players of all skill levels. The three difficulties are extremely well balanced with bronze, silver, and gold with each offering a greater challenge than the last. Casual players will find bronze challenging at times and it is a great starting out point for any player to acquaint themselves with. The other difficulties offer a challenge for more advanced players, with silver being suitable for most any class if played right and gold needing a bit more coordination between teammates. This game mode has no player versus player element being completely cooperative and featuring 6 playable class and 3 enemies. Each of the three enemy types presents a different challenge, and really is worth planning for particularly on higher difficulties. The classes in this game are well balanced, with some being better suited to lower difficulties and some being better for higher difficulties. The level up system and weapons from single player are also found here and offer quite a bit of room for players to choose how exactly they want to play. When it comes down to it this is one of, if not the best cooperative multiplayer experience found in a video game today. While some will play it just for the help it gives to single player it is able to stand alone as a successful game mode.

Closing statements: This game delivers everything a series fan would want and even offers an enjoyable experience for players new to the series. It would really be a shame to miss out on this experience and I highly recommend it. This game gets so many things right that any minor problems within are barely even noteworthy.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/18/12

Game Release: Mass Effect 3 (US, 03/06/12)

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