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Reviewed: 10/02/12

Surpasses all Expectations...Almost

When we think back all the way to 2007 when the first Mass Effect emerged, we can see how the trilogy has grown over the past five years, and how we have come to connect with each character we've come into contact with. Mass Effect 3 provides us will a stellar finale to an amazing run as the now-legendary Commander Shepard, a name that will be cemented in video game history.

Story: 10/10
This installation into the trilogy really hits close to home, literally. The story nonchalantly ties itself in with the previous games, bringing back all (or mostly all) of the familiar faces from the past in one final galactic showdown. The story becomes even more in depth and personal if you decide to import your previous Mass Effect character, truly bringing the finale full circle, and making it one of the greatest tales of all time.

Graphics: 10/10
While there isn't MUCH of a difference from the graphics presented to us in Mass Effect 2, the graphics in Mass Effect 2 were incredible. Compared to the first Mass Effect where some scenes would be choppy or incoherent to the moment, Mass Effect 3 rids itself of the choppiness, and allows the player to feel truly alive within the game, giving an all-around amazing experience.

Soundtrack: 10/10
The soundtrack with every Mass Effect game has always been great, whether it's the calming background music while roaming the Citadel, or the intense quick-paced action soundtrack you hear during a firefight, Clint Mansell definitely deserves a round of applause for bringing a fresh feeling to this fresh game.

Controls: 10/10
The control scheme to a game can, in my opinion, truly make or break a game. The player should feel comfortable, swaying from interaction to interaction, and the controls for Mass Effect provide that fluid motion between the intense moments of taking cover and firing your weapon, to simply walking and running.

Connection of Character to Player: 10/10
Truly, from the first few moments of Mass Effect 1, you begin developing relationships and connections with the people around you, and to see those people mature and grow, or wither and die, over the course of two let alone three games truly does have the potential of impacting the player on a level some games do not come close to achieving. When a player can feel that connection with a game character, the game has done it's job. The Mass Effect trilogy provides that connection.

Online: 9/10
The online element is a new addition to the Mass Effect franchise, opening up a new road to different players. This will unfortunately be the crux to this near-perfect game. The online element becomes a mandatory part of the game, if the player wishes to succeed in the final missions of the main story-line. This, in a sense, diminishes the story for what it truly is, and what it could truly be, if only it could stand alone. This isn't saying the online portion of the game is bad, it's quite enjoyable, but can get very repetitive, almost duplicating other online games such as Gears Of War's famed 'Horde' mode, and Call Of Duty's 'Nazi Zombies'. If online was optional as opposed to mandatory, this would receive an overall score of 10/10.

Overall: 9.8/10
Mass Effect 3 brings a thrilling finale to this illustrious franchise, giving as many heart-wrenching moments as there are heart-stopping moments. It adds a feeling of realism to a fictitious world, and allows the player to come alive in that world, through Commander Shepard. The Mass Effect trilogy will undoubtedly be one of the greatest of all time.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Mass Effect 3 (US, 03/06/12)

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