How do I complete the Surrounded by Family lifetime wish?

  1. My Sim has the surrounded by family lifetime wish. He wants to raise 4 babies to teenagers. I raised three teens, but decided to kill one because having too many sims stresses me out. He disappeared from my family tree! If I have the last child and raise it, will it still count as the 4th child in the wish? If not, I think I'm done trying. He is almost an elder!

    User Info: ladytrnn

    ladytrnn - 6 years ago

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  1. okay first off you can turn off the aging, in the begining i had the aging on and they were aging really fast so i put life span to epic and saved the settings with X. then from there i also after awhile i turned off the aging so my childeren age when i want them to. and to turn down the stress of having a big family turn the free will up so the other sims your not playing at the moment will take care of themselves. But i do say if you havent played sims before with 3 plus sims it will be a bit of a task. and as far as the challenge it would seem to me that all would have to live it just wouldnt be sims if you could kill some and still get the achievement. You can also raise your childern to younge adults and give them lifetime wishes as well to get the achievement.

    User Info: Highspirits

    Highspirits - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. Ewww... An elder Woo Hoo ing sounds gross... But yes, i think having one more would work.
    Don't forget you can always stop time in the options mode, if that helps... Still gross though! =/
    If you just want the Dream Big achievement (complete a Lifetime Wish) you could always wait for one of your kids to grow up and do their Lifetime Wish, it'll most likely be easier. Good Luck! =)

    User Info: ValeriaRocks

    ValeriaRocks (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0

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