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    Multiplayer Guide by peteisacreeep

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    		Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer guide
    By: Peteisacreep(aka Riley)
    Http://Youtube.com/peteisacreep(The companion video to this guide)
    or @wwwRILEYcom
    Table of contents
    1. Introduction
    2. The game
    3. Basic tips
    4. Intermediate tips
    5. Putting it all together
    6. Maps
    7. Guns
    8. Advanced strategies
    9. Suggested class builds
    10. Conclusion
    11. Credits
    Version History [VH]
    .001: Started writing the FAQ on March 4th, 2012. We will see how it goes.
    1.00: Finished the FAQ on April 30th, 2012. I hope it gets accepted.
    1.01: Completed some more typos on May 03rd, 2012 and added some more
    content to the guide.
    1.03: Corrected some more typos that I found, as well as changing
    some of my contact information.
    Contact information
    If you have any inquiries about this strategy guide send me a message 
    on any of those social networking sites and I will be sure to get back to 
    you as soon as possible. Twitter is probably the fastest way to reach me.
    I. Introduction
    Hello and welcome to what will hopefully be a comprehensive guide to MW3's 
    multiplayer aspect. I will be collecting as much info as I can from various 
    sources such as the wiki, the hupit gaming forums and various youtube 
    videos, etc etc. My goal is to help inform a new player to the series on the 
    more refined aspects of what makes a good Call of Duty player. 
    Camping will not be advocated here, though a defensive play style will 
    be discussed in detail.
    I will also be doing a companion series on my youtube channel to this strategy
    guide in order to help you improve your game. Subscribe to
    youtube.com/peteisacreep for all the lastest updates and also some more in-
    depth strategies.
    I hope it helps you out reading this guide and I hope that you take 
    something away from it even if you are an experienced player. 
    I will likely be learning more as well in writing this guide.
    1. Disclaimer
    I do not claim to be the best player on XBL, or any other network for 
    that matter. I have some competitive experience in my background though
    and I am more than proficient at the game.
    That said, this guide was written entirely by Peteisacreep with help 
    from various sources who will be credited. This may not be reproduced under 
    any circumstances. Don't post it anywhere. I'm not the best at copyright laws 
    but you know what I mean, common sense people.
    II. The game
    The actual game is composed of 3 elements: 
    A)Spec Ops, which includes the new game mode survival as well as returning 
    the Spec Ops missions from MW2.
    B)Campaign, which is exactly what it suggests. It is recommended that if you 
    are new to FPS games in general, or even just the COD series, you complete 
    the campaign on normal difficulty to get used to the controls and the feel 
    of the guns. 
    C)Multiplayer, which is the multiplayer aspect of the game and what this 
    guide will cover most in general. 
    The game itself is very easy to pick up and play. 
    The controls are intuitive and the frame rate runs at a smooth,
    locked-in 60 FPS. The problem that you will face in having success online 
    is the skill of other players, and this guide is aimed at closing the 
    gap you'll face when confronting a more skilled player. Hopefully you will 
    be able to implement the tips in this guide in order to effectively counter 
    the players actions.
    Some of the controls you'll have to learn are:
    A: Jump
    B: Crouch/Prone
    Y: Switch weapons
    X: Reload/pick up weapon/action
    RT: Fire weapon
    LT: ADS/shoot left handed weapon
    RB: Throw lethal grenade
    LB: Throw tactical grenade
    Left Stick: Move/sprint
    Right stick: Look around/knife
    Select: Scoreboard
    Dpad: Killstreaks
    III. Basic tips
    Doing well in Call of Duty is as easy as learning the controls and getting 
    the feel for how they respond in the actual game environment. What this is 
    to say is that you should have some experience under your belt. For this I 
    suggest playing campaign or playing survival mode, which doesn't quite give 
    you the game experience combat training from BLOPS would have given you, 
    it will still allow you to learn how to use the controls 
    in a combat environment.
    Doing well is going to come down to a number of things, such as connection, 
    map type, weapon type, and the skill of the other players. If you are a 
    new player and face other new players, perhaps your reflexes alone will be 
    able to over power the other players on the map, whereas if you are playing 
    against veteran players your reflexes may not be enough to win your 
    This comes down to a number of things and these basic tips I'm going to 
    give you will be invaluable in keeping you alive longer.
    1. Map knowledge:
    This comes down to knowing each map and learning the spawn points on each 
    side and the particular hiding spots or long lines of sight on each map. 
    This will allow you to either use those spots to your advantage, or to know 
    where they are at and approach that area with caution if your team doesn't 
    have control of that area. This brings me on to the next point.
    2. Map control:
    Perhaps more important to an experienced player, this nonetheless is a 
    concept you must master in order to achieve a more competitive level 
    of play. Learning this concept quicker will allow you to learn the other 
    tips more effectively as well. The basic idea is that you will not win 
    your 1v1, heads up gun fights 11 times in a row. While you may win them 3,
    or even 4 times in a row, this isn't enough to be effective in the long run.
    What you want to do is control a portion of the map that will become 
    "yours" and you should have the advantage on any player who is coming 
    into that zone unprepared. This doesn't entail camping, rather a defensive 
    play style. Take for example Arkaden, the mall map. 
    If you can control the paint room/Kashmir store area in Domination 
    then you are going to win the map. This is because the enemy will still 
    spawn at the bottom of A flag and they will have to come to your engagement 
    in order to capture that flag, while you also have eyes on the B flag as well. 
    This is called a power position and I will go over the various ones for each 
    map later.
    3. Movement:
    I cannot stress this enough! Learn how to move and aim at the same time. 
    If you can effectively move while keeping your shots accurate then you will 
    be a force to be reckoned with.  Forget that in fact, even if you aren't 
    accurate with your shots while moving, just moving will keep you alive more 
    often than not. If you and me have the same gun, and the same perks on the 
    same connection, and you remain stationary while I jump in the air, then drop 
    back down to prone all in one motion, I am going to defeat you. 
    Keep this in mind. That doesn't mean constantly jump like a bunny or 
    always drop shot, but learn each maneuver and learn when to apply it. 
    Sometimes strafing is the best course of action, sometimes drop-shotting is. 
    Drop shot-Switch to the tactical button layout and instead of clicking the 
    right stick to knife you now press B to knife, and the stick is now 
    pressed to crouch/go prone. This means you can fire your weapon while 
    dropping prone, allowing you to manage upward recoil better(your going 
    down as your weapon is recoiling up so you still end up shooting their chest)
    and allows you to dodge their gunfire effectively. This is done with tactical 
    so you can do it all in one fluid motion.
    Strafe-Using the left analog stick to move left and right. This allows you to 
    literally move out of the way of incoming fire. Using the Stalker perk will 
    make this easier on you and was designed for this maneuver. 
    Sometimes it's more effective to go one direction the entire time, 
    such as just moving right, or moving back and forth.
    Jump-Exactly what it says, you jump to avoid gun fire. What usually happens 
    is the shots hit your feet which deals little damage. Another benefit to this 
    is the fact that you literally "surprise" the enemy giving you one extra 
    advantage over your foe. 
    Dolphin Dive-It doesn't return from BLOPS but the original designation of 
    the dolphin dive was to jump then click the right stick to go prone all 
    in one motion and get a huge advantage over your foe. This is best done 
    when you know an enemy is camping in one room and you're out of stuns, 
    or in conjunction with your stuns, and taking the enemy by surprise.
    Backing up-It's simple really, but if you see an enemy about to knife you, 
    sometimes just straight up backing up helps. I don't see this discussed too 
    much but it's also effective if you are hip firing shot guns or SMGs, 
    the only down side is that you will sometimes go out of the effective 
    range of those guns in which case you can be a sitting duck. It's best to 
    use one of the other methods in that case.
    Whew, so those maneuvers are all really valuable and will help you improve 
    your game play tremendously just by themselves(Strafing...so underrated) but 
    the best way to stay alive and kill your opponents is to use COVER!!! 
    I know it's common sense but there is a reason there are so many boxes 
    and barrels scattered through out each map. This will allow you  to become a 
    smaller target while you are still aiming at a full target. Now your foe's 
    accuracy has to be that much better in order to kill you. Not to mention 
    bullet penetration damage drops off quickly so you will stay alive much 
    longer that way too. This is not to say camp behind a barrel or a box though. 
    Use cover to your advantage while you advance up the map. This will help you 
    in the long run and allow you to play aggressively while also playing 
    defensively. It's ideal and it's why you see players like Sandy Ravage and 
    TheMarkofJ put up great scores consistently.
    A sub note of this section is head glitching. This is the act of crouching
    behind cover so that only your head is showing to the enemy. The effectiveness 
    of this tactic is that the game shoots bullets out of your head instead of 
    your gun. From your POV they are coming out of your gun but from an enemy's 
    they are shooting out of your head. This lets you keep an incredibly low 
    profile while still being able to fight an opponent.
    5.Not sprinting: 
    You'd be surprised how often you die because you are caught mid-sprint. If 
    you are sprinting and see a bogey, you're initial reaction is to click the 
    left trigger and ADS and begin firing, of course. The problem is not only 
    does it take you time for your character to ADS, even with SOH pro, it also 
    takes much longer to stop sprinting. These few seconds allow your opponent 
    who isn't sprinting to get his shots off on you. Even if you get one or two 
    shots in he will end up having his 3rd or 4th in you by that time. You will 
    be complaining about hit markers all day if you are victim of this.
    Stop sprinting. I have a rule that I sprint for about one full sprint after I 
    spawn and then that's it. It's a hard rule to follow however, but in general 
    just DO NOT SPRINT AROUND CORNERS. That's the number one thing I can tell you,
    even if you think it's clear just don't do it. You want to be the one catching 
    enemies mid-sprint, not the other way around. Trust me, this is one tip I 
    cannot stress enough.
    6.Weapon type compared to map type: 
    This one is tricky, but it's pretty simple nonetheless. Basically, if the 
    map has a lot of lines of sights, or if it's out in the open, it's best to 
    use an AR, whereas if the map is close quarters, it's best to use an SMG. 
    Maps like Mission and Dome will allow a greater diversity in weapon usage 
    whereas maps like Interchange almost require an AR to do well. On Arkaden you 
    can use a shotgun effectively, whereas on Village it would be extremely 
    difficult to do well with it.
    Downturn is a piece of shit though.
    7.Use everything at your disposal: 
    This is simple. use your stun grenades, your portable radar, your RPG, take 
    out UAVs and counter UAVs, take out air support, use ballistic vests, use 
    cover, go prone, take the high ground, use a Heartbeat sensor if you are 
    really paranoid and want to play defensively, etc etc. Use rapid fire if you 
    are planning on playing aggressively.
    8.Use your mini-map: 
    Regardless of if you are playing in a party, or if you are playing with 
    randoms, know where your teammates are at all times and this will allow you 
    to predictably locate the enemy spawn, or at the very least know where the 
    enemy should be coming from. This will give you the advantage on almost every 
    gun fight you encounter. This comes mostly from experience but there are a 
    few videos you can watch online that will help you learn this process.
    9. Burst fire at range:
    Burst fire your weapons at long range. If you're in the window of one house, 
    and see someone in the other window of the opposite house, do not just hold 
    your right trigger down and hope that some of the spray connects. Feather the 
    right trigger and learn the feeling of the burst. This will keep your shots 
    accurate and if your opponent is spraying at your window, you will have no 
    trouble taking him out.
    10. Flank
    Flank, flank flank. This allows you to get behind the enemy and approach 
    each gun fight from an advantageous position. You will likely always find 
    your enemy with their back turned to me or you will at the very least 
    surprise them and get the advantage of first shots off on them. In example, 
    a map like Arkaden you can run through the bar area from the A flag spawn, 
    past B flag and up and past the C flag and kill a few unsuspecting enemies 
    head glitching the A flag...trying to kill your teammates who are rushing 
    head first into their fire. This is the basic principle and you should always 
    be thinking about moving in this fashion if at all possible.
    In conclusion, just these tips alone will help improve any players game 
    tremendously and without going into too much detail you should be able to 
    apply what you've learned in this first section and with some experience all 
    of this well mesh together to make you a more than decent player!
    IV. Intermediate tips
    In the last section I covered the most basic tips to improving your scores 
    in Call of Duty. These tips apply to any FPS actually and are the core 
    foundation to being a good player. They will help you win your 1v1 gunfights 
    and make you an overall better player relatively quickly. 
    The next set of tips, however, are more aimed towards MW3 specifically and 
    helping you improve within the engine of this game.
    1. Assassin pro
    This perk is basically a must. The basic version makes it so that you do not 
    appear on the enemy UAV at any time, the portable radar and the heartbeat 
    sensor. What the pro version does is make you immune to CUAV and EMP and makes 
    it so that there is no red cross hairs over your name when targeted. 
    The beauty of this perk is that UAV is being CONSTANTLY run in MW3 with the 
    inclusion of the new support strike package(details below). This means that 
    the benefit of having Assassin pro is greater now in this COD installment than 
    any before it. I was an ardent hater of Ghost in BLOPS, constantly bitching 
    about how game ruining it was, but that was due mostly to the slower pace of 
    the game. What I ended up doing was just not running spy plane.
    In MW3 however, the game is so fast paced that I find Assassin not to be a 
    problem at all. That's not to say it's not over powered, it is. This is why 
    I'm suggesting newer players to use it. While Quickdraw may seem a DRAW to 
    you, Assassin pro will keep you alive indefinitely longer than getting a few 
    kills with Quickdraw will. 
    The pro version actually just counters the annoyance of some other aspects of 
    the game. It allows you to always keep your mini-map at all times and lets 
    you keep the advantage of tip #8 in the last section. That alone is reason 
    enough to use the pro version.
    Last but not least, it pretty much cancels out the Marksman perk by making 
    your name not appear red when being targeted. More details on why this is so 
    effective later on.
    With all that said, the real benefit of the perk is used on rushing, IMO and 
    not camping. While you are camping, you may get a few kills but Assassin pro 
    doesn't make you immune to kill cams and thus, the enemy will most likely 
    have information on where you're located. The whole point of a stealth class 
    is to avoid that. Thus, I rush when using a silencer and Assassin pro. This 
    means I stay relatively hidden the entire time and the enemy has no idea of 
    where I am because I am always moving, so when they go back to that spot in 
    the kill cam I shall be gone.
    With your mini-map guaranteed to always be available, you can use your 
    teammates locations to locate the enemy as well. This makes rushing easier 
    as you know a general idea of where to expect gun fights and where to engage 
    the enemy. This lets me use the basic tips mentioned earlier in order to win 
    the gun fights I will encounter along the way. By using Assassin pro, the 
    enemy is always at a disadvantage against me because they simply are not 
    expecting me. If you are camping with this perk then you are still likely 
    to be expected and thus are giving away a key advantage.
    2. SMGs
    Basically, SMGs dominate in this game. The map size for every map has been 
    drastically scaled down to the point where every map feels like Summit or 
    Firing Range from BLOPs. This means that the range limitation of the SMGs 
    feels non-existent and this allows you to reap all the benefits from the 
    SMGs with none of the draw backs. Couple that with the fact IW seems to never 
    include recoil in their guns and you have a winning combination. The MP7 and 
    PP90mi shoot so fast and have so little recoil that they literally mow people 
    down in seconds anytime you encounter them. The p90 also has a huge clip size 
    so that using extended mags isn't necessary allowing you to basically have 
    3 attachments on it. The UMP makes a return and while not as good as it's MW2 
    predecessor, still a decent gun to use and has great range compared to other 
    SMGs. If you can learn to burst fire at ranges with these guns, you will have 
    little trouble taking out ARs or LMGs at range.
    2a. Silencer+Rapid Fire
    This combination on the SMGs is nasty. The silencer removes muzzle flash 
    which seems to make my shots more accurate(even if it's just a visual effect) 
    and the rapid fire attachment makes the SMGs even more powerful. Because the 
    recoil seems so low with the silencer on, you're able to take your pot shots 
    at distance, even with a silencer. This makes Range not necessary...it also 
    excels up close because the damage isn't dropped off yet because of the 
    silencer and the rapid fire attachment will just destroy everything up close. 
    Try it out with the Mp7 or PP90mi, or even the UMP and you will see dramatic 
    increases in your scores.
    3. Strike packages
    This comes down to preference but in general if you are new to the game you 
    should be using the support package. This will allow you to help your team out 
    while still playing an aggressive play style because the killstreak doesn't 
    reset whenever you die. 
    While the use of Assassin is so prevalent in this game, a UAV still helps you 
    out tremendously, while the Advanced UAV is still a decent option in this game 
    even if it's not as effective as the Blackbird was in Black OPs. Ballistic 
    vests will also keep you alive by making you survive one bullet longer. Your 
    teammates can also pick them up and that will make winning games easier. If 
    you get good enough, you can pretty much keep a ballistic vest up at all 
    The assault package is great for racking up kills. I find that Blind Eye 
    isn't used as often as I would have expected pre-game release and thus the 
    assault package is still an effective option. The fact the kill streaks chain 
    again also makes it a viable option in my opinion. I know others who disagree. 
    Care package is a great beginner killstreak in this game as Ammo and CUAV are 
    no longer available in a care package. I find that predator missile and IMS are 
    the most often received kill streaks, and the fact you can get a predator 
    missile kill streak earlier is a huge deal. When you get good enough at the 
    game to maintain a 4-5 kill streak every life almost, then you can start 
    running the higher assault kill streaks. Run Predator/Chopper/Reaper if you 
    are starting to get better and you feel confident in your abilities. This 
    will allow you to use your predator to hopefully get the double kill to get 
    your 7 kill streak attack chopper which USUALLY will net you enough kills to 
    get the reaper out right. The reaper kill streak is great, you fire 
    air-to-ground missiles that you can remotely control mid flight in order to 
    get people camping in door ways or in hard to reach areas. You can also zoom 
    in with the left trigger as the missile flies towards the ground. It's 
    basically the 105 mm cannon from the Ac-130.
    Another powerful set up in FFA is to run that same strike package but use the 
    AH6 over-watch instead.
    The Specialist strike package is specifically designed to make you a walking 
    one man army. It does exactly that. When you achieve your 8 point streak, 
    7 with Hardline, you get all the perks in the game and any pro perks you've 
    unlocked as well. Combine that with the fact you get every proficiency for 
    your gun except for weapon class specific ones such as rapid fire or damage. 
    This makes you really powerful. 
    If you have a headset, a powerful set up to get to your specialist bonus is 
    running Steady Aim, Dead Silence and Sit Rep all pro versions...this makes 
    you a pretty powerful machine before you even reach the specialist bonus. 
    Speaking of which, the specialist bonus gives you a +50 for every other 
    kill you get. The problem though with this strike package is it's not very
    beginner friendly. It sucks to lose your 5 kill streak and get nothing for it
    whereas with any other package you're likely to get something that you
    can actually use. I suggest this only for amazing slayers.
    4. Marksman
    This is a new perk to MW3 that not a lot of players seem to be utilizing 
    properly. What the basic version does is make it so that you can see the 
    red name tag of enemies from farther away. Much farther away. It's almost a 
    legal wall hack in a way and I have seen red names show up from behind walls 
    before, but not unless I had already seen them recently though. It's great 
    for long range players and but not so great for rushers. The problem with the 
    perk is that it's only effective when you're ADSing, if you're not the perk 
    isn't even active. But, when you do ADS you will see red names appear all 
    around your sights. Even if you aren't aiming at a bogey, say he is to your 
    left a few yards, he will still appear as a red name in your view. This 
    makes locating the enemy so much easier and is highly recommended for a 
    defensive player. I find Sit rep/Steady Aim better for rushers.
    5. Deathstreaks
    While annoying, we all agree they suck, they are still required
    in every custom class you make and picking a good one will help you out a 
    little. Pick a death streak that suits each game type. For domination, I find 
    Juiced works best in order to get back to a flag point you might be losing, 
    or get to the enemy spawn quickly in order to get your KDR back on track. 
    For Kill Confirmed, I find Martydom extremely effective as they will see you 
    are actually dead and not think anything of picking up the tag until they see 
    the Martydom grenade indicator at which point it's likely too late(they've 
    already spent time running from their position to your tag...)
    However, in TDM I find that Final Stand is the best because it allows you to 
    get back up, effectively robbing the enemy team of a kill and thus a point 
    towards winning. Another benefit is that you can cap a flag in domination 
    while being in Final Stand
    Just pick the death streak you think is best for the game type and don't think 
    about it too much after that. In reality, you don't want to be relying on 
    deaths treaks to get kills!
    6. Akimbo Secondaries
    In all honesty, there is no reason not to be using one of these. If you are 
    using SOH Pro in the first slot, and you almost always should be, then the 
    faster weapon switching of the handguns is negated completely which would be 
    the ONLY benefit to using a pistol over a machine pistol. The game mechanic 
    of MW3 makes the hip fire spread of the akimbo weapons actually more accurate 
    than the hip fire spread of a solo weapon. This lets you completely destroy 
    targets mid to close range as your target will likely be attempting to ADS 
    and you will be able to land your shots on him first.
    The FMG9s are obviously the best gun for this task, though any of them really 
    will do. The G18s are pretty nice, and the Skorpions(my favorite statistical 
    weapon from BLOPs) are also nasty. Pretty much you should always be using an 
    akimbo secondary unless you are running an anti-air class, which P.S you 
    7. Hip fire
    Hip fire is so over powered in this game it's not even funny. I used to run 
    Ninja in BLOPs religiously but in this game Steady Aim on a Silenced+RF SMG 
    is so strong that I hardly use Dead Silence. Learn the ranges of when to hip 
    fire and when not to and you'll be a much stronger player than you were 
    V. Putting it all together
    The tips discussed in the last section are more aimed directly at MW3 whereas 
    the tips in the basics section were more aimed at becoming better at 
    first-person-shooters in general. If I had to say which tips were more 
    important, I would definitely say the basic tips are going to become a 
    foundation on which success is formed in COD. You could completely ignore 
    the intermediary section and still do well in COD using just the basic tips. 
    Still yet, putting it all together looks something like this(in general):
    Decide what game mode you will be playing for your session. You should have 
    a few classes set up for each game mode and since you shouldn't have many 
    slots open, always be ready to change your classes on the fly. Take a look 
    at the lobby, notice how many split screeners there are and how many high 
    prestiges are in with you. While not a direct correlation of skill, a higher 
    prestiger usually means a more experienced player and a split screening 
    player will likely be in to play casually and will easily be run over. 
    Now, depending on the map pick your class. For this example we will use 
    Mission. I would probably want to use an SMG since a lot of the action will 
    take place close quarters. This is not to say that an AR has no place on this 
    map though. Depending on your approach to the game, you may want to use an 
    AR with Marksman and take people off on the flanks as there are two long 
    lines of sight. In general though, a map like Mission is fought close quarters. 
    I will go over the individual maps later.
    With that in mind, proceed to play. If you're playing Domination, try to 
    play objectively and hold the enemy back at one flag. If you're playing Kill 
    confirmed, try to control the middle of the map with your SMG. I want to 
    stress that these tips are not meant to be followed verbatim, they are 
    meant to be used in general. You will want to flank in objective games and 
    play defensively in kill based games. 
    Always remember to check your corners and play it safe. Always be thinking. 
    The gun should suit the map, the perks should suit the game type, the 
    death streaks should suit the game type as well. Keep moving, don't be 
    stationary. Pre-fire, and use COVER. Your strike package should also 
    reflect the game type. I find that using assault in FFA not to be as 
    effective as using it in domination. This seems counter-intuitive but in 
    FFA, having a UAV up at all times is extremely valuable whereas in Domination, 
    you will get a better idea of their location by your teammates location and 
    what flags the enemy has captured. However, assault in this setting will 
    allow you to completely keep the enemy stuck in their spawn if you have a 
    Reaper and you will also see those triple/multi kills show up in domination 
    rather than FFA.
    This section is possibly the most important so review it carefully. Learn to 
    adapt to the map and the game type and you will find your scores sky 
    rocketing in no time. 
    VI. The maps
    In this section I will go over each map in my own words, describing what the 
    over all strategy of each one will consist of. Again, the tips in this 
    section should only be a general guide as each game will play out completely 
    different. Also note that I am not the best at describing things visually 
    but that will be only a minimal part of this section actually. I will link 
    you to a series on Youtube done by me on each map to help get a better idea
    of what to expect from each map.
    1. Seatown
    "A costal town. Narrow streets bring hectic, close encounters."
    Seatown is one of those maps you either love or hate. In the beginning I hated 
    it, I had no idea what the traffic routes were and where to go in what 
    situation. After playing the game for a few months I finally have a decent 
    Seatown strategy for pretty much every game mode. Basically what I like to 
    do is use an SMG and control the balcony that over looks the market. This is 
    an extremely high traffic area but if you can successfully win your engagements
    in this sector of the map you should have no problem getting your 5 
    kill streak for a predator or your advanced UAV in no time. This also 
    allows you to hold down the B flag in domination as well as the A flag to an 
    extent. Another viable option is a more defensive approach, but basically you 
    stay by tower and pick people off long range via the Marksman perk and an AR. 
    It's a very good position but not as good in FFA due to the erratic spawn 
    system. The best spot in FFA for this map is the hotel. This gives you two 
    extremely lines of sight. People have gotten multiple MOABs from this vantage 
    point. All in all you want to control the tower spawn as best as you can!
    2. Dome
    "Small outpost in the desert. Fast and frantic action"
    Unless you are playing with a full party there is very little actual strategy 
    to Dome. If I get the A spawn I usually throw a stun grenade at spawn and 
    then climb the metal railing to surprise a few unsuspecting bogies with shots 
    from an SMG above them. An SMG is pretty much a must unless you're going to 
    be staying on the metal railway, in which case an AR with Marksman and kick 
    is advised. The problem with this map is getting a kill streak is very hard, 
    you could try to control the actual inside of the dome and just move back 
    and forth between the two doors with your SMG but the problem with this is 
    the amount of traffic that goes through this is too great to maintain a 
    kill streak. In Domination what you want to do is spawn trap them at C, it's 
    ideal to have the B and A flags so that they keep spawning in the bunker and 
    with only 3 exits and 6 players to guard them, you can easily keep them 
    contained in there. In FFA I find holding down the B building to be the 
    best as there is enough cover and enough freedom to not get stunned out.
    3. Arkaden
    "Medium sized German mall. Intense Search & Destroy games."
    Controlling the engagement on this map is key. If playing KC or Dom, you 
    want to control the A and B flag as there is only a few options to get out 
    of the C flag on Arkaden. They will mostly try to either go straight up into 
    the paint room after spawning C or they will go around the right to cap B but 
    if you are set up properly in the top part of the mall by the Kashmir store 
    you can cover that area as well. It's an effective area to cover and the 
    enemy will not have a counter unless they break through your defenses. This 
    is unlikely if you follow the tips I have given earlier. In FFA I find 
    controlling the paint room to be key, you can push up at times past this but 
    if you push up past the escalators then you are likely to get killed from 
    4. Bakaara
    "Crash site in an African city. Classic Urban combat."
    Controlling the top part of the map is key, the enemy will constantly have 
    to go uphill in order to combat your forces. The map is fairly wide open so 
    having an AR is key. The flow of traffic will usually be coming from the 
    flanks because of how open the map is. Holding down either building above 
    the chopper is always good advice but don't stay too long as it's a common 
    spot and likely you're going to get smoked out. In all honesty, Bakaara is 
    one of those maps that suck, but control the C and B flag and you will do 
    well. In FFA I find it's really best to hold down the supply room on the left 
    side of the map by the C flag. Though, on this map it's not a bad option to 
    rush from building to building.
    5. Resistance
    "Parisian district. Great for domination and Kill Confirmed."
    Holding down the middle building in TDM or FFA is key. The flow of traffic 
    almost always go through or around the court yard. If you're playing Team 
    Defender then having the team set up shop in the comic book shop is key as 
    there are only two entrances and a middle hallway where the flag carrier can 
    defend. FFAs should mostly be fought around the picnic area as there are 
    multiple spawn points around there and there is enough cover to remain 
    concealed as you pick your opponents off. Domination games should be played 
    by holding down the down the A and B flags so that they have to come up the 
    stairs to cap A. In general though, whoever controls the middle house will 
    usually win the game though in Domination you have to set up a little more 
    spread out in order to cover all the points effectively.
    6. Downturn
    "Urban map with wide streets. Good for long and short range fights"
    Downturn is literally the worst map in Call of Duty history and if you want 
    to do well in it don't play it. That said, pretty much just control the 
    office. The flow of traffic usually goes through there and if you can 
    maintain a good head on your shoulders you shouldn't do awful on this map. 
    I rarely play it though, honestly.
    7. Bootleg
    "Medium sized Asian market. Fun for all game modes."
    Bootleg is an interesting map. There are long lines of sight on the road below 
    the train tracks and in the chicken market and the middle of the map is great 
    for shotgun or SMG game play. The B flag is located in one of the worst spots 
    in the game as there are so many ways to get killed trying to cap it, I find 
    it best to hold down A and C flag and keep them spawning in the back of the 
    map by A and killing them as they try to cap it. Holding down the top of the 
    stairs overlooking C flag is advised if you do end up capping B and C as that 
    is an extremely advantageous position, but in general you will find capping A 
    and C to be more beneficial to a solo player. In FFA it's all about those 
    lines of sights and holding down the building by the chicken market. If you 
    can successfully hold the chicken market down by C then you will get your 
    kill streaks relatively easy and win your FFA. In Team Defender you will want 
    to hold down that same building.
    8. Carbon
    "Medium sized refinery. Great for any number of players"
    The middle of the map is where you're going to be concentrating most of your 
    efforts. The B flag is right under the railway on the top floor of this 
    building and the C flag is right behind it allowing you to cover both points 
    conveniently. The spot to the left of the main building where you pass through 
    that tunnel is a great spot for a camper, so make sure to look up there or 
    go there yourself if you want a few easy kills. Don't stay there too long as 
    it's very easily stunned out or grenaded, plus there is minimal cover but if 
    you get there quick enough from the C spawn you can easily start a game off 
    with a predator missile as most of the flank traffic is directed this way. 
    It's a flank counter. In FFA you will still want to hold down the middle 
    building as there is enough room and enough cover to effectively stay 
    hidden and moving. An alternative strategy is to hold down the building by the 
    A flag as there are a few spawn points around this building and it's fairly 
    easy to control.
    9. Hardhat
    "A small construction site. Fast paced, close quarter action"
    The tunnel is a death trap. Seriously, if you walk through that tunnel you 
    are asking to be in some sort of sniping montage or something. With that 
    said, the map is fought in sort of an L in domination, with the barrel room 
    overlooking the tunnel being the bottom of the L and the long hallway of sand 
    coming out of the tunnel to the B flag is the top part. If you can control 
    the outside of this L shape then you will destroy the enemy as they attempt 
    to gain control of this L part of the map. On the right side of the map there 
    are a few excellent head glitching spots, such as the brown box by the crane 
    or the stacks of boxes behind that in the corner. Use these spots to your 
    advantage to contain the enemy in the construction building. In FFA, 
    however, using the stairs in the construction building to defeat foes 
    is the best way to go. There are a few spawn points around this area and 
    using the stairs is effective as you can easily back out if you are losing 
    a gun fight and regroup yourself.
    10. Lockdown
    "European city center. Great for Team Defender"
    In Domination, holding down the A flag above the set of stairs is key as 
    you will likely also be able to control the B flag from the building above it. 
    The enemy will likely take shop up in the building across from your position, 
    but your position is more advantageous as it allows you to effectively control 
    both flags easier. The hallway in this building is also a high traffic area 
    so be prepared to defend this area, and the steps behind you need either a 
    claymore or a bouncing betty to keep you covered as enemies will likely 
    travel through the tunnel that is below you to traverse the stairs and 
    flank you. Though, being the active player you are, you should be able 
    to keep on top of this threat. In FFA, holding down this general area is 
    also advised though you will have to run past the A flag at times and back 
    around in order to remain unpredictable.
    11. Village
    "Large African village. Great for all game modes"
    Controlling the market place is key here for almost any game mode except FFA 
    which has a very specific strategy. The market place is where the C flag is 
    located in domination, and if you can control that and spawn them at 
    Narnia(the waterfall) then they will have a hard time approaching your 
    position without taking fire. You could use either an SMG to guard the market 
    place a little more specifically or you could use an AR to push up and control 
    the engagement before they even approach the bridge where the B flag is 
    located. In FFA you could control this market place as well because of the 
    amount of spawn points around it, but if you want to go for your first MOAB 
    there is a sound strategy by TruStu that involves putting a claymore on a 
    spawn point up beside Narnia on the path that over looks the truck by the 
    C flag(see, I'm horrible at describing this stuff ahah) and then control the 
    two points in Narnia and kill anyone coming up that path to get you. 
    Just rotate back between the two spots and you'll get a MOAB like nothing. 
    In general though this is considered heavy camping. Just letting you know 
    there is that option if you want to seriously go for a MOAB.
    12. Fallen
    "Derelict Russian ghost town. Great for careful, tactical engagements."
    There are two buildings on the right side of the map that are key to 
    controlling the map and thus the game. In any game mode that is. In 
    Domination you will want to control big building so you can over look the A 
    flag from a great vantage point and also control the B flag as well. The only 
    way to infiltrate these buildings is by climbing the stairs to them. 
    This will allow any competent player to easily defend the area which in turn 
    allows you to defend the points. In Kill Confirmed it can be advantageous to 
    rush the flanks however as there is enough cover around these areas that it 
    can be effective. An AR is a must in my opinion for the first strategy and 
    the second will require an SMG or even the striker.
    13. Outpost.
    "Large Siberian airbase. Great for epic large battles."
    Controlling the warehouse overlooking the A flag is key. The building above 
    the tractor is also an excellent building with lots of lines of sight but in 
    general it's not wise to stay there too long. That's the mistake most players 
    make on this map is staying in one area too long. The map has so many 
    different routes that you will get flanked on almost every time you get a 
    kill. The bunker area is also good but limited in what it can cover, that's 
    why I find the warehouse the best because there is enough traffic to make it 
    worthwhile. In FFA you will want to do the same as well.
    14. Interchange
    "Destroyed freeway. Great for a wide range of spaces and styles."
    Lots of lines of sight here. I made the mistake of thinking I could power 
    through with an SMG on this map. If you are proficient it can be done but 
    it's very difficult and you will likely want an AR with Marksman on this map 
    at all times for every game mode. The flanks on this map are key and getting 
    control of the C flag and B flag is probably your best option. They are 
    relatively closer to each other than the reciprocal and will allow you to 
    defend both easier. Whenever you spawn try to rush up to the top of the map 
    where the tunnel to A is located and you will usually get a first blood if 
    you are prepared. In FFA control either the the half circle by this tunnel as 
    the enemy will still spawn around you while you have great cover. If you spawn 
    closer to the C spawn in FFA then control that area behind the bus the same 
    as before only push up slightly farther because there is slightly more cover 
    to use to your advantage.
    15. Underground
    "Small subway station. Fast paced action both inside and out"
    The left side of the map is key for me personally coming from the A spawn. 
    Proceed down the stairs and watch out for bogies coming out of the tunnel 
    and by the little tractor as this will always get you a first blood if you're 
    observant or running Marksman. Control this area beside the subways and catch 
    people going into the middle of the map or trying to flank around. The B flag 
    is also located here in Domination, so if you can control this area and push 
    up past it, you'll set up what is essentially a one man spawn trap. Good 
    hunting :)
    16. Mission
    "African colonial settlement. Fight to control the center."
    Ahhhh, Mission. The map I've been using in all my examples. This map is 
    unique in that if you can control the center you can control the rest of the 
    map. The lines of sight over looking the flank to the right from the A spawn 
    are amazing and will allow you to pick people off who are flanking around you. 
    The middle of the map is very close quarters with lots of corners and 
    buildings. An SMG is usually a good choice and if you want to have some fun 
    equip a shotgun and rush the middle. The B flag is located by the truck and 
    if you control the C and B flag here you can push up past and hold down the 
    hill going up to the B flag and spawn trap them at A and you'll also have the 
    height advantage on them. It's very hard to break out of this trap and it's 
    one that you can run solo as even if your teammates push up they will not 
    flip the spawn too easily. In FFA you can also control the middle with an 
    SMG, catching snipers/AR players off guard as they pass through. You could 
    also control the left side of the map with an AR as people come up the hill 
    or spawn at A.
    Well, that's all the core maps. When I download the new map packs I'll go 
    over them in detail as I find out more about them.
    In general for any map, what you want to do is use a high traffic area to 
    your advantage but keep moving as well. If you just take each map's advice 
    verbatim then you will eventually get stunned out or killed by the amount of 
    traffic for each spot. Get your kills them move to another area in the general 
    vicinity. This will allow you to stay alive while killing the enemies who 
    traffic those areas.
    VII. Guns
    In this section I will review each gun in each category and give you my 
    unbiased opinion on each one and which one will be suited for what engagements.
    I will be giving a rating system as well. It's a personal rating system that 
    will be ignoring the in game stats because they are often 
    misleading(M16 pales in comparison to Type-95 despite being similar in stats)
    1. Assault Rifles
    These are your basic all around guns good at everything. They excel at long 
    range but get beat my snipers, they are proficient up close but lose to SMGs 
    and Shotguns and are usually either semi auto, burst fire or fully automatic.
    Rate of fire-780 RPM
    Reload-2.30 seconds
    The M4 assault rifle is the first AR you unlock and is a viable choice if you 
    play aggressively. The main problem with this gun is its range. At range, 
    the gun takes 5 bullets to kill. However, up close it's a 3 shot kill and 
    shoots relatively faster than most assault rifles making it a good choice up 
    close. It's great for aggressive play but not so good for defensive play. It's 
    a good starter AR because it offers a lot of different choices. The recoil 
    makes it so that kick isn't necessary. Focus wouldn't be a bad option for it, 
    allowing you to win those gun fights where you get shot first.
    Rate of fire-Burst
    Reload-2.03 seconds
    Your standard burst weapon, it pales in comparison to the Type-95 but it's 
    unlocked much earlier allowing you to use it sooner. If you are up close the 
    gun will kill in one burst, though the range isn't too great on it. The damage 
    drop off isn't too bad it still kills in 4 shots at distance, though that 
    requires two pulls of the trigger but it's not too bad. Not recommended for a 
    Rate of fire-750 RPM
    Reload-2.68 seconds
    In my opinion, your first assault rifle you unlock that will be a go-to type 
    of weapon. Its low damage is offset by it's incredible range and fast rate 
    of fire. The recoil is extremely low as well, meaning you don't need to use 
    kick on it. I suggest a silencer as the range is so great that the drop off 
    is negligible. The reload time is slightly longer but you can reloaded cancel 
    effectively with this weapon. All in all a very versatile weapon.
    Rate of fire-Burst(1000 rpm burst firing)
    Reload-3.3 seconds
    Probably the best AR in the game. The damage of this gun is unreal. It does 
    55 damage per bullet within its effective range, meaning it kills in two 
    bullets. It's a 3 burst weapon. At extreme ranges though it does take 5 shots 
    so it will take two bursts but given the rate of fire of this weapon and its 
    extremely low recoil this is no problem at all. Put a red dot on it and rapid 
    fire on it and you have yourself a killing machine. Use this gun.
    Rate of fire-Semi auto
    Reload-2.76 seconds
    Your basic semi auto assault rifle has returned to COD this time as the Mk14, 
    a variant of the M14. It's pretty much the same thing you've come to expect. 
    A great weapon for an experienced player as it will drop targets in two shots 
    easily, though it does drop off to 3 shots at range. This is not a problem 
    however, as the range of this gun is extremely long. The recoil is manageable 
    but like I said, you have to be experienced to know how to handle it. Not 
    recommended for a beginner.
    Rate of fire-689 RPM
    Reload-3.25 seconds
    Your all-around AR in my opinion. The Ak-47 is a staple of the COD series and 
    ARs in general. The damage is extremely high on it, offering 3 shots up close 
    but also 4 shots up close and also has the longest 3 shot range of any fully 
    auto AR. This means that you will dominate the mid-range engagements. The 
    recoil of this gun is high, and I recommend using the iron sights with a 
    silencer to reduce the visual effects of the muzzle flash. It has a lower 
    rate of fire which means it'll lose those close up engagements but it's 
    fairly accurate and easy to do well with because you will rarely find 
    opponents at extreme ranges.
    ACR 6.8
    Rate of fire-705 RPM
    Reload-2.5 seconds.
    The ACR returns from MW2 and is statistically similar to its elder brother. 
    The gun is known for having little to no recoil, earning the nickname "lead 
    laser". The damage it does is good at all range, though the damage drop off 
    is relatively low compared to its MW2 counterpart. This is negated though 
    by its low recoil and low weapon sway. The iron sights on the gun are also 
    extremely proficient allowing the use of other attachments such as a silencer 
    because of how good the damage is at range. Over all a great assault rifle and 
    my favorite in this category.
    Rate of fire-769 RPM
    Reload-3.46 seconds
    The G36C is a great assault rifle and one I would recommend for the 
    beginner who has just taken his first steps into the realm of an intermediate 
    player. The gun has great damage at all ranges, moderate recoil and a great 
    rate of fire. This will allow the gun to function as a sort of mixture 
    between an AR and an SMG. It's a great, versatile choice but you will likely 
    lose your longer range engagements due to the recoil of the gun which is why 
    Kick is advised for a proficiency. Also, a red dot optic sight is recommended 
    because the iron sights are fucking stupid.
    Rate of fire-666 RPM
    Reload-2.7 seconds
    The CM901 is one of those guns that is good all around, but not great at 
    anything. The recoil is very high so kick is a must, and because of the 
    slow rate of fire you will lose most of your up close engagements. It's 
    basically just your all around assault rifle that really doesn't do 
    anything noteworthy...
    Rate of fire-1000 RPM
    Reload-3.5 seconds
    The FAD is one of the more interesting assault rifles in the game. When I 
    first played with it I thought it would be as over powered as the FAMAS was 
    in BLOPS, being that it's a "low" damage, high rate of fire AR. However, my 
    fears were negated when I actually used the gun. It does what it's supposed 
    to do, it has low damage but a fast rate of fire which means it will destroy 
    everything up close but do little at mid range. I recommend a red dot as the 
    iron sights are a bit intrusive and because the magazine size is already 40 
    rounds instead of 30 this means extended mags isn't necessary. Also note, 
    the reload animation allows you to reload cancel effectively but...that's 
    for a different day.
    2. SMGs
    Recoil-Very Low
    Rate of fire-895 RPM
    Reload-3.6 seconds
    Probably the best all-around gun in the game. It excels at mid-range 
    encounters where you will find the majority of your gun fights in a 1v1 
    situation. The fire rate of this gun makes it a viable option in close 
    quarters combat, not to mention that it is a 3-shot kill in this range with 
    a larger than average magazine size that allows. It's a great gun and highly 
    recommended for run and gun type players.
    Rate of fire-
    Reload-2.76 seconds
    A great gun that has a very large magazine size at 50 rounds. It reminds me a 
    lot of the P90 from MW2 ironically enough and it functions pretty much the 
    same. This is probably the best choice in the SMG class for over all 
    flexibility. You could put a silencer on it and range and have yourself a 
    mini-assault rifle or use attachments and have rapid fire and extended mags 
    to spray everything down within range. As you can see the choices are nearly 
    limitless and that's the true strength of this gun, its flexibility.
    Rate of fire-1000 RPM
    Reload-3.03 seconds
    A very powerful gun, it has a tremendous rate of fire and a decent magazine 
    size. The recoil is almost negligible it feels like and it functions well 
    over all. Its true strength lies in its up close power, you will rarely 
    lose a close quarters gun fight with this one. 
    Slap on rapid fire and you can mow 
    everything down that you see. I personally prefer to use the 
    Rapid Fire+Silencer combo as the silencer seems to reduce the recoil of the 
    PP90 even more...though it's mostly a visual thing(no muzzle flash)...over 
    all one of the better guns in the game and a good choice for a rusher.
    Rate of fire-750
    Reload-2.50 seconds
    Ahhhh, the good old UMP. A staple of the Modern Warfare series, it returns 
    albeit not nearly as powerful as it used to be. The gun seems to lack the 
    stopping power it had in previous COD iterations. It also feels bulky 
    compared to the other SMGs. Those are just the complaints. The benefits far 
    outweigh the negatives. It has a fairly large clip size and range and while 
    it doesn't shoot the fastest you could always use rapid fire on it and range 
    to win all the medium range engagements you come across and still dominate up 
    close. Over all a good gun.
    Rate of fire-1090 RPM
    Reload-3.00 seconds
    Basically, one of the fastest shooting guns in the game. It has terrible iron 
    sights so be wary of that but the clip size is pretty decent. Be sure to try 
    to hip fire as much as possible with this gun despite any attachment you may 
    use on it. I like to use this gun as a sort of SMG/Shotgun hybrid so a silencer
    could be something that would benefit you as well as you'll want to be in 
    close quarters with this gun. The stats on the gun are pretty bad though...the 
    recoil is terrible and the range is low. Not one of the better SMGs but if 
    you know how to use it can be useable.
    Recoil-Moderately high
    Rate of fire-800 RPM
    Ahhh, the classic gun from COD4, though unfortunately it is not nearly as good 
    as as its COD4 counterpart. Still, it has manageable recoil despite what the 
    stats say and it has decent range. It's pretty much an underpowered MP7...
    which is why I guess it's the MP5? Still yet, throw stalker on this bad boy 
    and use it as a run and gun AR and you'll find that machine does decent work 
    at mid range and can be an effective counter to some of the slower shooting 
    assault rifes such as the M14 or Type-95.
    3. Shotguns
    Basically, I will only divide the shotguns in two categories. Pump and spam. 
    In general the pump shotguns have the advantage of getting more consistent one 
    shot kills whereas the spam shotguns' strength rely solely on its ability to 
    spray down enemies at close range.
    Pump action
    The pump shotguns are the Model 1887, SPAS12 and the KSG12. 
    The basic strategy for using these guns is to flank the enemy and attempt to
    close the distance between you and him. Remember that if you don't get that 
    first shot kill then be prepared to start "emergency moving" as you'll likely 
    die instantly after they detect the hit. With the pump shotguns, a good set 
    up is quickdraw for faster ADS with them which makes the the spread tigther, 
    and Stalker which helps with that movement I discussed earlier. I usually 
    use extreme conditioning as well in order to get that flank route easier.
    The Striker, AA12 and USAS12 fall into the spam category of shotguns. The are 
    extremely effective at close ranges not because of their power but because of 
    how much damage per second they can dish out in their proper range. The striker
    in particular is known for this. I recommend range for some of these shotguns 
    simply because it will increase the amount of DPS you can dish out at longer 
    ranges...perhaps focus would be another proficiency that you could put on in 
    order to keep your shots on target. You will be able to win a few more of your 
    1v1 gun fights with these shotguns so they are recommended for beginners. 
    Watch out for the AA12 though, it has the lowest stats of all shotguns besides 
    fire rate. I use it sort of like a spas-12 I can spam. Also steady aim is 
    extremely important for these shotguns. You never want to ADS with them.
    4. Snipers
    I don't feel the need to go in depth with this class of guns merely because 
    anyone who snipes should know what to do with the guns by now. I will however 
    talk about some of the differences the snipers have in this game compared to 
    First off, the bolt action snipers allow you to run faster than the semi-auto 
    snipers. This is a great move from IW and makes it so that the Barret isn't 
    inherently superior to its bolt action counterparts. The MSR has a faster 
    reload time than L118a. Quickscoping is possible because of Quickdraw and 
    the changed game mechanic from BLOPs to this game. The RSAAwhatever50 shoots 
    extremely fast but usually takes at least two kills to take someone down. 
    It also has a large magazine to allow you that spammability you need. In 
    general, the bolt action sniper rifles are for quickscoping while the semi 
    autos are for holding down a part of the map with long range suppressing fire.
    VIII. Advanced strategies.
    1. Spawn trapping
    This is an old, old, old COD tactic that surprisingly still works well today. 
    In domination game modes, and games that share its spawn system such as TDM 
    or Kill Confirmed, what you're primary goal should be is to capture two enemy 
    flags and let them keep one so that they continually spawn in a predictable 
    area of the map. There are two ways to approach this. Have a team that you 
    are comfortable with and can communicate with set up at various choke points 
    on each map and hold the enemy down in that spawn. What you end up doing is 
    either A) keeping them from advancing out of their spawn entirely and B) 
    when a teammate does go down you know immediately what part of the map the 
    enemy is at without the use of radar or sound. This is an extremely effective 
    way to play domination and similarly to play the other domination-type 
    re-spawn game modes.
    If you are playing by yourself, this can be a bit of a challenge. Fear not, 
    communicate with your team and tell them what needs to happen. If you're nice 
    about it you will find yourself in more games where teammates actually listen 
    and help out. Of course you will always find the split screen snipers who 
    don't care and rush up and flip the spawn, but in that case the one important 
    key to keep in mind is awareness. If you see them doing this, immediately run 
    back to your home flag and hope to take out some freshly spawned enemies. 
    This all comes back to map knowledge. Master that and these tips become 
    EZ mode.
    2. Be aware of what your enemy is thinking
    This tip isn't so talked about. Basically, when you fire an unsuppressed shot 
    at an enemy and miss you should be immediately aware that the enemy is likely 
    to turn around. It is in these few moments that your actions will dictate 
    whether you win the gun fight or not. If say, you are chasing someone and 
    fire a shot as he goes around a corner...you know he is aware of your 
    presence. What do you think he thinks you're going to do? Most players 
    assume that the player will rush behind them around the corner, and the 
    enemy would be right...most players do that. So say you play back, well a 
    smart enemy would understand that you know if you sprint around that corner 
    you're dead so he knows you're playing defensive. Sometimes it's better to 
    take a flank route immediately in this situation. 
    Rather that, say you hit a shot on the enemy while he goes around the corner. 
    Depending on the range, this may be a big enough advantage for you to surprise 
    the enemy with some of the basic tactics we talked about earlier. You have a 
    health advantage over him, so barring connection you will win your gun fight 
    with this enemy.
    Say then you get shot going around a corner...you are now able to take one 
    less bullet than your opponent(perhaps more depending on the gun/range)..what
    do you do? If you're thinking critically about the game then you know there's
    a chance your opponent will try to use the tactic above in order to get the 
    advantage on you...sometimes surprising him may be the way to go. Rush back 
    out and catch him off guard.
    These strategies are basic examples of trying to think critically. This 
    will help your game each and every time you are in a gun fight.
    3. Use angles
    Never approach a doorway in a straight, head on way. Always look at it from 
    a 45 degree angle. Take the houses in Nuketown. Don't just rush out the
    doorway, push up to one side of the door and look out the opposite side to see
    if there are any opposing enemies. They will likely not see you or not think 
    to look at that angle at you. This will give you an advantage. Practice doing 
    4. My biggest tip
    Always ADS around every corner, every doorway, every time you enter a room, 
    every time you enter a long corridor, every time you go to a new area of the 
    map...etc, just get into a habit of always ADS when the time comes. This 
    does not mean WALK AROUND ADS...even with Stalker you're giving up too much 
    mobility, but if you combine regular movement, even sprinting, with the 
    constant precaution of ADS around corners/corridors, then you will end up 
    winning a lot more of your gun fights by default. Also don't forget the tip 
    earlier. Stop sprinting around corners and start ADSing around them!
    IX. Suggested class builds.
    In this section I will give you some of my personal suggested class set ups 
    that will give a new player success, and some other ones that may make the 
    game more enjoyable for you. Also sometimes a pro perk will be listed, this 
    means it is a requirement for the class to be successful. If a pro perk is 
    not listed then it means the basic perk will do just fine.
    1. Try hard
    Primary: ACR 6.18 Kick/Silencer
    Secondary: Akimbo FMG9s
    Lethal grenade: Frag
    Tact grenade: Concussion
    Perks: SOH Pro, Assassin Pro, Marksman
    Strike package: Predator, Attack Chopper, Reaper
    Thoughts: Probably the over all best class in MW3. You could switch out 
    Marksman for Steady Aim to make the class slightly more versatile but I 
    find with the SOH pro effect that switching to the FMG9s can dominate 
    anything up close anyway. This class will allow you to play the game 
    essentially any way you want. Defensive or aggressive, this class shines. 
    The strike package is also a KDR raiser as your kill streaks can and will do 
    some work should you get them. They are optimized for stacking, so a 
    5 kill streak will more than likely get you a reaper. The ACR lacks recoil 
    with kick, and the silencer+assassin combo means you won't show up on radar 
    and you remain effectively hidden from the enemy. Be sure to keep most of 
    your engagements mid range and you should win most of your gun fights with 
    this class.
    2. Camper
    Primary: Type-95 Attachments/Silencer&Red Dot
    Secondary: Akimbo FMG9s
    Lethal grenade: Claymore
    Tact grenade: Motion sensor
    Perks: Blind Eye, Assassin pro, Marksman 
    Strike package: Predator, attack chopper, reaper
    Thoughts: Pretty much the same class as above but with more emphasis on 
    defensive play. If you are hardcore about going for your kill streaks then 
    this class will suit your needs as you shouldn't be dying too often if you 
    pick a good spot. I don't promote camping myself but this class is useful for 
    when you are starting out. The Type-95 has extreme stopping power and has 
    tremendous range, couple that with marksman and you have yourself a nasty gun. 
    Blind Eye is there so no predators/choppers/etc take you out and the FMGs are 
    there to take care of anything up close. With this class you should not be 
    running and gunning, and thought the ACR class still lends itself to defensive 
    play, this one is solely meant for that aspect.
    3. Rushing
    Primary: PP90M1 Attachments/Silencer&Extended mags
    Secondary: MP9 red dot
    Lethal grenade: Semtex
    Tact grenade: Concussion
    Perks: Extreme Conditioning pro, Assassin pro, Steady Aim pro.
    Strike package: UAV, Advanced UAV, Stealth bomber.
    Thoughts: A nasty rushing class. There are a few tweaks a user could 
    make depending on the game. One would be taking out Assassin for Quickdraw 
    for an even bigger gun on gun advantage, and you could take off extended mags 
    for rapid fire as the rapid fire PP90 is extremely deadly. With that said, 
    I think the class itself is fine as the PP90 still shoots extremely fast 
    without stopping power and extended mags negates not having SOH so you won't
    have to reload as much. Assassin pro is there because when you flank the enemy
    all it takes is one UAV for them to know what you're up to, so having that 
    prevented is a huge help as you can now flank unguarded. The strike package 
    is meant to be a mixture of team killstreaks and selfish ones. I don't agree
    with having the stealth bomber in the support package but it's a free stealth
    bomber and it can easily get you a multi-kill if placed right. The MP9 is 
    there to give you a slightly longer range option because you will mow literally
    everyone down with PP hip fire tehhehe.
    4. Team player
    Primary: MP5 Focus/Red dot
    Secondary: SMAW/Stinger
    Lethal grenade: Semtex
    Tact grenade: Scrambler
    Perks: Recon Pro, Hardline pro, Sit Rep Pro
    Strike package: UAV, Ballistic vests
    Thoughts: My actual go to set up if my team is decent but not the best. What 
    this set up does is allow you to paint enemies on the radar with explosive 
    damage AND bullet damage. What this means is that if you shoot someone and
    they go around a corner before you can finish them off, like in the 
    example earlier, your bullet damage actually makes them show up on the 
    mini-map/radar, and whats more is it's in real time with no delay ala 
    the Blackbird from BLOPs...it also shows what direction they are facing. 
    So now that opponent you had to play mind games with earlier is no longer 
    in any position of advantage. You have him pegged no matter what. If he runs 
    to the corner, you have him because you know that's what he's doing, if he
    keeps going his merry way then you obviously know you have him...this is 
    extremely effective. What's more is stun grenades achieve this effect as well.
    An interesting build is to trade out the scrambler(more on that later) for 
    concussions and throw them at spawn and paint everyone at the beginning of 
    the map. On Dome I have literally had all six enemies painted on the map so
    essentially my team had a blackbird at the start of the game. This is 
    extremely powerful.
    Oh yes, that's right. Your entire team sees the enemy as well on the mini map,
    not just you. This is why it's effective in team play. The SMAW is used to 
    free fire and get explosive splash damage on enemies or to take out air 
    support with help of your scrambler. The scrambler makes it so that 
    air support can no longer target you within its radius. This will allow you 
    to take out choppers/etc without fear of being shot. It's basically portable 
    blind eye. This is extremely helpful in team play.
    Another aspect of this class is Hardline pro coupled with the UAV/Bvest 
    combo so that you get them literally over and over and over again. 
    Take domination for example. If you cap your home flag, then B, then 
    throw a sticky and get the other team painted on the map, you will get 
    assists for that with Hardline pro and just like that, without killing 
    anyone you have a UAV. Take out one UAV with your SMAW/stinger and now you 
    have ballistic vests despite having killed no one. If you can't see the 
    extreme team player concept to this class then it's best you don't use it. 
    This class literally is a game changer.
    5. Shotgun
    Primary: Spas12 Damage/Extended mags
    Secondary: MP9 Red dot
    Lethal grenade: Semtex
    Tact grenade: Concussion
    Perks: Extreme Conditioning, Quickdraw pro, Stalker pro
    Strike package: SOH pro, Hardline Pro, Steady Aim pro
    Thoughts: My go to shotgun class. Basically, I use extreme conditioning to 
    get to the enemy spawn before they're expecting any resistance. Because of 
    that I am usually within my shotgun range anyway. Quickdraw so I can ADS 
    faster and stalker because of movement while trying to "shotscope" the enemy.
    Also this helps with rushing as I do not trip claymores/bouncing betties off.
    I use specialist in order to get the other perks I think compliment a shotgun 
    class such as steady aim for better hip fire in close situations and SOH pro 
    for a faster pump effect(unconfirmed in MW3 but was effective in MW2).
    Hardline pro only because it's wise to have it in your specialist set up.
    The MP9 is used for longer range encounters and damage on the spas12 to make 
    it more consistent.
    X. Conclusion
    I hope you all enjoyed reading through some of these tips and I hope they 
    helped improve your game as all these tips in the guide are directly what 
    helped improved mine. Remember, we all start out somewhere and though I am 
    not the best player, I rarely go negative and I put up great games 
    occasionally with these tips and I know that with a little practice they 
    will help you out as well.
    If you want to contact me my twitter handle is @wwwRILEYcom
    XI. Credits
    I would like to thank CjayC for hosting Gamefaqs for all of us who wish to help
    I'd like to thank PokeyConch0 for being an over all good guy and helping me 
    with some of the finer aspects of this guide
    I'd like to thank the Yeousch forums for having a compendium of knowledge to
    help me fall back on, and some of the best players I have met
    I'd like to thank Theeparlier for helping with some of the strategies
    I'd like to thank Activision/IW/Sledgehammer for making a...decent game LOL!
    And finally I'd like to thank all the players who have curb stomped me into 
    the ground in the past. They helped shape the player I am today. 
    My next guide will be Call of Ghost: FAMAS Ops :)

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