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"A War before even fully getting into it."

Records of Agarest War Zero is a Japanese Strategy Role Playing Game Published by AKSYS Games made in 2011. Having being the Second release of the Agarest Series. In it I shall try my best in deciding if this game is right for you to take. This is my First of the Series I have played none of the others of the series, So in it I shall compare as a SRPG then a biased of other Agarest Games.

Story: 7/10

It is pretty much a same old same old story for most SRPGs. A War breaks out between a Armies of Light and Armies of Darkness. In it you are a soldier who gains the power to stop the War. In it it is average in nature, though unique thing of the Agarest Series is that is partly a Dating Sim which I will go into Detail later in the Gameplay section. In it though your main character is not just the main character. When his story ends, his Son's Story will begin with new characters and people coming along where they continue their previous generations legacy.

This is a unique item that you rarely see in most RPGs.

Graphics: 6/10 for a Console game (8/10 for a SRPG)

Now for a SRPG you can say that is is pretty much a fair on the Graphics. In it, it feels like Fire Emblem but with a mix of Final Fantasy Tactics. Except with better sprites. Creating a 2.5D creation as Bosses and battle field is complete 3D but the Characters are complete 2D. The thing that slightly bring this down a bit is that this is 2012 Console game. This would be something to expect on a Hand Held or a older console.

Sound: 7/10

The sound is pretty nice to say the least, it light but can get aggressive and the placement seems to be put well. Why so low then? Well even though it is nice, their is nothing that you can say is very memorable and also one other thing. The other thing is that it doesn't have a English Dub. Though I am a fan of Japanese language I still like to have a options for english.

Gameplay: 5/10

Well now to the meat of a game. How it plays. By far it actually plays well. Controls are simple and easy to understand and is no problem

In the beginning you character will be able to choose 3 types of Classes, Warrior, Battle Mage and Sorcerer. With it you choose cards and it affects how your character will become, With also card Placement it could change a skill from a Fire Blast into a Fire Slash, while also allowing a you to have one or two of the 7 weapons which will also determine growth and stats.

Combat takes you into a sprite grid system like how most SRPGs are which you can alter by choosing a Grid Formation that will add buffs and debuffs to a enemy or ally. With it characters move and fight with a system used with Action Points(AP), which you gain each turn and which you can double if you do no actions. Along side AP is Special points (SP) which is gained from combat in the match. More you attack the more you get attacked the Points rise and once it is high enough you can use powerful attacks. Lastly for combat is the Combo Grids. Each character has a special grid which when a character enters the grid. allows a higher reach and allows that other person can assist in the turn while still able to use their turn later. With it, it can create a overpowering joint skill. In the character is still in a Link with a person they actually regain a amount of AP lost from the former actions.

Outside of combat you are given Events and Vacation Days. Like I said before this game is a sense a Galge Game (a Japanese Date Sim). In it your main character will go off and meet up with a Girl of your choosing. In it how you react with her and how you choose to do with her will cause that girl and other girls affection to either Rise or to Fall. making 3 main girls become a love partner. Having changes to affection among all the girls and how you react to them and who you choose can alter what the Main Characters Child will look and how the child fights like.

Overall everything works out well together, Combat is unique, interesting date system. Though you may ask why such a low score for something that works well? It is because you are going to be total war cursing and swearing because of Four Flaws of the game.

In the first 30 min, this is probably your breaking point that will make it, Continue or Stop Playing, that is pretty much the start point of this. The Character Creation is the most infuriating thing I have known. Everything is completely ambiguous. It pretty much is here are cards choose whatever and see how it does. Their is no descriptions of the cards, what will most likely change. Their are zero good guides on the creation and its total headache. From all that I met, no one has fully gain the concept of the Character Creation

Second Thing is if you can actually make your choice through the Creation, that this game is a Heavy Grind. When I mean heavy, I mean Heavy. Each battle gives a low amount of experience unless it is a Event battle which can go Overly out of your league. You could defeat a area one step before a Event, and that event can be 3 times harder. Leveling someone to get to that spot can take hours at times. Interlocking with the Third is that their is no Escape/Flee feature in the game. Now it is not a overly thing. Overall out of all SRPGs played by me, this is a feature that has been removed out of many of them. Still it is very annoying, since if you did not save before a fight you are screwed and have to restart from the last save which could be a lot of time wasted.

The last problem is the dating sim. It actually makes no sense at all. Their are things that are no directed to some of the girls yet they will lose or gain affection by your choices as if they have Jedi powers feeling the disturbance in the force to gain that Affection. Example, with some spoilers, You have to make a decision of to talk about the girls brother, talk about what she cooks or talk about what she hates. If you talk about what she hates, She gains affection but one girl loses it who has nothing to do with it, if you ask about the cooking her and another girl starts to fall for you and another girl loses affection. If you ask about her brother she starts losing affection but other girls start to gain it. In it it is a questionable headscratcher because it just doesn't make sense.

Replay Value: 6/10 (can be 8/10)

The game has lot of replay value lots of dungeons, having a variety of how you can build your character, and choices on who you will fall in love with. Giving it with it's Unique combat trying to find all the different Combos, you can play out. You got a super fun game that can last you a long time. That is IF you can stand the stuff from the last run. Knowing me I can't so it is going down some points

Overall Scoring 6/10 (at a High Rate 7/10)

This game is heavy to say the least. It can be a enjoyable experience if you are a Fan of SRPGs but it is a extreme trouble to even try and think of this. In it it is the Short Version of the Series from what I see it is only 2 Generations and the original is 5 Generations. Overall on release this game was $50, 60 if you got the limited edition version. For a game at such a price at this level, I can see it would terribly kill a person with regret. Now it has been about 2 years since it release and now around $17. In it it is cheap and well enough to give no full regrets wasting 20 bucks. For it's price now it is a great game to get if you can handle some of it's flaws. Give it a shot and see how you like it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/25/13

Game Release: Record of Agarest War Zero (US, 06/14/11)

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