Help identifying beams and Guard Posts?

  1. There are several guild achievements that reference beams and guard posts. One would assume that a beam is a length of wood running across a gap, but this does not seem to be the case. One would also assume that a "Guard Post" is where guards are posted, but that too seems to not be correct.

    Can someone help by giving at least one example of a "beam" and "guard post" and where you found them?

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Accepted Answer

  1. Well luckily the board is better at providing answers than the answers sections. But i'll do what I can to sum it up.

    Basically, any overhang (beam/rope) is an expanse of a ledge or rope that is connected between two buildings. It's called an overhang because its hanging between them. Obvious logic aside, the only challenge I recall for this was that you need to jump from horseback onto one of these locations. Relatively simple yet Ezio can be a pain sometimes. Basically ride around the outskirts of rome through those random villages or in Rome if you find good spots, but look for any location that has an overhang. Simply ride towards it and leap on. Once your on top of it, jump down and remount your horse, about face, and go again. I did mine in a small village east of Rome, I think to the west of the Collesium.

    As for the GUARD POSTS, this one was a bit tricky to really understand. But basically, a guard post is any guard group that is standing and "Blocking" a path. For instance, four guards standing in a line blocking a tunnel. You can easily tell a guard post cause if you try to walk through it, they get pissed and engage you.
    As for good guard posts, they are rare and few and best dealt with in the story itself, given at end game it's difficult to find any. However, luckily thanks to our repayable memories there are a few locations I've seen.

    Memory 3, Sequence 7.
    Every ground floor entrance has guards posted around it. Find a means to line of sight only one of the guards and take your time picking them off one by one.

    Courtesan Assignments, Sequence 9, Troublemakers.
    Please only read this if you have done the mission. My method takes most of the challenge out of it.
    Basically to maximize getting guard post kills, When you approach the scene, get to the nearby rooftops. From there you can safely snipe each guard without fear of getting spotted. If you do, take more care in trying to line of sight only a few of the guards. For the rest of the mission, to make it simple and save you time, summon your assassins into the fight and they'll stay in combat for all of it hopefully. Given guards constantly keep coming for the duration of the fight, you shouldn't have to worry about this. The mission does not take long and is easily repeatable.

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