Red Trail?

  1. I went outside the Animus after chapter 6 I believe but I could be wrong about the timing. There was a red trail in eagle vision that led out from the exit down, around the house, down the stairs and stopped at a sewer entrance in the front of the house. I can't interact with anything along the way or the grate itself and it's bugging me because it isn't there for just no reason, anyone have an idea or know what to do?

    User Info: neohampster

    neohampster - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I don't think it is Ezio's bloodied footsteps he was shot on the rooftops way farther into the center then where he was and honestly the "stupid trail" answer sounds okay but if they were going for that they would've made it a bit longer going down the main road I think. I will keep looking into it but a badly done and slightly confusing "stupid road" is looking like what they were going for.

    User Info: neohampster

    neohampster - 6 years ago
  3. Clarification Request::
    Just wondering, but with this red trail (I never left the animus to see it) but I was told it may have something to do with Subject 16, Which would also kinda make sense I suppose. He is meant to be alive and maybe he went there to hide?. As mentioned wasn't that the only place that abstergo couldnt detect? or is it one of many places

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    LausDeoSemper - 6 years ago
  4. Additional Details:
    Okay something I wanted to add. I am not accepting the stupid track answer not because it doesn't make sense (i'm pretty sure that's the right answer actually) i'm not adding it because i HOPE it's not right since i would like it to be something more interesting. That said i am also certain it is not Ezio's bleedout as he was shot near the front of the village and he wouldn't have walked around to the back entrance to get back into the house given the circumstances. Also it just can't be left by the previous subject since he only started leaving messages AFTER they were preforming long sessions on him and he didn't escape. Bare in mind he could not have left a digital message on the real building it just doesn't work that way. One more then, the betrayal angle said by Dynamite Kitty, if she was working for Abstergo she would've never broken him out. If Desmond would've stayed in the Animus in the first game and not escaped at all he would've EVENTUALLY found the apple for the Templars anyway, and about the hiding in the assassin's building like that, if you are trying to hide a tree use a forest.

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    neohampster - 6 years ago

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  1. Well me and my brother were both puzzeled bye this but my brother came up with a soultion that lucy might be a tempalar sicne tempalars are red

    User Info: o0TheBoss0o

    o0TheBoss0o - 6 years ago 2 0


  1. Yea i noticed that to, dont know what it is, i know i am really pissed at the moment cause it will not let me back in the animus keeps booting my out so i am not sure if there is something that i am suppose to do that i am not doing does it have anything to do with the 5 hidden items located around the villa or what, kinda thought the red trail had something to do with it but as of know i dont know what the red trail does

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  2. Ezio was bleeding up those steps. (look at the footprints) Mabe it's something to do with that. I've never been booted out so can't help there.

    User Info: faithntubz

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  3. It could either be the entrance to the Auditore crypt; or when Ezio got shot. After that sequence is the first time you return to the present in Brotherhood. Desmond and Lucy go underground, and Desmond sees his second vision of Ezio closing a gate to get people out of Monterrigioni. This could be what the blood was from.

    User Info: scXthursday

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  4. Well I'm not too sure about Ezio's blood but in my perspective maybe it's just there in case you forgot where the hideout is x_x As stupid as it sounds.( Also about the footprints in the blood thing, I haven't seen any. Maybe I'm just blind)

    User Info: Misao2cool

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  5. That seems like an awful lot of footprints to be Ezio's, though it WAS the path he took. Maybe it was everyone else's. Likely it'll be DLC, or as has been said, is there in case the player forgets where the animus is. It's there all the time, not just after chapter 6. I saw it right after leaving when you get the first e-mail.

    User Info: tyrongkojy

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  6. It is probably Ezios blood shed because remember how the side effects of the animus was overlapping realities so that blood is probably only a couple of days old but long enough to have been removed from sight

    User Info: geaneral77

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  7. When i first encountered the trail it was after sequence 6. lucy happens to be missing at the time and there are the emails that talk about the white surveillance van parked out front. maybe lucy had some kind of altercation with the templars in the van?

    User Info: Kricci754

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  8. Im pretty sure from what I recall, the bloody path was there when you first go to the Villa as Desmond. Remember, you followed a ghostly figure that went up that path leading to the sanctuary? Thats what I figured when I first saw it, which was pretty early on in the game (after sequence 2 or 3). I don't remember if that ghost was Ezio or not, but regardless, its nothing to get worked up over.

    User Info: Xertrikeoth

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  9. I just beat the game today, and I'll admite for days that red track was really bugging me. But really, there could only be 3 possible reasons as to why that is there.

    1. In my personal opinion this is the most likely - the red track is there from a sign of subject 16 and / or the possiblilty of betrail from within the group(I think they went up that side of the house?) Regardless, after coming out of the Animus a few times I looked at the email and read about the white van. Come on, look at all the cars and vechiles parked around the villa, a white van un-resiterged parked outside the house is a little too supcious wouldn't you agree? And the fact that it was broght to attention twice in an email seems all to intentonal and if the white van was parked in front of the house and the Assassin's symbol (Also think where would an Assassin go, isn't a villa with the crest out front a bit too obvious? - which was Lucy's idea) theres the possiblitly that this red track has something to do with Abstergo, as it appears red. However, you can also argue that becuase its red it's a sign from subject 16; that said in ACII he moentioned something about Lucy ''appearing to be what she is not'' (misqouted - something along those lines) And has anybody stopped to consider back to the first were she seemed to only have 9 fingers and now suddenly have 10? I think the red track is a symbol of betrayl within the group -which oddly enough moles in other guilds in the world was mentioned in emails-

    2. The track may also be there due to the bleeding effect when Eitzo was shot (I thoguht it was blood the first time) and that could have been the path he took to escape. However there looks like theres a large spread of foot steps, yet again it could be argued that this is due to all the people escaping. All in all its questonable because its red rather than white / blue, because red symbolsises subject 16 or on humans enimes.

    3. A track back to the Villa for those who've played the game the first time, as its not labed ACIII people might think its a whole different story and play that first rather than playing the first two, thus a 'stupid track' back to the hiding hole :P

    User Info: DynamiteKitty

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  10. Ive seen this trail right from the start and im stumped but i was wondering cound it have something to do with the trator guy with one eye or is just one of these things that make you think

    User Info: dark_lorican

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  11. The red track is just a trail to help you get back to the Animus. Since Monteriggioni is so big, the track is necessary as you could easily get lost.

    User Info: Radiant_Sol12

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  12. @DynamiteKitty

    As mentioned many times, I'm sure, Lucy "suddenly" having 10 fingers is no surprise as she always had 10. She never lost her ring finger nor had it removed. She merely bent it as a signal to Desmond that she was an Assassin and was trying to help him.

    User Info: DragonOsiris

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  13. the track is nothing special, it is the foot prints from them unloading the animus from the truck, its no bleed out because Ezio wasn't walking back and fourth constantly.

    User Info: linkvegeta

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  14. The red trail is simply the repeated route of Shaun, Rebecca, and Lucy as they ran errands. There is no special meaning, and it is just added to give people something to be confused about.

    User Info: zanderman92

    zanderman92 - 6 years ago 1 1
  15. Also think about this. Modern Assassins don't need to have their fingers removed, like the case with Desmond. Like Leonardo stated in ACII, "The blade has been modified, and no longer requires a sacrifice". I think Everyone in the group is on the same side, regardless of suspicion. and if you're going to hide, why would you hide in a place that you could be easily spotted, or where you are likely to be found? No one would suspect them to be hiding in the ruins of Monteriggioni, or even better, in the ruins of the Villa itself!
    Abstergo didn't go into Italy using Desmond. It will be harder for them to guess their whereabouts, especially when they didn't know about that ancestor.

    User Info: Darkflame2222

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  16. I'm at that point in the game right now, and I went out of the aimus in the previous sequence, when you found Lucy right outside of the hideout, and I saw the red trail led to her, and then stopped. When I saw it this time, I thought that I was supposed to follow to activate another video with Lucy, but I searched the whole town, and she's not there, and she's not in the hideout. So, I thought that even whille playing as Desmond, you're still in the animus, and you were captured by Abstergo at the end of the last game after you escape; like on the run, they caught you.

    Also, as someone mentioned, people don't need their fingers chopped anymore for the hidden blade, or at least not real assassins, but at the end of the first game, whne you find out Lucy is an assassin, she shows you her hand which has the missing finger.

    Either, it's there for no reson, you're in an animus living in two different times instead of just one, or, actually this game could take place in the future and Desmond or his descendants are in an animus reliving Desmond's life in and out of the animus. The third probability, is that Lucy works by herself, not for the assassins or Abstergo, or another group altogether. She broke Desmond out of Abstergo, and is no where to be found right now, even though she is strongest on staying in Monteriggioni, and even better, the villa.

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  17. Its just a trail that leads back to the hide out

    User Info: Zekale

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  18. @TheBoss

    Good call it kinda makes sense considering how the game ends. But I am with the many of people on here that was kinda confused with the trail.

    User Info: Menza_

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  19. I was wondering if one of the team members where betraying the group why would there be no evidence inside the hideout. Wouldn't Desmond pick up on that person through eagle vision? Plus there are no tracks or anything inside the hideout. This makes me think that someone might be scoping them out but haven't breached the hideout yet.

    User Info: shorty_jj21

    shorty_jj21 - 6 years ago 0 0
  20. I think it's a 'stupid trail' like others have mentioned. It's there because that's the path that the Assassin group took to carry their equipment from the van (down in the street) to the Sanctuary. That would explain why there's so many footprints and they're all in seemingly random placements within the path.

    User Info: Gavster59

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  21. Pretty sure it's just the trail that the group took into the hideout when unloading the van. That's where they parked at the start of the game when they were running away into it.

    User Info: schochioman

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  22. well this is what i think wen i look at the footprints it looks like somone was draged maybe lucy was draged to that white van in the email. they did sumthing to her hence (SPOILER) why she is killed at the end.

    User Info: spudy-d

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  23. Here's my idea. Who cares lol after u beat game u can't leave the machine sooo can't be anything to special

    User Info: XgunsmokeX

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  24. Just saying, at the start of the this path/ trail, it looks smeared? like someone was possibly dragged, but to be honest i dont think its very important at all, probably like previously stated, just a stupid trail which works with the idea of them unloading the car. makes sense too considering you can be at the very entrance to the city, go up on a building and still see it in the distance when looking towards the villa.

    User Info: Ukrainiak

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