Why does Desmond kill......(SPOILER)?

  1. Why does Desmond kill Lucy please give me a good answer when ever i search i just get all these different answers? And what happens in the truth area please tell me i can't wait till next Assassin's Creed !

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  1. She stole his twix bar.

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  1. He didn't want to, the 'Ones That Came Before (That hologram woman Miniver at the end of AC2 an example of one of them) forced him to for some reason that we won't find out until the next one.

    In the truth area you talk with subject 16 (The test subject before you who wrote in blood in your room in AC1) who rambles on about someone called Eve or her descendent (I'm presuming he means the biblical Eve) and how she must die.

    My personal theory is that Lucy is the descendent of eve but as to why she has to die i don't know (Though chances are she's not dead. She seems to be a bit too much of a main character to kill off)

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  2. the "ones" seem to imply that lucy is something that stands in the way of Desmond. Possibly a templar descendent. He is also told that he has to find another female. I think the woman is the descendent of eve and lucy is a the descendent of cesare or something. not sure.

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  3. I believe they need the blood of eve's decendant for something. so the one of "the ones" made him take her life. all so i think they said something about finding eden. AC3 in eden? that would be awesome.

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  4. She is just stabbed so we dont know if shes dead but we do know that Lucy gets stabbed by Desmond and we are unclear as to weather or not she will live or not. As i was reading on the wiki sight for Assassins creed about Lucy's profile that if she is able to grab the apple she would be able to heal her wounds. I remember that in the first AC 1 Altir was stabbed by his master and was brought back to health by the apple. Also if you look at the end of the vid around 12:10 -12:11 you see Lucy's hand over the apple as the sceen fades away. So who knows. And for all thoughs who say that the master used the apple to believe the Altir was stabed, he didnt have the apple on him at the time of the stabbing.
    Juno (ths holo chick at the end of AC:B) sais she is the darkness that will prevent Desmond from obtaining the sixth or something along thoes lines. So that means that she is a wolfe in sheeps clothing but we wont know truly untill the next game comes out.
    Link to Lucy's profile:

    Link to vid:

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  5. Is there freeplay after the credits?

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  6. Blink96 is wrong because desmond is related to a ex templar

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  7. To add to what everybody else is saying about Lucy being daughter of eve and everything, Subject 16 says something to desmond like "She is not who you think she is" probably referring to Lucy.

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  8. I thought that was what will happen in the future because Lucy is missing her ring finger in that video. Unless im completely wrong :S if so then sorry

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  9. If you'll remember (or maybe not), at a specific point in the game, Lucy disappears and there's a red trail when using your Eagle Vision that leads to the sewer. E-mails exchanged between the characters also indicate an unmarked van outside Monteriggioni. I had a feeling that Lucy was actually working for the Templars, because this weird disappearance is never explained, and she's just back in the Animus room at one point. Those are my two cents, anyways!

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