Where can I find (Borgia flags in Lair of Romulus Secret Location Basilica Di San Pietro)?

  1. Does anyone know where to find the 3 Borgia Flags in the last Lair of Romulus Secret Location (Basilica Di San Pietro)?

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    genius_gq_basic - 6 years ago

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  1. First one is at the top of the church as your chasing him, there are 2 opening with a platform and wire in middle, go out the opening to the right you will see an obelisk, jump the wall to the left then do a wall jump right to reach the flag

    2nd you can't miss after swinging on some lanterns it's on the left next to a big white sheet.

    3rd is after you kill him, you have to do a leap of faith, don't, drop down from the bit sticking out to the flag below.

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  1. Yes. on the internet

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  2. If you haven't found the flags yet, this should be way more than enough help.


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