How do I activate Shop quests?

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  1. Near Ezio's hideout. The Blacksmith, Art Merchant, Tailor, and Doctor all are special. Yo ucan tell because when you put your thing over it on the map, it says Shop Quest. If you go there, go to the bottom of the list, it will say Shop quest. Click it and it will show what you can do to unlock them. Yo uactually activate them, but you can keep an eye out for the items needed. and when u have the items, turn it in and buy the item. Hope this helped.

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  1. Try looking at the shops closest to your home base. i don't know if they are always unlocked but those 4 shops are the only ones that offer the quests.

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  2. near the mid-west part of the map you'll find the four shop types(blacksmith, tailor, doctor, & art merchant) except these are special one's within a white diamond. at the bottom of thier menus says shop quest. pretty much you have to search treasure chests(or have your thieves do the item quests)for the items the merchants want. when you've coolected enough return to the QUEST merchant.

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  3. Not all of the shops have the shop quest, as mentioned only the ones close to the Assassin's Hideout actually have the quest. Also, they don't open until some progression into the story, so you just have to play through the main plot until you see the shop icons change. When the shop icons looks like a white square with the icon inside, and not just the regular icon, that means the quest is available.

    You just have to talk to the merchant, and see what kind of items he needs, when you have them just return and select the quest.

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  4. The shops near your Hideout have shop quests but you dont activate them, you just get the items and complete it because, its already activated. I got all armor and everything so i know what to do. Example. The Exotica quest, you just need the Items to create, Its like a list of what you can make and then how to make it. Its straight forward really.

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  5. Speak with the Blacksmith, Art Merchant, Tailor, and Doctor near Ezio's hideout in the center of the map. After pressing Y to enter the shop menu, you will see an additional menu option called 'shop quests'. Opening this tab displays a trade list of items (and required quantities) and a reward for completing the quest. Once you have obtained the required items, go back to the same menu and press A to exchange the trade items and receive the reward.

    A couple of specific tips:
    1) The 'Exotica' quest from the Blacksmith is the most difficult as it requires 2 'Shrunken Heads'. To my knowledge there are only two in the game, both in treasure chests. One is on a cliff toward the southeast part of the map, and one is in the 'Sixth Day' Lair of Romulus, in a hallway to the right of the cross at the very end of the lair.
    2) The Silk and Cardinal's Purple Dye for the Tailor's quest can be obtained by repeating the second Thief Guild quest where you get into a fistfight with eight bandits. Repeat the memory from the DNA menu. Kill off 6 of the 8 bandits and loot the bodies DURING THE FIGHT, then kill the last 2 one by one, looting the last just before the memory ends.

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  6. First u must renovate most of the shops. Then a note will pop up saying that u will be able to do shop quests. all of the shop quests are all of the shops near ezio's hideout.

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  7. The shops closest to the assassins hideout is the shop quest which will give u the items you need like in the blacksmith 3 elephant ivory, 3 Indian diamond and 2 shrunken heads for the seusenhoffer armor colect all those to acquire the item other shops will give you other shop quest in need of other items collect those items given and get your reward.

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  8. First you have to buy the shops on the island that your home base is on. Then you build the other shops throughout the city as you progress through the campaign.

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  9. You don't "Activate" them, They're unlocked as you play through, you just need to bring the necessary items to the shop.

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  10. Only certain shops will have quests for you to do, not just any shop will have something, if you open up your map and change your icons to "Shop Quest" only it will show you where they are. :D

    Also its more like a scavange hunt... not a real quest.

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  11. You can only find them in the shops in tiber island (that's where ezio's hideout is)

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