100% Checklist???

  1. I need to get 9.9 more sync to get 100% in this game and i have done everything
    Borgia Towers,
    Borgia Flags and Borgia hidden flags,
    Assassination contracts,
    100% every sequence,
    All the uplay awards upset for the theme,
    Recruits are Assassinos,
    Brutas Armor unlocked,
    All the Shop quests complete,
    Subject 16s puzzle things,
    I go on DNA and all of those boxes on top a black and it says my sync is 90.1!!!!!!!!!,
    I do need one outfit and i going to keep my Pre-order code.
    My outfits are
    Plain Cape,
    Auditore Cape,
    Borgia Cape,
    Altair Armor,
    Altair Robes,
    Any checklist or links Make very happy
    Gamertag= Ra1dan (if you want to ask me somthing)
    also i dont get that assassins creed project legacy!!!

    User Info: dogknight6

    dogknight6 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Never mind just found out that i needed to do the theif missions
    Here is a checklist to those people who used to be like me

    Borgia Flags and the Borgia Flags in secret locations
    All campaign missions 100% sync
    Subject 16s puzzle thingys
    Borgia towers burn't
    all armor and weapons and pouches
    war machines destroyed
    Recruits to Assassins
    All Guild challanges complete
    Guild Missions complete
    Assassination contracts
    All keys of romalus (Brutas Armor)
    I dont know about the Mission training simulation (do it anyway)
    The uplay is still a wonder but just get all the outfits
    Get all the outfits (Search on google for the outfit list) (Dont need project legacy capes)
    Rome renovated with landmarks brought and broken things fixed
    Leonardos Codex gadets
    Shop quests complete
    All the maps
    I am pretty sure that is it

    Gamertag=Ra1dan if you need help.

    User Info: dogknight6

    dogknight6 - 6 years ago 0 0

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