Where do I find the final cluster of Truth at St. Peter's Basilica?

  1. I have been in and it appears both that there is no place to climb and that if you could climb, there's nothing beyond the courtyard itself. The only thing that glows is the large golden-egg-esque object in the center of the atrium.

    User Info: MJimiD

    MJimiD - 6 years ago


  1. St. Peter's Basilica that you are referring to is actually called the Basilica Di San Pietro and it is located in the Vaticano District. The only building in the Vaticano district that has a cluster of truth is called the Castel Sant'Angelo.
    You will find this cluster inside the main compound, where you see a long hanging banner. After you do a lot of climbing and sneaking to get where the banner is, start climbing down to the banner and go shimmy right, then let go to land on top of a nearby roof. You should be standing on top of the building that contains the cluster. Turn on your Eagle Vision and you should see the cluster shining brightly below on the side of the building you are on, just below you when you peer off the edge.

    User Info: Tanglefoot55

    Tanglefoot55 - 6 years ago 0 0

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