Where to find items in the shop quests?

  1. Anyone who know where I find the items in the shop quests: Exotica and Faith?

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    Absent69 - 6 years ago

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  1. The more common trade items such as Elephant Ivory, Vlad the Impaler Coins, Silk, and Cardinal's Purple Dye can be obtained by looting bandits. The easiest way is to repeat the second Thief Guild memory where you get into a fistfight with 8 bandits. Loot the bodies during the memory and the trade items stay with you on completion. Bandit attacks also occur randomly in forested areas in the south part of the map.

    Shrunken Heads can be found in treasure chests. There is one on a cliffside in the southern part of the map, and another at the end of the 'Sixth Day' Lair of Romulus, in a hallway to the right of the cross in the large cathedral at the end.

    Aconite can only be found by tackling Borgia Messengers. Simply take the tunnels (fast travel) between locales to force the messengers to spawn. It is easiest to do in countryside locations such (e.g., the Thief's Guild) since you can catch and tackle the messengers easily from horseback and avoid cumbersome rooftop pursuits.

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  1. make sure you open EVERY chest. including the the ones in the Romulus Lairs. Others are acheived by tackling Borgia Messengers, such as Aconite. Vlad the Impaler coins can be obtained through assassin contracts, as well as messengers. Other items can be obtained through the contracts as well.

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