How do I remain undetected in the Colli Albani????

  1. I keep trying different routes to find the blueprints, but everytime i get caught. I already tried going by roofs, ground, and sneaking around the outside. Is there another way in without getting caught??

    User Info: Cake15

    Cake15 - 6 years ago


  1. If you're going for the full 100% synchronization, then this can be a tough one because it would be so much simpler if you can just draw your crossbow on those mothers. But if you are limiting yourself to not killing anyone until the blueprints are destroyed, then be ready to try this a few times over. It can be done though. Before making the initial leap of faith down into the zone, take a few moments to study the area from the cliff you start at and see the paths that the guards have been assigned to patrol. See their patterns and look for the windows when they aren't going to detect you. Ok, so once you jump down, climb up the building you're next to. There's a small second story right there with a wooden climbable on top. Use that to jump to the tower across the way. Watch for a guard patrolling around that tower. Then jump to the roof to your left and make your way to the cliff face where no guards can see you. Continue in the direction towards the blueprint. In a courtyard below you there's a haystack and a guard patrolling. Jump into the haystack and when he's passed you and you know it's safe get out and make for the next courtyard over beyond the wall. Do not go into the courtyard after that, yet, though. Up and to your left there is a short wooden structure up against the wall. Hide behind there and when the guard is at the right spot use it to climb over the wall and jump into this final courtyard. Run to the blueprint on the wall under the awning. Interact and then you've done it. Let the killing commence.

    User Info: ajr914oh

    ajr914oh - 6 years ago 0 0

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