How do i level up faster in Assassins Creed Brotherhood multiplayer ?

  1. How do i level up faster in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood in multiplayer please im tired of game after game ?

    User Info: superbanannaboy

    superbanannaboy - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Play Manhunt because:

    1. It is a full 10 minute session (unlike alliance)
    2. Your teammates help get co-op bonuses, which add up nicely
    3. If you hide with your teammate and you play incognito, there's a better chance they will die and you will not
    4. When playing defense, you get points every 5 seconds if in a hiding spot. If you stick close to your team, you can get 40-50 points every 5 seconds of permanent xp (which adds up incredibly after 5 mins).
    5. Your team can help you by stunning persures
    6. Your team uses up abilities, and you may not have to use yours (example: if someone uses morph, you can save yours, not needing a 90 sec re-load).
    7. When on offense, if your team gets stunned, your pursuer is obvious (go in for a nice 600-1000 point kill).
    8. Since you cannot be killed, put on your best kill streak bonus (5 SILENT kills, 750 xp). I don't know what level it is unlocked, but its a nice bonus. And, if you get 10 SILENT kills in the match, that's TWO 750 bonuses by kill streaks.
    9. Because you don't necessarily have to be on defense and offense at the same time (unlike all other game modes) you can make two custom classes for Manhunt; an offense and a defense (this is what I do). You can utilize your perks, abilities and streaks and THINK about how they incorporate into manhunt. (Example, on an offense class, blender may not be a good perk, but chase expert is, just like hidden gun is not needed on defense class, but rather disguise or firecrackers).

    User Info: metallica1fan

    metallica1fan (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. If you don't enjoy the game at lower levels, you're not going to enjoy it any more at high levels.

    User Info: DarthSamus

    DarthSamus - 7 years ago 1 0

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