How to get a title shot?(owc)

  1. How does one get a title shot in any division on owc? and also how do you get awards?

    User Info: vegita03

    vegita03 - 6 years ago

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  1. Sadly it doesn't have to do with being a ranked fighter, its actually a roll of the dice if you get pitted against one of these title holders and whether or not they fight you is up to them. Ive played this game every night since its release and have only came across a title fight twice and surprisingly it was two different titles in same weight class back to back and neither one of them would fight me because I was ovr 88 and they were 90 and 91... they were looking for an easy fight.

    As far as awards, you just have to do Better than the guy who holds the award, like if the KO kings KO % is 80% you need to get yours to 81% to win that award.

    User Info: Chodemonster

    Chodemonster - 6 years ago 1 0

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