How to cash in money in the bank !?

  1. I playing now 3 year in universe mode and i don't know how to cash in

    User Info: FightTHI

    FightTHI - 6 years ago

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  1. What I did was this, Money in the Bank only comes as the first match in Wrestlemania every year. You have to win that match, or simulate it. Do not change any of the superstars selected, because it will change from Money in the Bank, to a normal Ladder match, and that year, there will be no Mr. Money in the Bank. So if you got to Wrestlemania, did Money in the Bank, but won it with a create instead of the characters put in, you won't be able to use that Money in the Bank that year. You can still get the Mr. Money in the Bank Achievement though.

    What I did is this: I have a create that I want to use to win Money in the Bank, and cash it in to get the achievements.

    You reach Wrestlemania, if your created wrestler is not in the match, just simulate through it, and fast forward again for another year. Sooner or later, my create was in the match, I simmed it because I was tired, luckily, he still won the match. After you have won the Money in the Bank (without changing anything on the Wrestlemania schedule), you can simply wait for any title shot, mainly on Pay-Per-Views. Once you select the match, you will immediately be asked if you want to cash it in. If you hit yes, you approach the winner of the selected title match, and hopefully beat him to get your title!

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  1. After someone wins the money in the bank contest you must wait until there is another title match made by the universe. The title you want to cash it in for must be at stake in a match. Than go to matches scroll down to the match which the title is being contested in and simulate it. Than choose that match press A (or X for ps2 or ps3) and it should give you a choice to cash in the money in the bank contract (unless of course you used it allready).

    User Info: 776king

    776king - 6 years ago 1 0
  2. Play a match at has a current champ in and the game will ask if you wanna cash it in.

    User Info: RavenX08

    RavenX08 - 6 years ago 0 0

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