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"One step foward two steps back"

Let me start by stating I have played and own every Smackdown vs Raw game in the series. This means that I will be comparing it to past titles in the series.

Gameplay 6/10
When buying a wrestling game the gameplay is one of the biggest deciding factors on if you will like it or not. SVR 2011 does not let down in the gameplay department. The biggest addition to this years gameplay is the Universe mode. You play matches , pick feuds , basically control the entire WWE Universe. This is a great concept on paper , but when applied to SVR 2011 it is a huge let down.

The interface for doing all of the match making is poorly done. The biggest example of this is changing matches. You have to go into the match screen , select the superstars , go to the next screen and then select simulate , for it to bring you back to the Universe screen. This would not be a big issue if you didn't have to do it for each match you do not like, which will be a lot since who wants to play Shawn Micheals vs Primo three weeks in a row?The match selection also comes into play with title matches. You can only defend a title at PPVs, and can not change the match participants or you lose the ability to make it a title match.

Match game play is a huge step in the right direction. The merging of strong and weak grapple moves make the matches more realistic. Weapon physics are also a nice touch , as who doesn't want to RKO someone off a ladder , or powerbomb someone onto steel steps. My only complaint with the gameplay during matches is the difficulty level. Even on legend with the sliders all up ( basically the opponent reverses a lot ) this game makes matches last less than 5 minutes. To expand upon this this kick out system has become a total joke. An example of this would be when I go for a chop 2 minutes into the match , and pin him off a chop.

Story 4/10

Road to Wrestlemania makes its return in this version , offering 5 different stories to play as. Unlike past years where the stories were semi interesting , this years are horribly paced and are lacking any creativity minus a few decent ideas. To add onto to this the stories are not realistic to WWE standards at all.

Graphics 8/10

The main superstars look amazing. John Cena looks like John Cena, HHH looks like HHH , Undertaker looks like Undertaker. Then you have some guys who do not look right. The Miz looks decent but is off , Jericho looks horrible , the crowd still looks horrible , you wouldn't notice if some superstars entrances didn't zoom into the crow. The championships also look horrible due to being too small.

Sound 7/10
The crowd chants are horrible , and wrong. Commentary is also lacking. I do enjoy the entrance music , but it sounds like it is filled in , not like a real WWE entrance , which I believe they should work on

Play Time/Replayability 6/10
This really depends if you can get into Universe mode , or if you are a huge online gamer. I personally felt Universe Mode was too clunky to get into , but loved online play ( avoid cheap players of course).

Final Recommendation
I recommend renting this if you don't like online play much. This is to avoid dumping 60$ on a game that you may hate, if you don't play online and end up hating Universe Mode you will regret your purchase.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/01/10

Game Release: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 (US, 10/26/10)

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