Have you beat hardcore difficulty?

  1. Or have you had success playing on hardcore? My question is what character would you recommend playing as and what A.I. companion should I use? I am looking for the easiet way to beat hardcore mode.

    User Info: Shellman704

    Shellman704 - 6 years ago
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    See I want to actually play the game on hardcore for fun not just for the achievment, but for that too.

    On my Riendhart playthrough I didn't feel as though he would be a good choice for hardcore. I was thinking maybe Katarina until I played as Anjali and now I am kind of leaning towards her.

    Use Anjali with a Katarina AI since Lucas AI will get killed easily going for melee attacks. Katarina will always keep her ditance. I havnt played much with Riendhart AI so I don't know how he will be but I know if I use Katarina I will not use Anjali either so I will have to use Riendhart.

    Any opinions on AI Riendhart in terms of playing hardcore difficulty?

    User Info: Shellman704

    Shellman704 - 6 years ago
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    Thanks phoenix703. I am finishing up my fourth normal playthrough as well, with Anjali, I too used a different AI partner on every playthrough to see who would be the best to use on hardcord. What you said about Katarina AI sounds ridiculously stupid.

    When I finish the Anjali playthrough I will start my hardcore run.

    User Info: Shellman704

    Shellman704 - 6 years ago
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    So I started hardcore mode and I must say it is much easier than when my friend and I tried it back during his first playthrough. I must be a lot better at this game now than I was then.

    I am using Katarina with AI Riendhart and I am definitely having more fun than when I played on Normal difficulty. Although I find it a breeze most of the tme; the enemies with a health bar at the top of the screen provide a very challenging experience, not too hard with the right profeciencies and talents but no where near "easy" especially the real bosses.

    User Info: Shellman704

    Shellman704 - 6 years ago

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  1. I beat Hardcore with Anjali, she is ridiculously easy mode for it. You invest all of your prof points into increased fire dmg for Aura of Immolation, increased dmg for Pillar of Fire, and ignite chance for Jackal. Just stay in Fire Form(ranged form) the entire game and its simple. I found that having Katarina as a Partner was great as she offered some great ranged support, and if you invest point into Suppresing Fire for Flintlock Fury she really helps with those OP Pillars of Fire. Armor and Weapons you should be focusing on for this build is Stamina, Will, and Vampire. As the Will will super buff her spells and Vampire will Lifesteal with them as well. Later in the game all you will be doing is Popping down Auras and dodgin inside of them and Pillaring the clusters of Ranged guys. The Jackal is good for the beefy slow guys and bosses as its powerful withing itself with the Will upgrade and its Ignite proc (whcih you spec'd) is added dmg. Doing this the game didn't feel Hardcore at all. Right now im doing Hardcore again as Lucas, which is actually Hardcore, if you want a challenge do it as Lucas, if you just want the achiev then do it as Anjali.

    User Info: Nightrunner00

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  1. i've been having little trouble on hardcore, im as reinhardt with anjali as partner. Anjali hasn't been helpful for me though other ppl have stated anjali is a great partner, so maybe its in the skill distribution.

    Easiest way is to find someone with a hardcore save and just finish off the final boss.

    User Info: pure_darkness

    pure_darkness - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. Well, I have played through the whole game with just about every character (current finishing the last play-through with Reinhart). This is only on normal, so that I can see how each character plays. Each play-through i chose a different A.I. partner and I have to say Anjali is the best, she doesn't die as much as the other three, Reinhart would be a close second. Obviously Lucas is not a great choice because he has to run in and swing his sword in melee range (besides his special attacks). Katarina may seem great since she is ranged but on many of the bosses that either have damaging aura's or if there is something around that has some area of effect damage she just stands there and takes the damage! I am planning to take Katarina as my character on a hardcore play-through with Anjali as my partner until I acquire Reinhart, then maybe switching between them. Its totally up to you, I just wanted to share my experience with each A.I. partner.

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  3. Everyone thinks Lucas is bad but what you have to do is with all his armor try to make it so each one has at least stamina and attack on his armor once he has it he has ridiculous damage and health his health is 1580 and hes only lvl 12 his dps is 168 his armor mostly has stamina and health but once he's set hes just terrific partner he hasent died once anjali was a really great partner too with her dog and all her moves, and Katarina her guns are awesome she also has a dog also so her ans anjali would make a great combo because ther dogs could be deadly, so for hardcore i would recomend Lucas, Anjali, and Katarina

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  4. Anjali is by far the most deadly of all the NPC's, However if you must controll her then Katarina will do nicely as a second. Vampire, Doom, Retribution and poision are nice bonuses but stick to your core: Armor Stamina Attack. Agility and Will can really come in handy depending on your build.
    Max out one healing ability and one attack. Then move on to the next.
    Dont get bogged down in ammount of +/- change on a stat look at the real numbers not the gains or loss.
    If you pick a 2 character method, all that unused armor from the other characters will add up to a tidy sum.
    Last I suggest you write out every characters abilitys talents and those ability enhancements so you can always know where your going in a build. Or just write out the desired build in advance.

    Good Luck and Happy Hunting

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