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    Achievement Guide by Forteblast

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    Kinect Adventures: Achievement Guide by Forteblast

    Version History:

    • v1.0, 11/15/2010: FAQ created with score requirements and general strategies.
    • v1.5, 11/16/2010: Added description of game modes, how to play, timed mode strategies, and controls.
    • v1.6, 12/28/2010: Updated Platinom Nom Nom with some lower scores, tweaked some other things.
    • FINAL, 7/7/2011: Updated Platinom Nom Nom with exact scores direct from the developer.


    Kinect Adventures! is the game that comes with the Kinect sensor for Xbox 360.

    I'm not going to go on and on here about how cool and revolutionary the Kinect is and blah blah. No one cares. I'm also not going to discuss how to set up the Kinect, the manual and the game itself pretty much cover that. Let's keep it simple.

    Hi, I'm Forteblast. You're reading this, so you care about achievements. Let's get you some.

    If any of these achievements are hard for you, just make sure you're signed in while somebody else gets them and they'll earn the achievement for you, too.

    Things you need to get all the achievements:

    • A friend to play with you locally for at least one level
    • Xbox Live Gold and an Internet connection (you must play online for one achievement and you must submit content online for another)
    • (A) local or online friend(s) willing to play all levels in Free Play with you
    • Kinect Sharing (Xbox global setting) and Photo sharing (Kinect Adventures setting) turned on
    • Patience and time. A lack of patience will give you sore muscles. Don't try to get all of these achievements in one sitting, or even in one day. You have been warned.

    Before I get to those, though, here are the basics.

    Game Modes

    There are three main modes: Adventure Mode, Free Play Mode, and Timed Mode. Adventure Mode and Free Play Mode are initially available, but you must unlock the Timed Mode games in Adventure Mode first. You can also play any of the three modes with another player, either locally or online with another person on Xbox Live.

    Each game mode consists of five main games: 20,000 Leaks, River Rush, Rallyball, Reflex Ridge, and Space Pop. More on those later.

    Adventure Mode

    You're given one of three tasks in Adventure Mode:

    • Get a certain number and quality of medals
    • Beat a certain number of timed challenges
    • Get a certain number of "Treasure pins", which are basically just Adventure pins that accumulate across multiple levels

    There are three Basic Adventures, eight Intermediate Adventures, eight Advanced Adventures, and The Ultimate Treasure, a final expert Adventure. Each one gives you a reward of an Achievement, an Avatar Award, a new Timed Play mode, or a Living Statue.

    Although levels are chosen for you in this mode, even if you fail a task, you're given infinite chances to replay it and get it right. You can also move on to a new level if the one you're currently playing is too difficult.

    Free Play Mode

    You can play any level from Adventure Mode here in any order. After you complete a level, you can earn a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum medal depending on the number of Adventure pins you earned during the level. Each level is classified as Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced depending on the relative difficulty.

    Each mode has nine levels, except for River Rush, which has six. If you pre-ordered a Kinect from various participating retailers, you may have received a code for two additional levels of Rallyball, Chomper and Twisters, and one additional level of Reflex Ridge, Champion. Playing these levels is NOT required for any achievement.

    Timed Mode

    Only River Rush, Rallyball, and Reflex Ridge are available in this mode, and each available sport's Timed Mode must be unlocked in Adventure Mode first. Once you do, each level from Free Play can be played here, but with the only objective of completing the level before running out of time.

    In Timed Play, Adventure pins are by and large replaced by Time pins. Instead of having a numerical timer that ticks down, you get a colored progress light timer that shrinks and goes from green to yellow to red. It appears that you can only "stock up" Time pins up to six green lights. Anything above that keeps you there, but you can't go off the scale.

    How to Play

    You control each game with your body. If you move, your avatar moves. In River Rush and Reflex Ridge, if you jump, your avatar jumps. If you move your arms, your avatar moves its arms and so on.

    There is no voice control in Kinect Adventures whatsoever. All menu navigation is done through gestures. To select an option, hold your hand such that it positions the cursor over that option for a few moments. A circular progress indicator will show you how long you need to hold your hand there.

    To bring up the Xbox Guide for Kinect, hold your right arm at your side and hold your left arm at a 45 degree angle from your body. You'll have to hold it there for a few seconds. This pauses the game. Since it takes a while to activate, though, it's not great for pausing immediately. To do that, either walk out of the Kinect's range or press the Xbox Guide button on a controller. Only walking out of range will produce a pause menu as opposed to the guide menu, which will allow you to leave the current game early or restart the level.

    You don't need a controller at any point in the game, and you can't use one to navigate menus even if you want to, though if you're having trouble with the Kinect, stand out of range and wait until you're prompted to press X on a controller to bring up Kinect calibration.

    Here are some simple tips for each game to get you started.

    20,000 Leaks

    You're in a glass box. When fish smash into it, plug the leaks with your head, hands, feet, and/or torso. You can (and are expected to) plug multiple leaks at once. Most of the leaks will be in front of you, but some may be on the side walls and floor. Only the floor leaks have the element of depth to them, meaning that you may have to move your feet around forwards and backwards to get all the leaks.

    Each game consists of three timed waves. You get one Adventure pin from plugging each leak, and one Adventure pin for each second left over on the clock when a round is over. If you run out of time in a wave, you still move on to the next wave, but you'll miss out on some Adventure pins.

    River Rush

    You're in a raft on a swift-moving river. Sidestep or lean left or right to move in that direction. Jump to jump the raft, which works in mid-air if you haven't already jumped (for instance, if you fall off a ramp).

    You get Adventure pins from grabbing them out of the air, or if you go through gates without hitting one of the posts. Some gates have pinwheels on top of the posts, which speed up the raft in addition to giving you Adventure pins.

    This mode is not timed in Adventure Mode or Free Play Mode, so there is no time bonus at the end of a course.


    You're in a glass hallway on a wood gym court. At the end of the hallway are wood blocks and targets. You're given a red rubber dodgeball, which you then serve by hitting it with your arms or head. The ball will break one or more blocks and return to you, and you can then hit it again with any part of your body.

    If you hit a ball hard, it will gain a red fiery halo and the ability to break multiple blocks before returning. Without a hard hit, it will break only one. Regardless of speed, however, a ball will break any block in the way while returning to you.

    The balls are not affected by gravity. They will always travel in a straight line and have completely elastic collisions off of the blocks, walls, and targets.

    Targets come in two basic types: bullseyes and dots. If you hit a bullseye target, your ball will split into two new white balls with an A on them. Hitting blocks with white balls will give you Adventure pins. If you hit a dot target, the ball will split into the number of dots depicted on the target, anywhere from two to five. These new balls will be red, unless you hit the target with a white ball, in which case you'll get even more white balls. Each round has a limited number of blocks and targets.

    If the only ball left in play flies past you, you will receive a new ball to serve after a brief delay.

    Each round is timed. You can earn one Adventure pin by breaking blocks with white "A" balls, one Adventure pin per second left over at the end of a round, and two pins for each leftover ball you collect with your body at the end of a round. If you run out of time in a round, you still move on to the next round, but you'll miss out on some Adventure pins.

    Reflex Ridge

    You're on a platform running automatically down a track similar to a roller coaster. You earn Adventure pins by avoiding obstacles, activating pull bars (except for the bars at the start of every course), grabbing them out of the air, and as a time bonus for completing levels quickly. You can jump in place for a short boost of speed.

    You will encounter these obstacles:

    • Pink square-shaped pads that can appear on your left or right, which you have to sidestep to avoid.
    • Orange horizontal bars that appear at chest level and must be ducked.
    • Blue horizontal bars that appear at shin level and must be jumped.
    • Yellow pull bars. Every course begins with a set of pull bars that you must use to start the round; hold your arms straight out and do a pulling motion when you're even with the bars for an increase in speed. Bars found in the middle of a course also give some Adventure pins when activated.

    Obstacles that require evasion will award you Adventure pins if avoided successfully. You may have to contort your body into odd positions to grab some of the Adventure pins throughout the course.

    Technically this mode is timed, but you will never run out of time. The purpose of the timer is to give you extra points at the end of a course for completing it more quickly, and you don't get to see the timer until then. increase your speed by jumping in place or by using pull bars, you can earn extra Adventure pins at the end of the round, one per second.

    This is the only mode that is competitive with two players. Each player has his or her own Adventure pin total, and each player's actions will not affect the other player.

    Space Pop

    You're in a spaceship with interesting laws of gravitation, and many bubble shooters lining the periphery of the room. There are twelve on each side wall, the floor, and the ceiling arranged in two rows of six for a total of 48 bubble shooters. Before shooters activate, they light up briefly to alert you.

    This game is the only one to use depth as a major element. You need to be able to move forward and backward to reach the bubbles from the two rows of bubble shooters. You can also move upward by flapping your arms, and downward by placing your arms at your sides. You can hold your arms straight horizontally to fall much more slowly if you're currently above the ground.

    Each bubble is worth one Adventure pin. This mode is not timed and there is no time bonus. Although the game is not technically arranged into waves or rounds, a column of water in the upper left displays your progress throught the level. It drops by 1/3 to indicate the end of a series of bubbles. Each level has three main series, plus a much smaller fourth series in which the board at the back of the room displays a motivational message and a few more bubbles drop slowly from the top of the room before the level is over.

    Achievements List

    These achievements are listed generally from easiest to hardest. I have them all, so all accounts given here are from personal experience.


    Description: See a photo get taken - 10G

    When you get it: At the end of a level where a photo is taken.

    This will probably be your first achievement, assuming you have photos turned on in the options menu (the default setting). If Kinect sharing is turned off, photos are still taken, just not saved, so you can still get this. Play about a third of the way through a level and a photo will be taken. Complete the level and you get the achievement. You might get it even if you quit out, but I haven't tested that.

    Captured Captions

    Description: See 10 different captions on your photos - 30G

    When you get it: At the end of a level, after viewing a photo with the 10th unique caption.

    You'll get this fairly early on after playing a few levels. When you view your pictures, they will be captioned depending on your body position (sometimes humorously incongruously), e.g., "Crazy Leg" or "You Know Kung Fu". I haven't counted the number of unique captions but there are at least 10. Get 10, and get this achievement.

    Best Buds

    Description: Have a friend join you while playing an activity or challenge - 20G

    When you get it: As soon as a second player joins in the middle of a level. Both players get the achievement.

    Another easy achievement. Start a level and have a friend walk up next to you. Since online co-op doesn't allow jump-in/jump-out multiplayer, I presume this only works locally, not online. If you're a hermit or ridiculously shy, you could try a cardboard cut-out, I suppose.

    Just Like Being There

    Description: Play any individual activity with another player online - 20G

    When you get it: After viewing your photos when completing a level in an online game.

    Start a game with a friend or a random person online, play a level, finish it. Simple.


    Description: View a saved photo - 10G

    When you get it: As soon as you look at a photo in the Share menu.

    Make sure a photo is taken and saved (photos and Kinect sharing must be on). Then, go in the Share menu and look at it.

    Recording Artist/Thespian/Master

    Description: Record (2/6/All 11) Living Statues - 20G/30G/50G

    When you get it: After recording the second/sixth/eleventh statue either after an Adventure or in the Share menu.

    You start out with one Living Statue called "My First Steps". To find it, go in the Share menu, then pick Living Statues, then go as far left as you can through the statues. To earn the other statues, play through Adventure mode. Each Adventure gives you a reward of an Achievement, an Avatar Award, unlocking a Timed Play mode, or a Living Statue.

    Whenever you get a new living statue, just make sure Kinect sharing is turned on and you record something. You don't have to upload it.

    Jump The Shark (Secret)

    Description: Made the shark jump while recording the Dive In! Living Statue - 10G

    When you get it: As soon as you jump during the recording of that statue.

    Dive In! is one of the Basic Adventures. When recording the Living Statue, just jump and make sure you jump high enough so that the shark jumps too. You don't have to upload it.

    Sharing Is Caring

    Description: Upload, or see someone upload a Living Statue or photo to the Internet - 20G

    When you get it: As soon as you hit the "upload" button on a Living Statue recording in the Share menu or after an Adventure, or as soon as you hit the "upload" button in the share menu for a photo.

    Record a living statue and pick upload, or in the photo part of the share menu, pick upload, then pick a picture. Photos and Kinect Sharing must be turned on. On, you can then just delete the statue or picture, you don't have to send it to anybody else. It will auto-delete after 14 days.

    I've seen several people ask if it's okay to upload pictures that are vulgar. If you're playing locally, I don't see why not, if that's your thing. All pictures and statues are private unless you upload them to, then upload them somewhere else online where those kind of shenanigans are frowned upon. If you're playing online with someone on your friends list, though, you have the option to show your photos to the other player. If you do, and they're vulgar, that person can presumably report you to Microsoft for it.

    Orbital/Davy Jones' Blocker/Globetrotter

    Description: Participate in the reward ceremony for the (Space Loot/Sunken Treasure/Around the World) Adventure - 30G/30G/30G

    When you get it: At the beginning of the reward ceremony for the specified Adventure.

    Some of the adventure ceremonies give you achievements directly. Beat these three for the three specified achievements.

    Warm up/Adventurous/Advanced Degree/Fulfilled Your Destiny

    Description: Participate in (all Basic/all Intermediate/all Advanced/every) Adventure reward (ceremony/ceremonies) - 25G/50G/75G/50G

    When you get it: At the beginning of the last reward ceremony as specified in the achievement.

    Play all the adventures and get these achievements. You can't really fail in Adventure mode. If you don't get a required medal or beat a timed challenge, you can replay it until you do. If that level is too hard, you can go on to the next one, and keep going on until you get what you need. If you don't get that many Treasure pins, there are lots of available levels to get more. So just keep playing until you get this.

    Don't put in any more effort than you need to, though. If you earn a better medal than what's required or have tons of time left in a timed challenge, those scores don't carry over to Free Play or Timed mode. Feel free to do your best in the Treasure Adventures, though, since the more Treasure pins you get in those Adventures, the faster they'll be over with! :)

    Time Flies/Happily Ever Rafter/Court Adjourned

    Description: Successfully complete all (Reflex Ridge/River Rush/Rallyball) time challenges, or see them completed - 30G/30G/30G

    When you get it: After looking at the photos of you beating the last (Reflex Ridge/River Rush/Rallyball) time challenge

    Beat the Timed challenges, get achievements. You have to unlock the time challenges by playing Adventures in Adventure Mode first. Playing them in Adventure Mode doesn't count; you have to play all the Timed challenges again in their own mode for you to get the achievement.

    Here are some strategies:

    Reflex Ridge

    You get Time pins for avoiding obstacles, activating pull bars, and just grabbing them out of the air. Make sure you jump in place as often as possible, especially when you're on the vertical elevators. None of the levels are too hard, but you can't make too many mistakes either. If you miss a bunch of pins in Free Play, you can still get a high score with the end-of-course time bonus; that won't work here.


    In Free Play, if you run out of time on a round, you get no time bonus and lose the chance to break any more blocks or targets for additional Adventure pins. In Timed Play, if you run out of time on any round, you lose. To earn more time, you can either break blocks, complete rounds quickly for a time bonus, or catch balls at the end of rounds. Generally the same strategy as in Free Play applies, though it's more important to keep balls in bounds than it is to hit them hard. As long as you're breaking blocks, you'll earn Pins. If you try to overdo it, you may miss and have to waste precious seconds waiting for a new ball.

    River Rush

    Normally River Rush doesn't have a time limit, so this is the only Timed Play mode that's significantly different from Free Play. In general, the upper paths have more Time pins but the lower paths are faster. Since you can't slow down the raft, just take it easy and grab as many pins as you can. None of the levels are particularly difficult. Remember that you get pins for going through gates, too. If a path has pinwheel gates, go through them for a speed boost.

    That's What I Call Teamwork! (Secret)

    Description: Played all levels with multiple players - 50G

    When you get it: After looking at the photos from the last level needed for completing this achievement

    This definitely works locally, as that's how I did it, though I've read that it works online as well. The game keeps track of which levels you've played in co-op, but doesn't show you. If you don't plan on doing them all at once and want to avoid repeats, or your helper swaps out often, you may want to take notes on which levels you've played with a friend.

    This achievement is at least somewhat flexible. There were levels where my friend jumped in partway, one of us stepped out of range and back in, and one or both of us went unrecognized and played with the default avatars. Despite all of those things, as soon as we played every level together, the achievement popped for both of us.

    Platinom Nom Nom (Secret) et al.

    Description: Earned a Platinum Medal, or saw one earned, in all Free Play levels - 20G

    When you get it: After viewing the photos for the level in which you got your last required Platinum medal in Free Play

    This achievement also includes these lesser achievements:

    Achievement nameAchievement DescriptionGamerscore
    Oooh... Shiny! (Secret)Earned a Platinum medal in any level10G
    Solid GoldGold medals in all advanced levels in free play50G
    18k GoldGold medals in all intermediate levels in free play40G
    14k GoldGold medals in all basic levels in free play30G
    Shining AdvancementSilver medals in all advanced levels in free play40G
    Silver SpoonSilver medals in all intermediate levels in free play30G
    Basic TrainingSilver medals in all basic levels in free play20G
    ExplorerPlayed all levels in free play50G
    Shining ExampleOne Gold medal in each game type in free play40G
    Variety PackPlayed each game type at least once in free play20G

    I've saved this one for last, because it's by far the most annoying. Yes, you have to get a platinum medal on every level in Free Play. Your scores in Adventure Mode don't count, meaning that even if you get a platinum medal at every opportunity in Adventure Mode, none of them carry over to this mode. So in Adventure Mode, you only need to do well enough to meet the requirements. No need to put in any more effort than that.

    Getting this achievement is a pain. Literally, if you're not a teenager anymore and start cramping up. Get off my lawn.

    If you have the pre-order DLC, you do NOT need to get a platinum on (or even play) the DLC levels to get this achievement. I know this because I didn't even bother to play the Champion level on Reflex Ridge before getting it, and I only have gold on Chomper and Twisters in Rallyball.

    That also holds true for the lesser achievements. "Solid Gold" requires a gold medal on all advanced levels in Free Play. Even though the DLC levels are listed as Advanced in Free Play, you don't need to play them at all for that achievement.

    You can get this achievement online or offline, with one or two players. All players that are signed in will get the achievement, even if they weren't playing at the time.

    Score Requirements

    These are the exact score requirements for each level direct from the developers. The old adage is true, ask and ye shall receive!

    (*Pre-order DLC level)

    20,000 LeaksBronzeSilverGoldPlatinum
    Leaks Ahoy!2070120140
    Go with the Flow2080130160
    Ship Shapes2060100185
    Sea Saw4080125210
    Crab Crazy3090150215
    Ocean Side2060100180
    Shark Shimmy2060120250
    Starboard Step50100200310
    Fish Frenzy30100200280
    River RushBronzeSilverGoldPlatinum
    Curvy Creek2070115160
    Bouncing Brook104060130
    Cozy Caverns205590160
    Fantastic Falls105080125
    Misty Mountain103045130
    Rapid River204060120
    Sure Shot3080120170
    Treasure Chest2060100180
    Trap Doors1050100190
    Break Out2080130180
    Secret Doors2050100150
    Reflex RidgeBronzeSilverGoldPlatinum
    Space PopBronzeSilverGoldPlatinum
    Blast Off75150220225
    Halo Hopper50125215230
    Solar Streaks30120210235
    Cosmic Curves100225375400
    Moon Madness75160230270
    Lunar Lines50150240330
    Meteor Storm80180280310
    Galactic Arc100200290330
    Big Bang140240340365
    20,000 Leaks

    This game is the easiest by far in single player mode. I got all of my platinum medals on the first try. Make sure your play space doesn't have any obstructions, or you might have some difficulty getting to some of the leaks on the floor in the corners.

    When multiple leaks arise, there are two basic types - ones that you have to plug all at once to advance, and ones that you can plug quickly, one at a time. Assume it's the former unless you know otherwise. If it's the latter, be prepared to move quickly, as new leaks will spring up before you've plugged the old ones if you take too long. Just go fast and be prepared to pick up a leg to plug some of the leaks. In addition to your arms, legs, and head, you can also use your torso to plug leaks. The instructions don't mention that.

    Leak patterns are repetitive. If you get two leaks on the left side of the cube, the next ones will probably be on the right side. If you move there before the leaks even spring up, you'll plug them instantly, which will help you out later with a big time bonus.

    When playing with two players, try not to reach over into the other player's side unless the other player is having trouble, your side is leak free, and you are sure you can reach that leak. If you and the other player have a skill disparity, it will be much more difficult to get a platinum medal, as there are several points which require multiple leaks to be plugged on both sides before you can continue on. If one of you is struggling, it will hold you both up for several seconds and cost precious time.

    River Rush

    This game is also fairly easy, except for the Misty Mountain level, which required several playthroughs for me. The general strategy is to always take a high path over a low path if you have a choice. If the raft is in mid-air, you can jump it if you haven't already jumped it in the air yet. This tends to make up for the lag. Still, don't automatically jump at the end of every ramp or platform. You might accidentally jump over some Adventure pins that way.

    For Misty Mountain, stay in the clouds. The platinum requirement is very hard to get if you don't take the cloud path for the entire level. If you fall off, which you will more than once, it might be faster just to quit and start over.

    Getting platinum medals in River Rush with two players is much more difficult. Play by yourself if possible. If you must play with another player, coordinate your side to side movements precisely. Online, this may be near impossible. Also, if you both jump at the top of ramps and when going across gaps, this often makes the raft go too high, causing you to miss Adventure pins and platforms. You can remedy this somewhat by having only one person in charge of jumping. If that person misses a jump, the other person can then jump. There are some places where the extra height can get you onto very high platforms or allow you to get some otherwise out of reach pins, but more often than not, double jumping results in less pins rather than more.


    This game seems to have a lot more luck than the other games, and as such it was the hardest one for me to get platinum medals on. In general, you want to hit the balls as hard as you can. If you don't, they will go slowly and destroy only one block before returning. If you hit hard, the ball will go much faster, have a fiery halo, and destroy multiple blocks. You need to do this as often as possible when there's only a single ball in play. Don't forget to use your legs. If you have multiple balls, worry more about keeping them all in play than hitting them hard. Your rapid flails will hit at least some of them fairly hard.

    If you have trouble with getting hard hits on the ball, it might be better in some cases to let it go by you and then use a serve to get a hard hit much more easily. You'll lose a little time, but it may be much less time than if you hit the ball too softly several times in a row. You could also try to get the ball behind targets. Balls will smash through all targets in the way when returning to you no matter how fast they were hit.

    The timer doesn't start until you serve at the beginning of a round, so don't serve until you have a good idea of the level and how it moves. Then, make sure you hit the ball hard and try to get an opportunity to strike a target with your serve. The extra balls are absolutely required to finish the later levels quickly and get an all-important time bonus. Peek-A-Boo was probably the most difficult level for me, as its high platinum requirement means you not only need to use this strategy, but be near perfect with it for three rounds in a row.

    White bullseye targets give you white "A" balls, which give you extra Adventure pins whenever they break a block. If you then hit a dot target with a white ball, you'll get even more white balls. Otherwise, you'll get red balls. If you want to max out your points, hit the bullseye targets before the dot targets. At the end of the round, catch as many balls as you get to earn two extra Adventure pins a pop.

    If you play with two players, play with one person slightly in front of the other. That way, both of you can cover the entire side-to-side area of the court without bumping into each other too much. Still, I've found that playing with another person makes a tough game even more difficult, at least if you're playing locally. Getting a high score is all about hitting the ball hard, but I often found myself unable to do that without nearly striking the other player. If you play online, you can avoid that problem.

    Reflex Ridge

    For the most part, the platinum thresholds in Reflex Ridge are fairly low, with one or two exceptions, so don't feel too bad if you make a few mistakes. Still, you'll want to jump in place to speed up the platform whenever you can, especially on the vertical traveling portions, as a high time bonus at the end is needed for nearly every course.

    The pull bars were particularly problematic for me. I can only get them to work 50-75% of the time, and you need them to not only go faster but score a few Adventure pins for each successful pull. Because of this, those courses with a lot of them, like Speedster, were harder for me. Just remember with the pull bars that you have to line up your arms with the handles very precisely, and that you need to pull a little earlier than you think you do to compensate for the Kinect's lag. Pull right when the green lights turn on, if you can.

    It isn't any easier to get medals on this with two people, since the Adventure pin tallies are separate. On harder levels, where you may need multiple tries to get a good score, you might do this in half the time if you can rely on the other player being at least as good as you are. Otherwise, to avoid boring someone else silly, it may be better to try for the platinum medals on your own.

    Space Pop

    Try to be on top of/next to the bubble shooters as they light up. You can get a lot of bubbles with very little effort that way. Other than that, just move around quickly and try to find "sweet spots" where you can hover in one place to absorb all the bubbles in a pattern without having to fly around too much. In the fourth series, the bubbles always come from the top of the screen, so just hang out up there to catch the 10 or so bubbles before the level is over.

    Although it's not too difficult to get the vast majority of bubbles if you move quickly, there isn't a lot of leeway for platinum. I got most of my platinum medals in the fourth series of bubbles right at the end.

    In general, you can float up a lot faster than you can float down, but you have to flap your arms slowly and deliberately. If you flap too quickly it won't be detected, so if you need to fly up fast, don't be too frantic about it.

    When trying to float down, don't slam your outstretched arms at your sides too quickly, or the game will interpret it as a flapping motion and make you go even higher. Just gently put your arms at your sides.

    Space Pop is the only game that becomes significantly easier with two players. If you have two, it becomes the easiest game over 20,000 Leaks. Even if one or both players are unskilled, it's much easier to get a high score since each person has only half the area to cover.

    Contact Information and Acknowledgements

    This guide is copyright (c) 2011 J. Harvey. This guide may ONLY be posted on GameFAQs (though a rough version was originally posted at TrueAchievements and may remain). I will decline permission to post it anywhere else.

    If you have any information that will improve this guide, please e-mail me at forte (AT) vgmusic (DOT) com or contact me on Xbox Live; my gamertag is Forteblast. It would help if the subject line implies that it has something to do with this guide, or else it might get auto-deleted by my e-mail filter. If you send me a message on Live, keep in mind that I might not see it for a while. Also, I generally don't accept friend requests from people I don't know. No offense intended.

    I'm pretty much done with this game and guide, though, so I'll only be updating it in the future to fix glaring omissions or errors.

    Serious messages only, please. Anyone sending spam or harassing e-mail will be blocked. Anyone sending spam or harassing messages on Xbox Live will be blocked and reported.

    Thanks to:

    • WolfVelocity at TrueAchievements for getting the secret achievements early on so we all knew what to shoot for.
    • Good Science Studio, Kinect Adventures' developer, for providing the score requirements for each medal type.
    • Sypresis for being a damn good sport about playing every single level with me for the free play co-op achievement, continuing even after his wife and sister-in-law relentlessly made fun of us for all the silly positions we were putting ourselves in.
    • Graeme at the Microsoft Store for the excellent customer service when I bought the Kinect.