What does tire width do and is it an upgrade that should be purchased?

  1. None.

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    I didn't notice much of a difference myself in the game either. Thanks for the input.

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  1. personally tire compound (street, race etc) makes more difference on most cars BUT tyre width helps alot with acceleration and braking. so putting wide tires on whicher end is powered will help alot with preventing wheelspin. also wider tyres means the sidewall ratio is lower, making the tyre flex less and keep a more stable contact patch with the road. again it does depend on what you want the car for but in general widen tyres for better acceleration on driven axles and/or to help balance handling ie; if it understeers put wider fronts on and the opposite for oversteer.

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  1. In real life, tire width does a lot. Especially, with rear wheel cars. Look at the classics. (67-71 Camaro, the Pontiac GTO, Trans-Am, 1932 Hot-Rod just to name a few). It gives extra surface width which added extra grip. For example, using them in drag races. In the game, that is all I personally use them for. I haven't found much gain in a regular race though. So, to buy them depends on what you are using the car for.

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  2. Wider tyres improve lateral grip. As Forza 4 has tyre simulation, it is useful.

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