Review by Master_Of_Tyria

Reviewed: 11/19/10

Thanks to the citizens of Seacrest County, another gets away.

Well, let's make this as bare bones, quick as we can. Need For Speed; Hot Pursuit is a good game. With some exceptional flaws. But, all that will come later.

Music: Great soundtrack, covering a variety of genres. No option that I've found to set your own playlist from the soundtrack's well... track.

Graphics: The Cars look Hot, the sense of speed is realistic, the weather effects, and time effects work well, and the vistas are beautiful. It makes you kinda just want to drive around.

Story: Well, there's no story really...

Game play: Here's where the flaws come into effect. The Tagline of this review says it all. During pursuit missions, the citizens of . Seacrest county CONTINUALLY Ignore your flashing lights, and stay either in their lane if they're traveling in the same direction, or they steer directly at you if you're incoming, There is no sense of self preservation in these people. I don't care if I'm going 160+MPH It's Midnight. My lights are easily visible for a mile, ESPECIALLY in a tunnel. That gives you relatively 15-20 seconds to react to me. It's called MOVING. When you're racing as a racer, the difficulty only seems to ramp up by vehicles spawning in your lane, and line of travel. The game seemingly ignores cars performance in real life. Let's face it, there's no way a Corvette Z01 should be able to outrun a Lamborghini Gallardo LP650-4. But what do I know, I'm a car nut. At speed, high speeds, your vehicles simply WILL NOT TURN. It forces - YOU - to break, rather then letting you steer through a light left hander. I dragged a Dodge Viper SRT-10 along a guard rail because of this. The AI however can go balls to the wall around corners. I'm sure that all of these are minor quibbles, that cause great ire in me. I've damn near fired my controller through my t.v screen in rage at moments. But, whatever.

Overall Experience: Aside from desiring greatly as a patrolman to put a bullet between the eyeballs of every drooling imbecile who refuses to get out of the way of my street rocket pursuit car, the game is playable, functional, and has moments of fun. The Auto-log (If I could use it, I can't. Dial-up.) Sounds like an amazing, and innovative feature that will get competitive groups of friends submerged in the game play for hours, days, and weeks. The sense of speed is fun. The cars are nice. The scenery is beautiful. Just... why can't people move?

Minor Quarrel: You don't physically own your race or pursuit vehicles, so tuning is out of the question. At least. From what I've gathered. Sorry Tuner nuts. If I find that these or other features are available, I'll edit them in.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (Limited Edition) (US, 11/16/10)

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