Which item & stats are good for which characters?

  1. Well I've managed to beat normal [Alucard] & wanted to start using a new character [Shanoas.]

    With Alucard I was just using items that raised my ATK, & I know I need a different setup this time around, which stats affect what?

    User Info: Sha_P_05

    Sha_P_05 - 7 years ago


  1. ALL luck attack and str

    User Info: FruiPunSamuraiG

    FruiPunSamuraiG - 7 years ago 1 4
  2. No at the above, you're attack is pretty reliant on Atk, Str, and Int.

    User Info: AzulLycan

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  3. Until you get 2 Pneumas you shouldn't even worry about melee attacks they are ridiculously weak compared to anyone else. So above all raise INT and MND while making sure you have enough defense to not get killed

    User Info: valkerye

    valkerye - 6 years ago 0 3
  4. You can make Shanoa a more balanced character with both attack and intelligence or you can make her a straight up spellcaster with just Intelligence.

    I do the spell caster model and I wear the following
    Holy Veil (Death drop)
    Death's Robe (hard Death drop)
    Artemis Shoes (Shop and random places)
    Blue Cap (Everywhere ever)
    Chaos Ring (Hard Menace drop)
    Apollonian/Atremisian Ring (Normal chapter 8 chests)

    A more balanced Shanoa would use either the Minerva or Valkyrie gear

    User Info: BeaconXDR

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  5. Shanoa's best head and chest equipment would be Holy Veil (Ch.5 normal gold), Death's Robe (Ch.5 hard gold). Depending on whether you want to have a physical or magical build, you should use either Artemis Shoes/Minerva Greaves, Blue Cape/Assassin's Cape, and your preferred combination of Megingiord, Chaos Ring (Ch.3 hard gold), Sunstone/Moonstone. INT does more for Shanoa's spells than STR does for her weapons, so it would probably be better to use a magical build since her physical damage will still be pretty high.

    If you have DLC, Robe Decollete (Ch. 7 hard gold) is much better than Death's Robe. Miser Ring (Ch.7 hard gold) gives much better physical damage than Megingiord and Apollonian/Artemesian Ring (Ch.8 normal) replace both Megingiord and Sunstone/Moonstone.

    Lapiste and Pneuma are Shanoa's weapons, and both of them are good. Pneuma is only good if two are equipped, though. As far as which stats increase what, read this thread: www.gamefaqs.com/boards/997663-castlevania-harmony-of-despair/57923412

    User Info: t_EphY

    t_EphY - 6 years ago 1 1
  6. Miser ring

    User Info: ArkThompson

    ArkThompson - 6 years ago 0 1

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