Jonathan's sub weapons levels?

  1. What are the max level the sub weapons can get to, cause the cross got to 6 and stopped and all the others got to 5 and stopped so wtf, i thought they got to 9 like the spells

    User Info: thrawndo

    thrawndo - 6 years ago
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    Im in hard mode and they get to level 5 and wont go anymore, are they supposed to go to lvl 9?

    User Info: thrawndo

    thrawndo - 6 years ago

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  1. Jonathan relies on the master ring. the master ring speeds up the leveling up process for your sub-weapons and having 2 master rings makes it even faster. the only problem is that the master ring cost 200000. you'll have to sell a lot of items in the shop. (running through hard mode chapter 6 really helps).

    If you really want to max out johnathans sub-weapons you'll have to do the dash cancel spam attack. the dash cancel spam is done by putting the sub-weapon you want to level up in the down b attack slot. as you crouch, press the down b sub-weapon and the dash button repeatetly while holding down. eventually with the knives and kunais it's going to be so fast you'll look like you're doing the dual crush thousand blades.

    if you have that down, the next step is to equip jonathan with the astral ring (aquired through random chests in hard mode, more often in chapter 6). with the astral ring your health turns into mp. this is crazy talk for the co-op mode you'll kill yourself, but in survival mode, you have infinate lives and nobody has to revive you. equip jonathan with the astral ring and the master ring then go to survial mode chapter 1 on hard, you'll start in the boss room, then all you do is continously spam your sub weapon till the boss is dead, and redo the stage over and over. you'll see a significant increase in jonathans stats every time you do it. not only does the sub-weapon increase. but jonathans attack/hp/mp will increase as well. for every weapon.

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  1. You have to start playing hard mode. They all cap at 5 while playing normal mode. So if you play on hard mode they will go to the max level.

    User Info: SuperSensei

    SuperSensei - 6 years ago 0 1
  2. Once they hit level five they level up so slowly you need to use the master ring to notice any difference same applies to shanoa and charlotte.

    User Info: Gamernut35

    Gamernut35 - 6 years ago 0 1

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