Chapter 10 Shortcut Glitch With Richter?

  1. Ive seen people do the glitch with Richter by doing a kick onto the raising platform and falling off the other side. Ive tried this myself with no luck. Once I fall off im not thrown into the wall. Is there something you have to do after you fall? Or is there something I have to press while im doing the kick?

    User Info: drifttheoryDNB

    drifttheoryDNB - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You just have to time it so the kick animation ends right at the VERY VERY corner of the platform and then release ALL buttons or the glitch won't work. It's actually pretty hard to do it... I find it easier just using this method:

    You have to stand on the platform facing left or right (doesn't matter) then drop on the lower one and just before you touch it tap left so you slide at it. If you got it correctly you won't fall off, neither stay on the same platform but "ride tha wall like with the other glitch. You just have to find a nearly "pixel-perfect" position for when you drop from the platform above using Down+A.

    Good luck, took me about 20 minutes before I got the position right and even now it takes about 5 mins to perform it.....

    User Info: L10nH34Rt

    L10nH34Rt - 6 years ago 0 0

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