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"Castlevania meets Diablo"

First let me start off by being honest, I have never REALLY played a Castlevania game until this game. I have tried a few Castlevania's a little, but never really sat down and played one for more than an hour. After playing this it has made me go back and actually purchase some of the older Castlevanias. I am a huge sucker for multi player games, which is the reason I love this so much. It combines the gameplay of Castlevania and the "farming for loot" of Diablo with your friends! Maybe this was present in older Castlevania's, but like I said, I haven't really played any of the older games much so I have to compare it to Diablo.

Anyway, lets start the review!

Gameplay - 9/10 - You get 5 different characters from previous Castlevania games to choose from, Soma, Alucard, Jonathan, Shanoa and Charlotte. Each character has a unique playstyle, and playing as different characters makes the game feel like a whole new game. For example, Charlotte is more of a Mage and uses her spells to defeat enemies, whereas Alucard, while having some spells, the majority of his damage comes from melee weapons. The game consists of 6 different Chapters each with their own unique bosses. Some chapters have the players starting zone split up, so you are in different locations at the start of the level. There are treasure chests scattered across each chapter, some easy to get to, some not so easy to get to. Each boss also can drop unique items, so you will want to replay the chapters again and again. However, doing the same chapter over and over can get boring after a while. Of course playing online with friends makes it enjoyable, but playing solo gets old fast.

Music - 10/10 - The music in this game is purely AWESOME! Maybe Castlavania's have always had awesome music, I am not sure... but I was blown away by the cool music in each chapter, even the menu screens have awesome music. When you get to a boss room the music changes into a more dramatic tune, and really adds to the fight.

Story - NA/10 - Alright, I do not think there even is a story to this game. It is more just a collection of characters from previous Castlevania's thrown into a multiplayer co-op game that everyone can enjoy. At least I am fairly certain there is no story...

Overall - 9/10 - Gameplay wise, you cannot beat it if you are a fan of 2D Castlevania games. As long as you don't mind "farming" for loot, and you enjoy multiplayer I'd highly recommend this.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/25/10

Game Release: Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (US, 08/04/10)

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