Silver sword ?

  1. How the gain the silver sword in chapters one?

    User Info: solachin

    solachin - 5 years ago


  1. You must have the dwarf in the non-human district craft you one (if you have the diagram & the materials, if you have been looting properly then the materials shouldnt be a problem) or you could go the more expensive way and buy one from him. in the long run its easier for him to craft you one (make sure you buy the best diagram from him if you dont have one)

    in chapter one make the silver sword your top priority befor you do anything else, you fight very few humans makeing the steel sword practicly useless, well outside of minigames that is.

    if you dont have the cash to get one go to the bottom of the inn and go into the door where people are fighting, go over to them say hey i wanna fight, then fight, and bet the highest amount, its easy money, just press the button that apears on the screen, its kinda like the fighting in "by the gods, stringing up sods" where you saved your buddies.

    User Info: Demons_Fang

    Demons_Fang - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. U can get the silver sword diagram from the chest near the boat u got off of at the beginning of chapter 1 it will be glimmering cant miss it ...then meet with the dwarf in town to craft your sword but dont worry u can buy the materials if u dont already have them

    User Info: dealante

    dealante - 3 years ago 0 0

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