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    FAQ/Walkthrough by pprincess

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    CDProjektRed, Warner Bros. 2012

    Walkthrough by pprincess No part of this guide can be used without permission of this author. carielln@yahoo.com


    There is a lot of information on the PC version of Witcher 2, but I found a lot of differences with the Xbox version. However, much is unknown about the game in general, particularly with random events like loot drops, and stats on some items. Shops in the game add more items throughout chapters, so no single list is useful.

    This walkthrough is based upon my own playthroughs and yours may differ. If you follow this walkthrough, you are benefitting from the fact that I did the research on many websites as was possible for the Xbox version only. The witcher.wikia.com was useful for reference in comparing stats on some gear, but often discrepancies were present and I was unable to determine if the stats were random or due to version differences. I credit and name one board member on GameFAQs for a valuable tip. The stats listed for gear are the stats on MY gear. If I am not sure if something is a glitch or intentional in the programming, I say so.


    The purpose of this walkthrough is to provide a simple path through the game. You can complete some quests in any order, and so no one walkthrough is better than another. I hope my walkthrough is efficient enough to prevent needless wandering around if your objective is to get through the game in the least amount of time.

    I'll update this guide as more information about the game emerges, and as I have time.

    Character Build

    Geralt has a max level of 35. You must invest 6 mandatory skill points into basic skills before you can choose skills from any of the other trees. That leaves you 29 points to assign as you choose.

    Vitality: Health, red bar
    Vigor: similar to mana pool, max of 9 bars.
    Adrenaline: Special, appears later in the game.
    6 Basic Skills

    You must invest a minimum of 1 point in each of the basic skills to unlock the other skill trees. You can invest up to 2 points to gain additional bonuses.

    Vigor Regeneration

    +1 Vigor Regen while out of combat 25%


    +1 Vitality +10

    Dagger Throwing

    +1 Ability to Throw Daggers


    +1 Ability to parry blows from all directions.

    Arrow Redirection

    +1 Unlocks the ability to redirect arrows from self.
    Sample Build

    31 points total (including the basic skills) with additional 4 to spend as you wish. There are many builds you can use, depending upon what combination of skills you prefer. However, the game is designed to best play with some points in each of the three skill trees.

    Swordsmanship: total 9 points


    +1 Take 150% of backstab damage instead of 200%


    +1 Unlocks ability to counter (skill gives an achievement)


    +1 Sword damage 5%


    +1 Unlocks ability to deal damage to several opponents.


    +1 Vitality +25


    +1 Chance of critical effect bleeding 10%


    +1 Vitality +50, Damage Reduction +5%

    Combat Acumen

    +1 Unlocks group finishers, regens Adrenaline Bar.


    +1 Adrenaline regen +10%, all resistances +10%, critical chance effects +10%
    Alchemy: total 10 points


    +1 Bomb Damage +30%, Trap Damage +30%
    +2 Bomb Damage +100%, Trap Damage +100%

    Side Effect

    +1 Chance of creating mutagens as byproducts of alchemy 2%


    +1 Alchemy ingredients harvested +50%

    Specialization Oils

    +1 Oil Duration +10%


    +1 Effects of all mutagens +15%
    +2 Effects of all mutagens 35%


    +1 Ability to drink an additional potion
    Magic: 6 points total

    Enhanced Aard

    +1 Sign Range +2 meters

    Destructive Magic

    +1 Sign Damage +5

    Enhanced Quen Sign

    +1 Unlocks Quen II, deflects 20% damage, lasts 20 seconds

    Magical Vigor

    +1 Additional Vigor bar

    Fatal Attraction

    +1 Hex up to two opponents

    Enhanced Yrden Sign

    +1 Unlocks Yrden II, set up to two traps at once
    Adrenaline Specialty

    You should use the remaining points to select one Adrenaline Specialty. Combat Acumen is the Adrenaline Sword skill, Mutant/Berserk is the Alchemy Skill, and Sense of Magic/Heliotrope is the Magic Adrenaline skill. When you use skills from the Specialty tree, your Adrenaline Bar will fill up, allowing you to unleash a special. The Adrenaline Skill is the second to last skill on each tree. If you get more than one, your most recent one will be the active skill.

    I experienced a glitch with the Mutant Achievement. The achievement popped when I got the Mutant ability from the Alchemy tree, but didn't show on my Xbox achievements until I got it again on a second game. This could be because I took Mutant after having Combat Acumen first, which is the sword Adrenaline skill. You might have to take Mutant before any other Adrenaline skill for the achievement.


    Items that enhance your stats a little. On the Skill Tree, look for tiny circles in skills that can be mutated. Essentially you are adding a permanent stat to your build using an Item called Mutagens.

    Highlight the skill with the dot and press Y to select a Mutagen Item to craft to that skill.

    Several ways to get these: you can get them in loot by defeating foes, buy from shops or you can craft them as a byproduct of alchemy if you put points into the Side Effect skill in the Alchemy Tree. If you want to create, you should really put two points into Side Effect to get 10% mutagen creation as a byproduct of making potions, oils, bombs etc. Most of the mutagens you create will be Lesser Mutagens which you can sell. The ones to keep are the best mutagens listed further below.

    Tip: The Adrenaline Bar is probably the easiest to charge with the Combat Acumen and Mutant because you would gain from hitting and taking potions, as opposed to using Magic Signs (slow). Vigor recharges too slowly to get a full Adrenaline bar to use the Heliotrope sign.

    If you really want decent mutagens, you'll need to have Impregnation from the Alchemy tree and put two points into that. It gives 35% bonus to Mutagens, so you get a bit more out of the stat gains. It's still not much, it's still not much if you don't want to bother. In addition, if you've taken Impregnation and assigned your mutagens, if you redo your skills with the "From a Bygone Era" quest, your mutagens and bonuses from Impregnation will remain even if you don't put points into Impregnation again.

    Best Mutagens

    Greater Enhancement: Adrenaline +10% when hitting

    Greater Strength: Armor +4, Vitality Regen +1
    Greater Vitality: Vitality +20
    Madness: Vitality +15, Sign Damage +3 (rare drop from Harpies)
    Concentration: Sign Damage Bonus +3
    Range: Aard and Igni Sign range +9%
    Greater Critical Effects chance +6%
    General Gameplay

    This is more of a tactical RPG than an action RPG. Some general tactics:

    Swordplay: dodge/roll and use backstab or side attacks. Use Quen sign for defense.

    Bombs: work well on humans, undead

    Traps: work well on animals, birds. Traps can be stacked in bunches in advance to do massive damage. Bombs are a good follow-up to trapped enemies. Yrden spell also serves as a trap.

    Potions/Oils: prepare swords, defense and damage before fighting. Use these every time you go anywhere. Swallow, Rook and Virga are good basic potions. Have these on at all times, and learn monster weaknesses. Falka's Blood Oil adds sword damage.


    The opening sequence is a tutorial which I suggest doing. You will create a potion for a wounded man, giving you practice in harvesting, creating potions and meditation.

    As you approach a walled entrance to a town, you will use Meditation to change the time of day to Dawn. At Dawn, the tutorial continues with an Arena mode where you get to practice the basic battle skills. You'll learn about items like bombs, daggers and traps. Magic skills will also be covered. I do not cover these in this walkthrough because the tutorial is self explanatory.

    You can continue the Arena and receive an achievement for finishing, or move on to the doorway to continue the game. You can return to the Arena any time from the Main Menu.

    By the King's Will

    After the cutscenes, head outside and run around the immediate area to pick up loot and harvestables. At the bottom of the hill you can talk to the Reavers and examine a Medallion. This begins the Melitele's Heart quest which will eventually give you a useful accessory with resistances.

    Melitele's Heart

    Talk to the youth who wants to make a bet that his medallion will protect him from the battle. You have a choice to convince him to wear armor anyway

    Conversations: talking with people offers various options according to the morality and character you wish to pursue, more badass or more helpful. Often the conversations have no real effect on the quest, at other times you may end up in a fight. SAVE OFTEN and try all the choices. In general, early on it's important to get as much experience as you can.

    Help Foltest aim the ballista crosshairs to hit the middle of the barricades, the correct setting is 1.5 to the right. Don't worry if you miss, it just means fighting a few more enemies on foot shortly, and extra experience.

    The Barricade

    Here you are asked to aim another ballista down below. Don't run ahead because you'll be killed by arrows. Back up a bit and look for an A button cue to jump down onto some platforms and ladders. Use LB to bring up the radial menu and select the Quen sign. Hit Y to use Quen on yourself for defense. You can also use Yrden to disable the soldiers. Hit B to roll in order to hit the soldiers from behind. In general you don't want to fight enemies from the front because you can die quickly. Also, your X strong attack will do much more damage if you attack from the side and behind.

    Before you activate the ballista, search the area. Behind the ballista around a corner is a white body lying on the ground. Examine it for a passive Assassin bonus. Once you activate the ballista and aim it at the barricade, this will take out enough of the noblemen and archers to proceed. Make a save.

    Boss: Aryan LaValette

    Here you have several choices to either defeat this boss and his men, or defeat just the boss, or talk him down and let him live. Letting him live will get you a +50 Weight bonus to your Inventory later on, so try and talk him down.

    To the Temple

    Fight your way to the Temple. Once there, spend some time exploring, there is a lot of loot you can pick up here. Talk to people to move on. Next is to find the King's children in the Hermitage. On the way, you'll encounter a dragon. Run backwards on the screen to get away from it in time. Loot the area in the Hermitage before talking to the King.

    Woe to the Vanquished

    Search for a secret passage. On the way you'll meet soldiers roughing up the citizens. Intervene and use a Persuade or Intimidate to get the soldiers to back down. The citizens are grateful and you can extract some coin from them if you want. If you fail this, you can fight the soldiers. Further down soldiers are attempting to burn citizens alive in a house. If you want to stop it you'll have to fight the soldiers and their commander. Use Aard to push them back or Yrden sign to hold them in a trap. Dodge and roll between hits. You'll get a reward later in Chapter 1 for saving the townsfolk when a couple will thank you. If you ask for more of a reward, you'll get something from them.

    Make sure you loot houses as you go, you can find lots of good items this way.


    There are two ways out at this point, a higher route and a lower route. You can pick up a shovel or a knife by looking around for loot, but otherwise, you must use fistfighting to work your way out, along with putting out torches to avoid fighting too many guards. You will find your weapons and potions just outside.

    If you let Aryan live, you can get the +50 Weight bonus for helping him by carrying him on your back out of the dungeon. Clear a path of guards and then go back to get him. Fight the torturer and a few guards and go back and get Aryan again.

    Melitele's Heart--again

    When you leave the dungeons, the medallion bet will resurface. If you convinced the fellow to wear armor, he will thank you and give you the medallion as worthless junk. If you didn't convince him to wear armor, you will see his dead body by the water. Loot it for the medallion. This quest will continue later.

    A Rough Landing

    You'll receive the Blue Stripes Combat jacket armor piece, so equip that after the ship lands. Your Silver Sword is gone, but you'll get a Diagram to create a new one. Triss will create a magic bubble to help everybody avoid enemy arrows. You'll get an achievement if you stay inside the bubble during this sequence.

    By the Gods: Stringing up sods

    After the cutscenes, you're free to explore, complete side quests, or continue the main story. If we continue the story a little, we can get a really good armor piece for free, a better one than the Blue Stripes Combat Jacket. Head up to the town square to witness the executions. Here you'll have to fistfight a Captain and several soldiers to free your compadres. After this, you'll be invited to visit Loredo at Dusk.

    Town Tip

    Don't approach people in towns with your sword drawn. They will take it as a threat and will kill you. You'll survive against a few but you will eventually be killed by arrows. Put your weapons away if you approach anyone.

    The Kayran

    Visit the Inn and then the docks now to meet a new monster that needs to be killed and meet Sile, a sorceress who will help you defeat it. Agree to meet her later about this monster, we're not ready yet to kill it.

    The Immoral Proposition

    Meditate and set your Wait time to Dusk. Head back into the Craftsman houses area and walk north until you can't go any further and turn right. There should be a gate with two soldiers in front. The soldiers will ask you to leave your weapons at the gate. Do so. Once inside, talk to Roche who will mention the ballista. It's a good idea now to disable this thing so it can't be turned against you at some point. To do this, you'll need to distract the guard. Make a save here.

    Talk to Margarita the prostitute and ask her to distract the guard. She will agree either for a fee of 60 orens or if you help her with two annoying men. This will require arm wrestling. If you want to try the arm wrestling, make sure you've saved so you can try again if you don't win at first.

    Arm Wrestling

    All this requires is to keep the circle on top of the floating bar. The RIGHT side of the meter is your side, and you want the floating bar to reach that side. The Left Stick is a bit sensitive. To succeed, tap the left stick LIGHTLY to the right to keep the bar floating toward your side of the meter. You can change the difficulty of Quick Time Events (QTEs) without changing the gameplay difficulty by using the Options menu.

    Either way, once Margarita takes the guard off to the bushes, remove the Ballista Fragment from the ballista, which disables it.

    Then go to the stairs of Loredo's house. You'll find out he's busy and you have to wait. Roche suggests looking around the back of the house which is full of loot. This little side jaunt will give us a really great armor piece and another important quest item.

    When Roche distracts the first guard, duck quickly to the right behind the rock. Sneak behind the guard and hit X to stun him. You can't enter the doorway to the back yard, so climb the rocks over the wall to get there. Sneak around and stun all the guards in the area. At the back of the yard is a low wall. Jump over it, and loot all the containers in the area. You should pick up the ASTROGARUS' Jacket. This is a swell armor piece that has a couple of slots on it for enhancements. The other important piece to look for in the area is an IRON FRAME. We'll need this later on to make a large trap. You'll also see a cave entrance that seems to lead to an empty area. We'll be back here later. An achievement will pop if you've got the Iron Frame when you finish this section.

    Finally, head back to the rocks you used to climb into the area. Climb the ladder and wood crates to the upper window. Listen to a conversation that adds a plot point to the story. You can also enter the house, but there is nothing useful to get from inside at this point.

    Go back to the front. Talk to the guard and you should be able to get in the house now. Before talking to Loredo, you'll notice a locked box that you might want to come back for later on. Loredo will give you instructions about Iorveth, and offer some hunting contracts. Ask Loredo about your companions. Once the meeting is over, return to the front gate and get your equipment back.

    Next, you'll probably want to sell off the loot you've acquired, and get a Silver Sword because you no longer have one. So, let's look at Inventory Management and Shops.

    Inventory Management

    The game gives a lot of useless loot, and there is a Miser achievement for obtaining 10,000 Orens. To get that, you're going to need to sell a lot of loot, and use free gear where possible.


    When selling, don't use the All category in your inventory. Go through all the categories carefully so you don't sell something you need. In general, quest items can't be sold. Also, if you do sell something you want back, you can generally buy it again, if not immediately, then by waiting a 24 hour day and checking back. The problem is, there are a LOT of shopkeepers, so remembering who has what can be a challenge. It's easier to just be careful when selling.

    Junk: sell all Junk Items in the game except for Iron Frame.

    Mutagens: keep all Greater Mutagens, sell Lesser Mutagens.

    Armors: sell anything you aren't wearing. If you want to keep the Blue Stripes jacket, you can store it shortly.

    Weapons: in Act 1, sell anything except for a Silver Sword and your best Steel Sword. The best Steel Sword for most of the game is a Jagged Blade which we will work on next. Silver Swords continue to upgrade, so when you get a better one, just go ahead and sell the old one. Keep any daggers you want.

    Books: you can get a Scholar passive for reading books. You automatically gain the knowledge in your Journal by reading. After you read a book, you can sell it if it's not a quest item.

    Formulas/Diagrams: sell any once you get a better one. For example, if you have a potion that gives +5% sword damage, when you acquire a potion that gives +7% sword damage, then sell the lesser formula. You need the formula in your inventory to use it.

    Crafting Items: if you sell down to 20 of herbs, you're fine. You can always buy more. In Act 1, save Silver, Diamond Dust and Hardened Leather. Go ahead and sell things like Cloth, Timber and Twine, these are easy to come by or purchase.

    Runes: save Sun Runes and Fire Runes, these are the hardest to come by. Store the others you're not using. These can be attached to weapon slots by clicking Enhance when you look at your swords.


    Inns offer free storage throughout the game. Visit the Inn in the town square by the hangings and talk to the staff person at the counter to store your items you want to save.


    The Flotsam area has lots of shopkeepers, too many really. Shops have somewhat random stuff that can change every 24 hours. If you buy an item from a shop and need more, set your Wait Time 24 hours in Meditation and you will find more of the same item for sale. Anything you sell to a shopkeeper will be available to buy back for a short time.

    Blacksmith: located in the Non-human district. He can craft weapons.

    Incense Shop: Town Square
    General Shop: Town Square
    Bookseller: house in Non-Human district, offers hairstyling and books
    Innkeepers: sell junk food, can't buy back later.
    Butcher: Craftsman District, one-time only during a quest.
    Waterfront Merchants: two outside the city by the river

    Lobinden: Human town outside Flotsam gate. Use the big door in the Town Square to get there efficiently.

    Cedric: sells diagrams and traps. Buy Grapeshot bomb diagram from him. He can be found either on the platform look out tower area in Lobinden or on the paths near the town. Sendler: house in Lobinden. Crafts weapons and armor. Anezka Herbalist: house in Lobinden. Potion stuff.

    Silver Sword

    You can either craft one using the diagram you have or buy one. If you want to craft one, you'll need Silver. You can find a couple of pieces from looting houses in Flotsam. The blacksmith in the Non-human district sells Silver. You can also try and mine some from the cave at the entrance of the town, near where you came in by the waterfront. But the mobs in there are a little difficult given you need the silver sword to defeat them.

    Buy a silver sword from one of the Waterfront Merchants if you can't be bothered to craft. Later during the Flotsam side quests you'll start noticing diagrams in the shops for better Silver Swords, so you might want to buy the low level one now and save your Silver for the better swords.

    Jagged Blade

    This is the best non-elemental sword in the game for most of the game. We can craft it now with a little work.

    1. Buy the diagram from the dwarven Blacksmith in the Non-Human district.

    2. Iron Ore x 16.
    3. Timber x 1.
    4. Endrega Teeth x 15.

    You can get the Timber and much of the Iron Ore looting the houses in Flotsam and Lobinden. Iron Ore can also be bought in shops. It's well worth the investment. If you are a miser, you can visit the cave outside the town, just off the waterfront, and kill the mobs in there and mine some free pieces from a few ore spots. The Endrega Teeth requires completing a side quest, so let's do that one now.

    The Endrega Contract/The Nekker Contract

    We can complete two side quests at once. Pick up the quests from the Notice Board in front of the Inn. Buy the Grapeshot Bomb formula from Cedric in Lobinden just outside Flotsam. Have him craft you a minimum of two bombs. Now we can head into the woods. Meditate before you go and use a Swallow Potion and one of your potions that increases damage or Defense.

    The Nekker and Endrega mobs are south and east of Lobindon just a short walk through the woods. Nekkers will emerge from the ground so go slowly. You need to take out two Nekker Nests using the Grapeshot Bombs. Put the bombs in your pockets. Click on the nests to bomb them.

    These mobs can be a little tough, so proceed slowly and try not to get too many on you at once. Roll and hit them from behind. Run if you have to in order to control fighting one at a time.

    Endrega nests have 3 cocoons of embryos that look like Venus Fly Trap plants. The Warrior endrega mobs don't usually drop the teeth, it's the easier endrega and Queens. If you click on the cocoons, they will open and you can kill them. When you do this, a couple more endregas will appear. After you kill the 3rd cocoon in the nest area, a Queen will appear who is pretty tough. Use the Quen spell to add to your Defense. You can also lay traps if you bought some from Cedric. You can reset traps you find on the ground to help you.

    There are two endrega nests altogether, each with 3 cocoons. Once you take out all 3 cocoons and kill the Queen, the nest is gone. Keep at least one cocoon active in the woods if you don't have 15 Endrega teeth. Also, you will need Queen Endrega Pheromones for a great sword late in the game. You will still find a few endregas in the woods once you complete this quest, but only a couple so you want to get all the teeth you need before finishing off the two queens. If you don't get enough teeth, meditate and set the time ahead a few hours or a day and then they will respawn.

    Now that we've killed the two queens and bombed two Nekker Nests, we can turn in these side quests for a reward. Find Louis Merse in Flotsam. His house is in the Town Square across from the Inn. The door is between two shops, and the house has red and white striped wallpaper. Go upstairs to find Merse and tell him you finished the quests.

    With your 15 Endrega teeth and reward money, you can now craft the Jagged Blade! Put a Sun Rune on the Jagged Blade, it's worth it!

    Next, let's start another tedious side quest which will result in getting a slightly better jacket than the one we just found.

    Troll Trouble

    Pick up this quest from the Notice Board in front of the Inn if you haven't already. Go to Lobinden and look for a man named Chorab. Ask him about the troll. He asks you not to kill it. Head south of town into the woods until you approach a man in trouble. Save him, and he will tell you about the troll. We've already talked to Chorab, so climb down the rocks near the broken bridge and talk to the troll.

    You can kill the troll now if you want and turn the quest in to Louis Merse. But we can get a good armor piece AND eventually kill the troll by doing a few more side quests. You can get the same armor much later in another quest, but it's better to have it now. Tell the troll you will find out who killed his wife.

    Go meet Sile the Sorceress in Flotsam in her room above the Inn. If you haven't met her yet, go into the Inn. Ask her about a troll head. Then go to the Inn and talk to Zoltan the dwarf.

    Now go to Lobinden and find Sendler's house, he's a craftsman who can make things and he sells some good items. He has a troll head on his wall. Ask him about it. He is willing to part with it only in a dice game, but won't play you until you beat some lower level players. It's time to play dice.

    Poker Face: Flotsam

    Head to the Inn and go in the basement. Near the fist fighting are people at a table playing dice. Talk to them and make a save before playing each one. Dice is like Yahtzee or poker. Use the R stick to roll the dice, but just flick it gently, any dice that fall off the table are out of play. Your opponent will have the same hand as you, it's just a matter of getting lucky with bets. In general, keep dice that are pairs or better, and just try to get 3 or 4 of a kind. Save in between each player you challenge, and just reload the game until you win.

    Once you beat all 3 guys in the Inn, find Einar Gausler the Bookseller in his house and challenge him to a game. After you beat him, you can go back to Sendler in Lobinden and challenge him. He'll offer you a choice of traps, money or something else. Choose the other reward to ask him for the Troll's Head. Ask him where he got it and he will mention he got it from Dmitri. Now you have what you need to finish Troll Trouble. You can continue to play dice around town for a little cash, but it's not really worth it.

    We need to find the female troll's murderers before we turn in the head to the troll. Set your Wait Time to Dusk and go to the Inn to ask around about Dmitri. Eventually somebody will tell you to find Dmitri in the Cemetery. Set your Wait Time to daylight and head to the Cemetery which is a little north of the Lobinden on your map, the path can be a little hard to find. Meditate and use potions before heading in. You'll have to take these guys out, use Quen and Yrden if you need it. When you loot the bodies you'll find a key that opens a bandit hideout south of the bridge area where the troll is. You can loot that hideout now or later if you want.

    Now you can go to the Troll. Tell him you have the head, and then talk to him again and tell him you found the murderers. Then tell him to stop drinking and you'll let him live. He'll reward you with the Hunter's Armor Diagram. It's a cool looking armor with about the same stats as the Astrogarus, but more colorful. It only requires Cloth x 14, Leather x 16 and Twine x 6 which can easily be found looting houses and the Inn crates.

    Head back to Lobinden and talk to Chorab to intimidate the reward out of him. Then go to Louis Merse's house in Flotsam to get a reward from him too. After this, head back out and kill the troll. The quest will credit you for saving the troll, but there is a Trollslayer achievement from killing trolls in the game.

    Hung Over

    Head to the Blue Stripes hideout which is located to the left of the Inn, up a small staircase. Save and talk to Ves who will challenge you to a knife throwing contest. If you win, you'll get +5 Dagger damage. Daggers aren't really worth it because they don't do much damage. Whether you beat Ves or not, you'll watch a cutscene and then get a chance to arm wrestle one of your other mates. If you win, you'll get a sword as a reward. It isn't as good as your Jagged Blade, so just sell it.

    You'll wake up outside town hung over. A guy offers to tell you what happened for a bribe. If you can't convince him to tell you for free, you'll have to pay if you want your equipment back. Head to the Inn and talk to Margot in the basement. Then go speak to Ves at the hideout. Check the chest by the window for your gear. You'll have a chance later in the game to remove your tattoo if you want.

    Bring It On: Flotsam

    This is an arm wrestling mini game that you can do throughout The Witcher 2. In the upper part of the Inn, challenge Zoltan to arm wrestling. Use the R stick to GENTLY move the target to keep it on the floating bar. Beat all the guys at the Inn. Next up is Bartholomew Bargee in the village in one of the houses. Follow him to the riverbank and beat him for 100 oren reward to complete the Flotsam portion of arm wrestling.

    Fight Club: One on One

    In the basement of the Inn, talk to the fighters and agree to fist fight. This involves hitting the buttons flashing on the screen in time. It's pretty easy. After you beat all the guys, you'll be approached and asked to meet outside for another challenge. Set your Wait Time to a couple of hours past Dusk. Talk to the man outside the Inn. He will suggest fighting in a tournament. You can do this now or wait. When you're ready, tell him and you'll go to the underground cave you saw behind Loredo's house.

    When you reach the final opponent, Loredo will ask you to lose the final fight. You can choose to do this, which will fail the quest, but will give you a reward from Loredo and his good will. Or, you can finish the fight, and then you'll have to fight Loredo's men after you leave his compound. Loredo won't be happy and you may pay later on for this. But by now you may have your own ideas about Loredo.


    An elven girl is being harassed by soldiers in the village. If you intervene, they ask you to meet outside the village by the waterfront to look at the evidence. Meet them in the grassy area by the first dock. They ask you to find a dead soldier in the cave nearby. Use some potions and save. Enter the cave where there will be a lot of nekkers to defeat. Try and take them on one at a time to avoid being overwhelmed. You can also bomb them from a distance. To find the soldier you'll have to climb two rocks and search around.

    Back outside, you have a choice on what to tell the soldiers. The most rewarding option is to tell them their buddy was killed by nekkers. Let the elf lead you alone or with the soldiers to meet the men she says did the deed. You'll be meeting by the waterfall south of the endrega cocoons. Meditate and take potions before reaching the waterfall. You'll fight some elf Squirrel bandits, so make a save before you start. Here you can get a rare drop in the game, the Dhu Bledd armor attachment which gives +5 Sign damage. This is a really tough battle, so use Quen, and then Yrden on the elves. You can also set traps and stand still and wait for them to attack you and take trap damage. You'll definitely have to roll and try and isolate the elves one at a time. Reload if you don't get the Dhu Bledd.

    The elf girl runs away to the insane asylum which is the very southmost point on the map. Search for her in the ruins. You can deal with her as you see fit to end the quest.

    The Scent of Incense

    Find the quest giver on the docks near the river. He'll ask you to find an incense formula from the shop in town. The incense shop is to the right of the Inn. Go talk to the shopkeeper and ask about the incense. He'll offer you a fake formula and you'll have to intimidate him to get the real one. Either one will complete the quest. Nearby a crowd will try to get you to close this shopkeeper down for selling addictive incense. It's up to you how you handle it. If you close the shop, make sure you get the formula first, because you'll lose the shop if you close it. The moral option is to close it, but shops randomly add items each day and this one has valuable materials like hardened leather and diamond dust. I can't suggest closing it down until the Point of No Return for Act I. This walkthrough will give you a BIG heads up at this point, and I'll cue you if you want to go back to close it then.

    Go back to the quest giver who wants to test the formula. You can give him the false or real formula, or give him nothing. Meet him by the edge of town where he'll want to blindfold you to take you to his hideout. It's up to you, but I'd rather keep my eyes open. In that case, you'll have to find his hideout which is just past the Cemetery north of Lobinden in a cave. If you don't go and refused to give him any formula, you'll be attacked in the woods. It's more lucrative to give him the real formula, get the reward, and then kill the bandits and loot their lab.

    In the Claws of Madness

    Find Cedric in Lobinden and ask him for work. He mentions two people who have gone missing near the Insane Asylum. This is where you found the elf girl. Head back there and talk to the man outside. He says his partner is inside. Meditate and take some potions and make a save. Go down a staircase to enter the asylum. A ghost starts setting fires shortly after you enter, so make your way through the rooms that are clear of fire. You'll meet a new Wraith enemy, and these can be difficult to fight, so roll around and use Quen to keep yourself alive. Loot the chests for hospital records. Reading these gives you an idea of what happened here.

    When you find Gridley, he's too upset to talk, so you have to find tranquilizers in a nearby room after fighting more wraiths. Give him the tranquilizers. He will tell you his story and you have to defeat the curse before he can leave.

    Once you find the ghost, it wants the hearts and eyes of the two men before it will depart. Go back and take Gridley outside. Nekker eyes and hearts will work, but men tell you that pig eyes and hearts will be more believable. You can either kill the men or find the pig items. To get these, go to the Flotsam Craftsman area, and look for the Butcher. He's easy to find chopping meat on his porch. This is a one-time shop so don't sell anything you might want back. Buy the pig items and return to the asylum. You'll have to fight the ghost anyway. You can decide to let the two men go or you can take them to Loredo for a reward.

    Melitele's Heart Part 1

    Visit the Herbalist shop in Lobinden, and ask the shopkeeper about your medallion. She tells you it once was full of power, but is now cursed. You can sell it her, but it's a great item. Ask her if she can help with it, and she will agree to remove the curse. To do the ritual, she needs Endrega Embryo, Troll Tongue, Essence of Death and Arachas Eyes. You should have everything except the Arachas Eyes. Cedric sells these for 351 orens. We can also get them from a monster in the story, but we will need to move on with the story to get the eyes for free. Before we move on, we need to deal with the Kayran monster. If you want to finish this quest now, you can buy an eye from Cedric and skip ahead to part II of this quest. Otherwise, let's move on for now.

    The Kayran Part I

    You should have already met the Sorceress. Visit the dock merchants and find the one in the purple top and white collar. Intimidate him to double your reward for killing the Kayran and receive an achievement. Perhaps you already talked to Cedric about the Kayran, but if not, head to Lobinden next. Cedric mentions a shipwreck we can visit. Talk to Triss and follow her to the shipwreck. Defeat the drowners that rise up to attack as you approach. Loot the barrels on the wreck to pick up a Captain's Report and Log. Read these. Visit a nearby spot to pick up a sample of Kayran mucus. This mucus will be used to create a potion to resist the poison from the Kayran. It will also give Geralt a permanent resistance to poison, so it's worth it to head back to Cedric to learn about the potion.

    Mystic River Part I

    Reading the Captain's Report and Log starts the Mystic River quest. You need to mail the Captain's Report. To do this, you need to find a Royal Mail Box. There is one in Louis Merse's office, and another in Loredo's mansion. Head to Merse's house and intimidate him for the key to the mailbox. You can read the contents of the mailbox, and deposit the Captain's Report in the box. If you failed to get the key, you can later on get one from Loredo but you'll have to kill him to get it. That's all we can do on this quest for now which will continue later in the game.

    The Kayran Part II

    Return to Cedric to ask about the potion. You will need Ostmurk to complete the potion. Head to the waterfall where you met the elf girl in the woods. Walk into the waterfall which is a cave. Defeat the nekkers and get a sample of ostmurk in the back of the cave. You can now create the Mongoose potion using Meditation.

    Head back to Cedric. You can buy the Kayran trap diagram from him, and ask him to create the trap. You have the Iron Frame you picked up ages ago from Loredo's back yard which is the main trap item needed. The trap diagram is expensive, and it's not necessary to create the trap, because your Yrden sign is also a trap. One strategy is you can stack multiple Kayran traps for a lot of damage, so create several if you want to try it. You'll get an achievement for making and using the Kayran trap, so it's worth doing on at least one playthrough.

    Visit Sorceress Sile in her room above the Inn to go begin the battle. She agrees to meet you at the lair by the shipwreck you visited earlier. When you arrive, talk to Sile. Then make a save and Meditate and take the Mongoose Potion for the Poison bonus. Also use a Swallow and another attack or defensive potion if you want. Put the Kiryan Trap in your pocket so it's showing on the screen if you plan to use this trap for the achievement.

    The idea is to find the yellow trap markers and either use Yrden or the Kayran Trap at these markers to capture one tentacle at a time. The weak spot on the tentacles is the bulging orange spot. There are four tentacles with this spot. Try and cast Yrden or lay a Kayran Trap near them. When you trap the tentacle, it will lay on the ground and you can mash the X button on the orange weak spot. A short cutscene will finish off each tentacle so you know you're doing it right if the cutting off scenes hit.

    Be careful! You can die in a couple of hits unless you're playing on Easy. Stand as far back as possible toward the shore, and roll away from the smashing tentacles to avoid being hit. Cut apart all 4 weak tentacles and then you'll find yourself riding one of the remaining ones. Mash the A button to stab into the tentacle.

    The Kayran will knock a piece of the bridge down, a large platform piece to your left. Switch your signs to Quen and use it on yourself. You must run to the top of this without dying to initiate a finishing cutscene.

    Congratulations! After talking to Sile, grab loot from the Kiryan, there are two loot spots. One is the tentacle closest to you, and the other spot is near the head. The Kayran trophy is a nice accessory that adds +50 Vitality.

    Collect the reward from the Merchant with the purple shirt by the docks. Don't follow Triss immediately after the cutscene because we have a few things to do first.

    Kayran Skin Armor

    You have a diagram for this armor, and making it will give you an achievement. It also has 4 enhancement slots. And it's easy to make:

    14x Robust Cloth
    6x Hardened Armor
    1x Kayran Skin
    8x Twine

    You can buy the cloth from the two merchants in the Town Square. If you need more, just Meditate and set the Wait Time to the next day. More Robust Cloth and Hardened Leather will be in the shops. Twine can be got from looting the houses, and some can be found in the crates by the docks.

    Use your Dhu Bledd armor attachment and any others you have in Storage at the Inn. We can get another Dhu Bledd attachment soon. My armor has +13 armor with the added enhancements, and 30% resistances along with added Vitality.

    The Assassins of Kings

    By now, your journal should only have 3 quests left: Melitele's Heart, The Assassins of Kings, and Mystic River.

    Tattoo: You will now have an opportunity to remove your tattoo when you meet up with Triss. To do it, she will need Green Mold and Wolf's Aloe Leaves. You can buy these from the Herbalist Anezka in Lobinden, and you won't lose them by using them to remove your tattoo.

    When you're ready, join Triss at the first docked ship by the river.

    Depending upon how your relationship with Loredo is going, the soldiers at the ship may hassle you, or allow you to visit the prisoner. The prisoner is wounded, and Triss requires you use the Axii sign to hold him while she heals him. Before this, however, you have the chance to talk to her and get your tattoo removed if you bought the ingredients.

    Click on the elf and mash the A button to maintain your Axii sign and then talk to him. You'll need a high persuade here, but you can still get the same information by choosing the bottom dialogue choices if your persuade fails.

    Rose of Remembrance

    After talking to the elf, Triss offers to go with you to find a Rose of Remembrance. If you want to spend some quality time with Triss in an, ahem, romantic moment, take her with you. If you don't want to romance her any longer, go by yourself. But the scenes are worth watching so make a separate save if you want to see them and then repeat the quest without the romance.

    Otherwise, you'll need to head to the elven ruins on the south of the map. Pick a rose at the statue of lovers. Some bandits arrive which you'll have to take care of. Some cutscenes will occur next if you're with Triss. Otherwise, return to her in town and give her the rose. She will need time to create the potion from it, and in the meantime you can talk to Zoltan or finish any business you have at the shops. It's Dusk, so do a Meditation and advance the time to Dawn.

    Take Care of Shopping

    We're not at a Point of No Return for Act I yet, but we're getting close. Before talking to Zoltan at the Inn, take care of any shopping, selling, or crafting you want to finish up in Flotsam. You can still return one more time, but it will mean backtracking and inconvenience. Make sure you're stocked up on extra Hardened Leather or buy the diagram to make it. Diamond Dust and Silver are also good to stock up on. Visit your Storage at the Inn and tuck away anything you don't want to carry. When you are done, talk to Zoltan at the Inn and ask him about Iorveth.

    The Assassins of Kings continued

    Follow Zoltan to start the next part of the story. You will not be able to drink potions immediately, but the few nekkers you encounter are easy if your weapons are up to date. Zoltan mentions an arachas monster which you will deal with. You can drink potions at this point before you descend to fight the arachas. This is a tough fight. Stay on the move and pick your hits. You can trap the arachas with Yrden and keep Quen on. You'll probably want the arachas eyes for the Meletele's Heart quest, but if you are on a Magic skill path, make sure you get an Arachas Trophy too. It has Vitality +25 which is less than the Kayran Trophy, but the Arachas Trophy also has Signs Damage +2 making it a better choice for sign usage.

    Afterward, another cutscene occurs. Talk to Iorveth. He will suggest taking you to another location to check the truth of what you are saying. You will have a choice to say "Let's Go" or to respond "I Need to Do Something First." This is a point of no return. If you go with Iorveth now, you won't be able to do side quests remaining in Chapter 1


    This is the final free- roam point of Chapter 1. If you have any side quests you want to do in the Flotsam area, NOW IS THE TIME. Tell Iorveth "I need to do something first" and he will agree to meet you at the Elven Ruins. Zoltan will return to town. You must finish up any outstanding quests, shopping or crafting now. The arachas fight should have given you one or more arachas eyes to finish up Melitele's Heart quest. If you want to close up the incense shop in Flotsam, do so now.

    Melitele's Heart Part II

    Head to Lobinden to the Herbalist Anezka's house (behind Sendler's crafting shop). Tell her that you have the ingredients for the ritual. She will agree to meet you at midnight at the Altar of Veyopaltis. It's the big mouth with the teeth near the village. Go there and meditate, set the clock to close to midnight. Then meditate again and take some potions, using armor and Swallow potions is best. Put Quen on your active magic slot, and you can also set some Conflagration traps or put fire bombs in your pocket.

    Anezka won't appear immediately, you'll have to stand by the mouth for a minute or two. Your mini map will have an arrow pointing to her house in the village but when she appears it will disappear. She will begin the ritual and you'll have to keep wraiths from attacking her.

    These are very difficult wraiths, even on Easy difficulty. You won't be able to kill them all because they respawn until Anezka says she's done. You need to kill just 10 before the sun rises.

    Vitality Regeneration

    Melitele's Heart in Geralt's possession will grant a bonus of Vitality Regeneration +1 now that the curse is lifted. When you find areas of magic power that activate your amulet, push in the L stick. You'll get a 7 minute regen bonus, and some magic power areas give you increased armor. But you'll retain the regen bonus even when the amulet isn't activate. This is good for healing up during a fight.

    Do any other shopping or quests you want to finish. We can't do any more with the Rose of Remembrance quest if you romanced Triss, so it's time to move on. Remember, when we move on with The Assassin of Kings, we can't go back and do any more Flotsam area side quests.

    Make a Save!

    The story now reaches a fork in the road, with more to come. Make a save now in case you want to go back and play this section of the story differently. Keep that save unaltered in the future. You've done a lot of work to get to this point. With a save now you can go back and try other story arcs without doing all the quests again in Flotsam.

    The Assassins of Kings continued

    Click on this quest in your journal to get it on your mini map and follow the arrow to the ruins. After a conversation you'll have a choice of whether to give Iorveth his sword back.

    Choice: Iorveth's Sword

    Give Iorveth the sword: he will break free and escape, and place the non-humans in Flotsam in peril.

    Refuse Iorveth the sword: Iorveth will be captured, and you'll be a hero in Flotsam.

    Your decision determines what happens in Flotsam next. The choices are looming to side with non-humans or humans, and this decision is the first one you have to make.


    Letho hits hard, but you only need to work his health bar down halfway. Letho is using Quen too, so make sure you have it on, and roll to use strong attacks from behind. You can use Aard on him to knock him back. Pick up your sword when the battle is done, and look around for a sack of goodies that Letho leaves behind, and a chest with orens and some daggers.

    Where is Triss Merigold?

    Now we have to get to Triss back in Flotsam. Head back there. Depending upon your choice with Iorveth, you'll get one of two scenes in Flotsam.

    If you helped Iorveth with his sword: a guard will meet you at the city gate, and depending upon your past relations with Loredo, you may end up in a fight if you can't talk your way out of it. Flotsam is in chaos. You'll need to find Triss and Dandelion at the Inn, resulting in a fistfight there if you intervene with some of the chaos.

    If you didn't help Iorveth: Loredo will meet you in the square and offer a drink. You can get a little woozy here if you accept. Get to the Inn to look for Triss and Dandelion.

    Follow Dandelion to look for Triss. Search Sile's room and then talk to the whore next door. Head downstairs in the Inn to Margot's room next.

    Now we need to find Cedric. If you didn't help Iorveth, AND you left the incense shop open, it will be still available, the only shop now in Flotsam, so you can sell anything you need to. Outside the Inn, Meditate and use a Cat Potion to help find him. Follow the yellow gold spots outside to Lobinden. Make a save. If you didn't help Iorveth you'll get to fight some Scoia'tael and you can try for another Dhu Bledd armor enhancement if you want. Took me only 4 reloads to get one. I used my earlier one on the Kayran Armor so this Dhu Bledd will be for a future piece.

    After you find Cedric and talk to your companions, you can get Elven Armor and boots off Cedric. The Elven Armor has a +15 weight load which might be handy at this point if you picked up all the Swords from the elves. Shortly you can stop at Sendler's in Lobinden and sell off this stuff, as his store is available now.

    Dandelion and Zoltan arrive and tell you about Iorveth and Roche. You will now have to make a game-changing choice.

    At a Crossroads: Iorveth or Roche?

    Choosing to help Iorveth or Roche will lead you in completely different directions in the game. The story diverges massively at this point. Basically you get two different games to pick from now. Obviously if you want to play the entire game, you're going to have to play from this point again, or reload your earlier save before the Letho fight if you want to take it back further. Gamers have debated which direction is the better way to go on your first playthrough, and there is no right answer. You must choose for yourself.

    Roche's Path: some gamers argue that the entire game's story is confusing overall, and helping Roche the first time clarifies the plot and makes Iorveth's Path easier to follow later.

    Iorveth's Path: other gamers have said this path is the more interesting of the two, and has more difficult battles, and deeper relationships.

    I will suggest taking Roche's Path first for the sake of understanding the story, with the idea that Iorveth's Path will be a treat next time. Make a save here or keep your earlier one intact so you can play through from here again.

    You have to decide whether to go to the Scoia'tael Camp now or Vernon Roche's residence. You can go to Vernon Roche and to Iorveth and talk to them both before choosing. The choice will be "All right, let's do it your way,""Count me in," or "I need to do something." You can say "I need to do something" to both if you want more time to decide or you want to visit the shops in Lobinden again.

    =--= This guide will cover Roche's Path first. If you choose Iorveth's Path, skip down to Chapter 2--Iorveth's Path.

    Vernon Roche: Death to the Traitor!

    Talk to Vernon to hear his plan. Meditate and set your Wait Time to Midnight. Then head to the back alley straight across the map from the door you've used before to get to Loredo's mansion. Talk to Roche's Commando and then Meditate to use some potions.

    Climb over into the back yard. You can stun or kill the guard walking near your initial position, but you'll either have to sneak past the other guards or kill them. There is another guard further past the group you just encountered. Kill or stun him and loot him for the key to the door. You can now climb up to a door that was locked the last time you were here.

    Stun the first guard you see inside, otherwise you'll have infinite guards coming through the nearby locked door. Or you can get away quick by entering the door opposite. In the first floor room where you met Loredo earlier in the game, open the mail box on the table to take a letter that will update the Mystic River quest.

    Loot Loredo's mother for her key, and keep looking around for loose orens. Head upstairs, stunning or defeating guards along the way. When you get to the 3rd floor, take more potions and get ready for a boss fight.

    Boss: Loredo

    He's slow and carrying a heavy weapon that is hard to swing. As long as you roll and stay behind or to the side of him, he will probably miss you with his weapon. If you can get him pinned into a corner, he can't really swing. Loot him for the rare Elaine Bledd armor attachment.