• Xbox Achievements for The Idolmaster 2

    Assemble! IA Nomination Presentation!You attended the IA Nomination Presentation.5
    Best 10You achieved a top 10 ranking from Dotop TV.15
    Best 20You achieved a top 20 ranking from Dotop TV.10
    Best 5You achieved a top 5 ranking from Dotop TV.20
    Best 50You achieved a top 50 ranking from Dotop TV.5
    Black Pearl AwardYou received the Black Pearl Award.20
    Blow it away! ODYSSEY!You took part in ODYSSEY.5
    Carrot AwardFinish with 2 idols as leaders.15
    Challenge! First Audition!You participated in your first audition.5
    Chihaya and me.Finish producing, with Chihaya as leader.10
    Competent ProducerYou achieved Producer Level 6.30
    Cream AwardFinish with 9 idols as leaders.50
    Dashing ProducerYou achieved Producer Level 2.10
    Fear! Training from Hell!You subjected your idols to the Training from Hell.5
    Fight! RISING MOON!You took part in RISING MOON.5
    Forest Green AwardYou received the Forest Green Award.20
    Get together! First Quintet Live!You completed your first Quintet Live.5
    Go! First Job!You went to your first job with the idols.5
    Haruka and me.Finish producing, with Haruka as leader.10
    Hibiki and me.Finish producing, with Hibiki as leader.10
    Honey AwardFinish with 8 idols as leaders.45
    IA AwardYou received the Idol Academy Award.50
    IdolmasterYou achieved Producer Level 9.45
    Knock it down! FIRE BALL!You took part in FIRE BALL.5
    Mainstay ProducerYou achieved Producer Level 5.25
    Makoto and me.Finish producing, with Makoto as leader.10
    Mami and me.Finish producing, with Mami as leader.10
    Miki and me.Finish producing, with Miki as leader.10
    Normal ProducerYou achieved Producer Level 4.20
    Novice ProducerYou achieved Producer Level 3.15
    Ocean Blue AwardYou received the Ocean Blue Award.20
    Perfect IAYou mastered all categories in the IA Awards.50
    Phoenix Red AwardYou received the Phoenix Red Award.20
    Popular ProducerYou achieved Producer Level 7.35
    Ritsuko and me.(secret) You were called as a guest by Ritsuko.20
    Roll Cake AwardFinish with 6 idols as leaders.35
    Ryuuguu Komachi and me.(secret) You were called as a guest by Ryuuguu Komachi.20
    Sesame AwardFinish with 5 idols as leaders.30
    Shoot for it! First Rank In!You got your first ranking from Dotop TV.5
    Sicilian Orange AwardFinish with 7 idols as leaders.40
    Snow White AwardYou received the Snow White Award.20
    Strawberry AwardFinish with one idol as a leader.10
    Sundae AwardFinish with 3 idols as leaders.20
    Super Popular ProducerYou achieved Producer Level 8.40
    Takane and me.Finish producing, with Takane as leader.10
    Top IdolYou achieved a #1 ranking from Dotop TV.35
    True IdolmasterYou achieved Producer Level 10.50
    Yayoi and me.Finish producing, with Yayoi as leader.10
    Yogurt AwardFinish with 4 idols as leaders.25
    Yukiho and me.Finish producing, with Yukiho as leader.10

    Contributed By: alexsifu.

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