Where do I go next...Please help?

  1. Okay, I finished all the quests in Broken Valley, ending with the Maxos Temple. After that, it gives me the Hall Of Echoes quest but, according to the FAQs on here, that is the final area of the game and there is still Sentinel Island to do first, and I haven't even gotten the battle tower.
    The thing is, I can only go into Orobas Fjords. I have no idea how to get to Sentinel Island. Please help, as I cannot play this game again until I find out where to go (since there are no more enemies to fight).

    Also, I have a question posted about the Orobas Fjords. If parts of that area tie into getting to Sentinel Island, then please take a look at the question. It is "Obaros Fjord - parts are blocked off?"

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    DarqueDragon - 6 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    By the way, there is one area I haven't gone to. It's an unmarked structure on the right side of the map, between the Bandit Camp and South Valley Shrine.
    The only reason for this is because I figured I wasn't supposed to as, when I got close to it, the game told me to leave unless I wanted to hand Damien his victory on a platter.
    Does that have something to do with why I can't advance the storyline?

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    DarqueDragon - 6 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    Okay, I'm an idiot. I remember seeing that blocked area, and I was going to keep an eye on it. After beating the guy, I went to talk to Lovis and forgot all about that hallway.

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    DarqueDragon - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. go back to the Maxos Temple- get the key from Lovis in his tower if needed Solve the three Riddles [jumping, room of gold, and mirrored room] and step onto the transporter platform.
    You'll encounter a stitched lady with a speech impediment. solve the riddle she gives you- ie: find the two hidden swtiches in the "infinte maze" and go through the opened door.
    in this new area [fyi- the key to the chest on the top of the staircase, is hidden on the hanging chandelier.], go down the stairs and into a big library. defeat the Black Ring flunkies and talk to the ghost librarian [mindreading the librarian and then reading the book on the lover lever below the librarian will net you some skill points]. from there, head straight and have a nice MAXOS! chat with the MAXOS! dragon, Asmudias. [mindreading him will give you a password.] after the chat, head back the intersection [activate the shrine], and there's only one way to go-- the pathway with the barrier will lead to Sentinel Island. so how do you deactivate it? kill asmudias! explore this area, and find the means to turn Asmudias human.
    once that's done, figure out what you want to do with Lovis' soulstone and and proceed into the previous blocked area.
    Here, you should run into Damian again- and he'll have two Black Ring Captains attack you. defeat them, and step onto the transporter platform. the game will give you a notice "Do you want to go to Sentinel Island?" from there, do the quests, reclaim the battletower, and such.
    **if the two BRCapn's don't appear, then there's a chance your game bugged out. it happens.

    as for the structure to the right - the red "eye of sauron" esque demon gate? just activate it several times- read the book- and defeat the Black Ring soldiers, then finally defeat the Demon that appears to destroy the Gate and get an armor set piece from the demon's lootbag.
    it's not important unless you're collecting all the armor sets.
    unless you mean the Mine Camp, but that's on the left side from the bandit camp...the mine camp will accessible once you reclaim the battletower and quest in the Orobas Fjords.

    Bandit camp, quarry, demon gate, Bellagar-encounter ruins, goblin camp (bounty), troll pittrap, bandit camp (bounty), south valley shrine, George and his summoning circle, bridge... (left across bridge) bellagar-encounter ruins, the onto Orobas Fjords... (right across bridge) bandit-quest encounter, crystal skull cave, prophetic witch camp...

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