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"Surprisingly good"

I have never played the first Ego Draconis, but Dragon Knight Saga is one of the best action RPGs I came across. Anyone who enjoyed Draken: The Ancient Gates/Order of the Flame will like this. I have had more fun with this than most games of this genre. It gets my vote for the most overlooked to date.

It starts off rather underwhelming. Customizing your character is pretty weak. The only one I could tolerate was a woman with an aristocratic voice. She reminded me of Lara Croft. The first couple hours was nothing to write home about. Then this game gets darn good. It is not your typical 15 to 20 hour action RPG. My playing time is around 50 hours. It is huge!

GAMEPLAY - The real time battle system is the best I've played so far in this genre on a console. The only other game that could compete here would be War in the North (a buggy game with a superb combat system). Fluid responsive melee and magic attacks with challenging enemies. Difficulty is old school. The skill tree is as flexible as they come. You can have a hybrid mage/archer/warrior etc... whatever you want, and there are so many interesting skills. You can summon various demons, ghosts and creatures to help. Loads of quests, caves and secrets. You can create potions in alchemy. Customizing weapons/armor is deep and flexible. You get to be a dragon. Controlling the dragon is as smooth as any Draken game. You can 'Mindread' to uncover quests, level up, or find alternate paths. 10/10

GRAPHICS - PS2 graphics here. Not bad but seen better. However the level designs are impressive. It's a large almost go anywhere world. Of course it has to be if you're going to fly a dragon. 8/10

MUSIC - Interesting mix of guitars, synths, vocals and percussions done well. No complaints here and it fits with the game. 9/10

STORY - Set in the land of Rivellon you begin your training as a Dragon Slayer with special powers to help slay the last remaining dragons. It doesn't work out they way however. Interesting plot twists throughout the game. The protagonist never speaks (thank God) but the voice acting/humor of the people you encounter is top notch. You will notice sometimes the same voice is used on different characters, but it is so entertaining and mature. 9/10

CONTROLS - Perfect. I have no complaints with the control scheme at all. It is responsive and you can customize it if you want. 10/10

REPLAY VALUE - All you get is you unlock nightmare mode. The game was already challenging but if you get good at it nightmare may be worth your while. 7/10

OVERALL - I have had more fun with this than most console action RPGs including Oblivion (yes I said it). I had never heard of Larian Studios and picked up this game on a whim. I'm surprised hardly anyone mentions this. This is definitely the most overlooked game I came across. Maybe the first Ego Draconis had some problems but DKS is a winner in this genre. 9/10

CONS - As I said it starts off rather unimpressive but it also ends that way as well. The final battle didn't seem to match the beauty of this game's entirety. However you have around 50 hours of enjoyment here. These guys know how to make a game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/05/12

Game Release: Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga (US, 04/12/11)

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