Saints Row Cheats


  • Phone Numbers: Cheats, Rides, Help, and Funny messages...

    Pause the game and press the L or R Trigger until you reach your phone.<br />Select DIAL and enter one of the following numbers then press CALL.<br />NOTE: The ( ) and - symbols are automatically entered for you, you just need the number. The only symbols you're required to enter are the # or * if contained in a number. Warning: The codes that have # in front of them are considered cheats and you won't get achievements doing this.

    #662677Deletes Police Notorioty(Not Infinite)
    #BEERMUSCLESDrunk Punches
    #12GaugeEnables "Give 12 Gauge"
    #AS12RiotEnables "Give AS12 Riot"
    #3373352623Enables "Give Fer De Lance", the best car in the game!
    #GDHC50Enables "Give GDHC .50"
    #GrenadeEnables "Give Hand Grenade"
    #KnifeEnables "Give Knife"
    #MolotovEnables "Give Molotov Cocktail"
    #7288537Enables "Give Rattler"
    #936484Enables "Give Zenith"
    #fullhealthFull Health
    #27409863Give Ar-40 Xtnd Rifle
    #K6KrukovGive K6Krukov
    #66639Give money
    #MacmanusGives McManus Sniper Rifle
    #MacanusGives you the "McManus" sniper rifle
    #10God's Wrath (lightning strikes randomly)
    #47246Heavy Rain
    #AMMOInfinite Ammo
    #57246Light Rain
    #38452277Makes cars deliberately try to kill you.
    #67248Medium Rain
    #72436557Ragdoll Effect without the Insurance Fraud Activity
    #778Repairs the car you're in
    #11111Sets time to Midnight
    #11112Sets time to Noon
    #2855364Spawn a Bulldog
    #34836Spawn a Five-O
    #87935Spawn a Voxel
    #aquaSpawn an Aqua
    #2277429Spawn an Capshaw
    #42664225Spawn an Hannibal
    #5225722248Spawn an Jackrabbit
    #52383792Spawn an La Fuerza
    #66254642473Spawn an Mockingbird
    #635766Spawn an Nelson
    #67468Spawn an NRG V8
    #742462438Spawn an Richochet
    #84676463Spawn an Thorogod
    #8277489Spawn an Varsity
    #94667Spawn an Zimos
    #947266Spawn an Zircon
    #BaseBallSpawn BaseBall Bat
    #magSpawn Mag in Garage
    #AnchorSpawns "Anchor" in your garage (Newsvan)
    #BaronSpawns "Baron" in your garage
    #ComptonSpawns "Compton" in your garage
    #GunslingerSpawns "Gunslinger" in your garage
    #HammerheadSpawns "Hammerhead" in your garage
    #BETSYSpawns 'Betsy' in your garage
    #CAVALLAROSpawns 'Cavallaro' in your garage
    #HALBERDSpawns 'Halberd' in your garage
    #KEYSTONESpawns 'Keystone' in your garage
    #22766Spawns a Baron
    #267667Spawns a Cosmos in your garage
    #3378469Spawns a Destiny
    #5878423Spawns a Justice in your garage
    #566636Spawns a Komodo in your garage
    #66732374Spawns a Nordberg in your garage
    #78682Spawns a Quota
    #7288537Spawns a Rattler
    #732737Spawns a Reaper (Hurst)
    #746486Spawns a Shogun in your garage
    #84826Spawns a Titan
    #882727Spawns a Tuasar in your garage
    #867839Spawns a Vortex in your garage
    #936484Spawns a Zenith in your garage
    #262852623Spawns an Anbulance in your garage
    #268Spawns an Ant
    #FBISpawns FBI
    #hollywoodSpawns Hollywood in Garage
    #843562The Job
    #42637867Unlock Special GameStop T-Shirt Cheat
    #interestunlocks INTEREST at your garage


  • Instantly warp into any vehicle.

    Jump on top of any vehicle (moving or not, including police vehicles) and press Y to instantly kick the driver out and appear in the driver's seat. This is useful if you are running from the cops and don't have time to wait and pull the driver out.

    Contributed By: pepperman.


  • In-Game Unlockables

    Finding and tagging each gangs tag locations will get you a reward as well as finding all the tag locations.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    10% Stamina BoostALL Los Carnales tags
    10% Stamina BoostALL Westside Rollerz tags
    10% Stamina BoostALL Vice Kings tags
    Anchor (car)Suburb District/Misty Lane Escort
    AttrazionTruckyard District/Copperton Hikacking
    Cheap car repairComplete all chop shops
    DFM Like I'm Your WifeFind 10 Hidden CD's.
    Dressed To Kill (clothing)Airport District/Wardill Airport Escort
    Get Out Of My Way by Daz DillingerCollect 30 Hidden CD's
    Gold Plated GDHC .50Complete Airport Hitman
    GrenadeComplete "High End Retail Mayhem"
    Health regenerates fastComplete all 3 Insurance Fraud Activities
    Hurry Hurry by Strong Arm SteadyCollect 40 Hidden CD's
    Infinite StaminaALL tags found and sprayed
    JewelerySuburb District/Tidal Spring Hijacking
    Leather FaceComplete airport hijacking
    Los Carnales notoriety decreases fasterComplete "Drug Trafficking Factories"
    Man Up by Ghost Face KillaCollect 20 Hidden CD's
    Molotov CocktailComplete "Barrio Mayhem"
    Mr wong (homie)Complete "Chinatown Hitman"
    Permanent 50% discount at Friendly FireBeat all Hitman activities.
    Permanent 50% Rimjobs discountWin all the races.
    Pimp Cane ShotgunComplete all 3 Snatch Activities
    Pimp Hat, Fluffy Coat, & Pimp PantsComplete "Barrio Snatch"
    Pimp MedallionComplete "Red Light District Snatch"
    Pimp varient of the BaronComplete "Arena Snatch"
    Pipe BombComplete "Suburbs Mayhem"
    Platinum AS12 RiotComplete Chinatown Hitman
    Platinum RPG LauncherComplete all 3 Hitman Activities
    Platinum T3K-UrbanComplete Projects Hitman
    Receive Discount When Repairing CarComplete ALL Chop Shops
    Reduced damage from bulletsComplete "Adept Way Insurance Fraud"
    Reduced damage from carsComplete "Cecil Park Insurance Fraud"
    Reduced damage from explosionsComplete "Chinatown Insurance Fraud"
    RPG LauncherComplete all 3 Mayhem Activities
    Saint's Row by David BannerCollect All Hidden CD's
    Samantha (homie)Red Light District/Bavogian Plaza Escort
    Shut You Down by RhymefestCollect 50 Hidden CD's
    Special Variant of HollywoodComplete Docks & Warehouses Chop Shop
    Special Variant of RicochetComplete Chinatown Chop Shop
    Special Variant of StilettoComplete Downtown Chop Shop
    The Job (car)Complete all the escort activities
    TitanAll Hijacking
    Willy for a HomieComplete "Saint's Row Snatch"

  • Unlock Cribs

    Complete Missions to unlock these Cribs. Each Crib contains a Weapon Cache, a safe, a save-point and a wardrobe.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Angelo Lopez's Beach HouseComplete "What Goes Up..."
    Benjamin King's PenthouseComplete "Return Of The King"
    Price's MansionComplete "Semi-Charmed Life"
    Saints Row Loft CribComplete "Back To Basics"

    Contributed By: BraindeadRacr.

  • Unlock Gang, Special, Johnny's, Dex's and Julius Little's Cars

    To unlock these vehicles complete either one of the Storylines. To get them all complete the Vice Kings, Westside Rollerz and Los Carnales missions.
    (Please note that these are unique vehicles and cannot be customized)

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Benjamin King's Car(Mag)Beat the "The King And I" mission.
    Dex's Car(Raycaster)Beat the "What Goes Up..." mission.
    Johnny's Car(Venom)Beat the "The King And I" mission.
    Julius Little's Car(Attrazione)Beat the "Semi-Charmed Life" mission.
    Lin's Car(Voxel)Beat the "No Time To Mourn" mission.
    Los Carnales VehiclesBeat the "What Goes Up..." mission.
    Vice Kings VehiclesBeat the "The Return Of The King" mission.
    Westside Rollerz VehiclesBeat the "Semi Charmed Life" mission.

    Contributed By: BraindeadRacr.

  • Unlock Zombie Lin

    You must finish the Rollerz storyline, then call "Eye for an Eye Voodoo" at 555-5966. Zombie Lin will then be unlocked as a Homie.

    Contributed By: Casperflip492.

Saints Row 2 Cheats


  • Cheats

    Open the phone section for dialing and enter the number.

    #921.44 Cal
    #92012 Gauge
    #35Add Gang Notoriety
    #4Add Police Notoriety
    #947Annihilator RPG
    #924AR-50 with Grenade launcher
    #925AS14 Hammer
    #926Baseball Bat
    #2Car Mass Increased
    #78669Clear Skies
    #sunnyClear Sky
    #15Drunk Pedestrians
    #202Everybody is Shrunk
    #16Evil Cars
    #928Fire Extinguisher
    #929Flame Thrower
    #1Full Health
    #931GAL 43
    #711Get Horizon
    #712Get Snipes 57
    #713Get Tornado
    #714Get Wolverine
    #1042Gives a Atlasbreaker
    #801Gives Kaneda (custom racing bike)
    #829Gives Skipper (Personal Yacht)
    #4976Gyro Daddy added to Garage
    #12Heaven Bound
    #201Itty Bitty
    #666Lighting Strikes
    #18Low Gravity
    #938McManus 2010
    #3Milk Bones
    #36Never Die
    #50No Cop Notoriety
    #51No Gang Notoriety
    #19Pedestrian Wars
    #943Pepper Spray
    #969Pimp Slap
    #945Pipe Bomb
    #5Player Pratfalls
    #20Raining Pedestrians
    #1056Repair Vehicle
    #948Samurai Sword
    #949Satchel Charge
    #950Shock Paddles
    #952Sledge Hammer
    #953Stun Gun
    #7Super Explosions
    #8Super Saints
    #11Unlimited Ammo
    #9Unlimited Clip
    #6Unlimited Sprint
    #728237Unlock D-STROY UFO
    #7266837Unlock Peewee Mini Bike
    #957Vice 9
    #958XS-2 Ultimax


  • Instantly warp into any vehicle.

    Jump on top of any vehicle (moving or not, including police vehicles) and press Y to instantly kick the driver out and appear in the driver's seat

    Contributed By: old_school227.

  • Kaneda Rides up walls

    The kaneda bike you unlock from the ronin missions will drive all the way up the side of any building. You need to face the wall and then backup far enough so when you go forward you can wheelie and have your front tire rest on the wall. Then give it gas. If you just do a wheelie at the wall it wont work, you will just do a big burnout on the ground. You need to get the timing right so you are just far enough away to be barely doing a wheelie when you hit the wall with the front tire.

    Contributed By: lunareklipse.

  • Keep Cop Uniform

    How to get: Step 1 - Get a friend or someone to host a co-op game for you. Join them. Step 2 - Start any Fuzz activity. Step 3 - Fail the mission by killing the cameraman, or kill yourselves. Step 4 - When the failed screen shows, tell the host to not press any buttons. Step 5 - At the failed screen, YOU (not the host) press the back button to exit the game, and save. Step 6 - Load your save and you should have the uniform. Sometimes you may not have the shirt, so you can go to Branded and get one. The badges and radio are stuck to your skin so it will be on whatever shirt you choose. Step 7 - Save your outfit to keep it in your wardrobe.

    Contributed By: MrBuckAdamsRIP.


  • ''The Duke'' Customised Bootlegger

    Complete all 80 stunt jumps

    Contributed By: sam_vere.

  • How to Unlock Badges

    These badges can only be unlocked by playing matches online.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Ar...Play online on September 19th
    Assassin$105,000 online
    Assault and BatteryGet 10 melee kills(excluding the pimp slap)
    Brain SurgeonGet 100 head shots
    BurnoutKilled 10 people with fire
    Demo DemonDrive 10 cars until they explode
    Dominator$310,000 online
    Enforcer$188,000 online
    Executioner$777,000 online
    Fully LoadedFill all of theweapon slots
    Gangsta$25,000 online
    Killa$10,000 online
    King of Kingpins$2,200,000 online
    Kingpin$1,200,000 online
    LeadfootGet 2000 seconds total in first place(racing)
    Mass MurderGet 10 Multi-kills
    New JackYou start with this badge
    No Questions AskedPlay 10 or more matches with at least 20 kills
    NutjobGet 100 nutshot kills
    Original GangstaPlay 10 or more matches
    Party AnimalHost and win a custom mach
    PimpPlay 20 or more matches
    Regulator5 or more matches with at least $30,000 earned
    Road RageKill 150 people by running over them
    Saint PicassoSpray 100 tags
    Soldier$55,000 online
    Team SpiritPimp Slap 10 people
    Terminator$502,000 online
    Thug$2,500 online
    Track StarSprint for 3000 seconds total
    Trigger HappyShoot 100,000 shots
    Wrecking CrewGet 50,000 points of damage in Mayhem/Demo Derby

    Contributed By: AchievemntFreak.

  • In-Game Unlockables

    Complete the Following

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    -15% explosion damage reducedLevel 6, Trail Blazing (Downtown)
    100% music store discountCollect all 50 CD's
    15% Food and Liquor Store DiscountBeat 'Red Light Septic Avenger Level 6'
    5% Food and Liquor Store DiscountBeat 'Red Light Septic Avenger Level 3'
    75% Mechanic DiscountComplete all 5 Chop Shop lists
    Akuji's Prototype BikeRonin Mission 11
    AmbulanceAll Ambulance Levels
    Annihilator RPGmayhem level 6, nuclear plant
    AR-50 XMAC SpecialAll Combat Tricks Completed
    Attack HelicopterEpilogue mission 4
    Avenger Jacket3 Gold Stars in Gang Kills
    BanditDo multiple car stunts to unlock
    Bodyguards and NinjasGame Progression
    Brotherhood Gang CarsComplete Last Mission for the Brotherhood
    Brotherhood MeleeComplete Brotherhood Mission 6
    BuggyComplete Truckyard Chop Shop list
    Chainsaw in Weapon CacheComplete Crowd Control (Marina) lvl 6
    Clothing Store DiscountCrowd Control level 3 (Suburbs)
    Cowboy HatComplete all races in Stilwater.
    Crib Customization DiscountMayhem level 3 (Red Light)
    Custom Phoenix3 Gold Stars in Near Miss
    Demo Derby VehiclesComplete Demo Derby Level 6
    Donnie's VehicleComplete Brotherhood mission 2
    Explosion Damage -5%Level 3, Trail Blazing (Downtown)
    Fire Fighter SuitComplete both set of Trailblazing activities
    Flamethrowermayhem level 3, nuclear plant
    Free Food and DrinksGet 20 Robbery Diversions
    GAL 43snatch level 3, downtown
    Gang Customization Cars45% hoods conquered
    Gang Customization Cars15% hoods conquered
    Hand Grenades1 Hitman list complete
    Health Regeneration 2xSnatch level 3 (Chinatown)
    Health Regeneration 3xSnatch level 6 (Chinatown)
    Improved Weapon Accuracy 15%Finish Septic Avenger Level 6, Suburbs.
    Increased Melee Damage 15%Arena Fight Club Level 3
    Increased Melee Damage 30%Arena Fight Club Level 3
    Infinite RespectDo activities to raise your respect past level 100. you will then have Infinite respect.
    Infinite Rifle AmmoComplete All Hitman Lists
    Infinite Shotgun AmmoComplete Drug Trafficking level 6 (Airport)
    Infinite SMG AmmoSuccessfully complete "Snatch" Level 6 Downtown
    Jane ValderamaMug 50 citizens
    Johnny GatComplete final Ronin mission
    Kobra (Pistol)Fuzz level 3 (Projects)
    Legal LeeBeat 'Stilwater Prison Fight Club Level 3'
    Maero's monster truckThe Brotherhood mission 11
    Mechanic DiscountComplete Demo Derby Level 3
    News Anchor available as a HomieMug 50 people
    No damage from fallingGet a bull's eye in the base jumping diversion
    One FollowerComplete Prologue Mission 4
    Paintball MaskMugged 30 People
    Pepper Spray in Weapon CacheComplete Crowd Control (Marina) lvl 3
    PierceComplete Ronin Storyline
    Pimp SuitComplete Ho-ing Diversion
    PimpcanePyramid Scheme
    Police Notoriety ReducedComplete FUZZ Level 3, Suburbs
    Police Notoriety Reduced 2Complete FUZZ Level 6, Suburbs
    Pumped UpFight Club level 6 (Arena)
    Pumped UpFight Club level 3 (Arena)
    Race BikeComplete all bike races in Stilwater.
    Race BoatComplete all boat races in Stilwater
    Race CarComplete all car races in Stilwater.
    Race HelicopterComplete all helicopter races in Stilwater.
    Race PlaneComplete all plane races in Stilwater.
    Red Light Apartment CribComplete Prologue Mission 2
    Reduced bullet damageHeli assault level 3 (Bario)
    Reduced Vehicle DamageInsurance Fraud Level 3, Museum
    Ronin Gang CarsComplete Last Mission for the Ronin
    Ronin MeleeComplete Ronin Mission 6
    Ronin Notoriety ReducedDrug Traffickingf Level 3 (Hotel and Marina)
    Ronin Notority Reduced 2Beat 'Hotels & Marina Drug Trafficking Level 6'
    Saints HideoutComplete Prologue Mission 3
    Saints yachtSuccessfully complete all boat events.
    Satchel Charges3 Hitman lists complete
    Septic TruckBeat both of the Septic Avengers
    ShaundiComplete Sons of Samedi Storyline
    Shock Paddles (Melee Weapon)All Ambulance Levels
    Sons Of Samedi Gang CarsComplete Last Mission for Sons Of Samedi
    Sons Of Samedi MeleeComplete Mission "Bad Trip"
    Sons of Samedi Notoriety ReducedComplete Escort Level 3, University
    Special BezierWin all vehicle races.
    Sprint IncreasedInsurance Fraud level 3 (Factories)
    Sprint Increased (Unlimited)Insurance Fraud level 6 (Factories)
    Super TaxiAll Taxi Levels
    The General's Bulldogsons of samedi mission 11
    The News HelicopterComplete Sons of Samedi Mission 3
    Three Followers50% hoods conquered
    Toad ATV (custom Saints variant)Complete 10 hostage diversions
    TobiasComplete Sons of Samedi Mission 3
    Traffic Cone Hat3 Gold Stars in Vehicle Surfing
    TroyBeat 'Stilwater Prison Fight Club Level 6
    Two Followers25% hoods conquered
    Ultor APCepilogue mission 2
    Unlimited Pistol AmmoFuzz level 6 (Projects)
    Unlimited Rifle AmmoComplete all 5 Hitman lists
    Vehicle DeliveryEscort level 3 (Red Light)
    Vehicle Delivery (Free)Escort level 6 (Red Light)
    X2 Ultimax (Shotgun)Drug Trafficking level 3 (Airport)
    Zombie CarlosCall eye for an eye after you complete the brother hood story
    Zombie MaskComplete Zombie Uprising

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