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    A Learning ComputerMei-Fang - Finish your fight in mint condition.15
    Any Color, So Long As It's BlackCatherine - Experimental weapons!15
    Arcana, Assemble!Fight against all Arcana in Network Mode.20
    ArchangelUse all characters.20
    Atatatatatatatatatatatatatata!Akane - Show them your ultimate burning passion!15
    Critically AcclaimedWin with a Critical Heart.20
    Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?Petra - Life is cheap, and so are bullets.15
    Draw, PartnerEko - Just keep drawing.15
    Engauge! (secret)Completely drained the Spiritual Gauge more than 3 times in a single match.15
    Enough Love to Go AroundRaise all Characters RP Level to 3.60
    Flawless VictorySaki - Decommission your opponents with skill and precision.15
    Form of...Me Kicking Your Ass!Kira - You spin me right round, baby, right round...15
    Gone in 75 SecondsAngelia - Almost there...15
    Good Morning, AngelsFight against all characters in Network Mode.20
    Gotterdammerung (secret)Used Baldur to defeat Ragnarok.20
    I Don't Have Anything Elsa LeftElsa - Master a variety of weapons.15
    I Need Support!Maori - Complete a combo with the aid of all your sisters.15
    I Was Just Looking!Unlock all of the illustrations in Gallery Mode.40
    I'm StuffedKonoha - Switch places with a bunch of stuffed...yous!15
    I've Seen EverythingWatch all of the endings in Story Mode.30
    It's Moving...Unlock all the link animations in Gallery Mode.60
    Mark III Chain MasterScharlachrot - Trap your opponent.15
    Mark III Sword SummonerWeiss - Execute a combo of 100+ hits, without assistance.15
    Mycana, Not OurcanaUse all Arcana.20
    No Train No GainTrain for 15 minutes straight.10
    No, I Expect You To DieZenia - Timing is of the essence.15
    Obtuse AngelFiona - Dish out as much damage as you can with a single attack.15
    Of Critical ImportanceWin with an Extended Critical Heart.20
    On The Streets and So ForthLilica - Never give up. Never surrender!15
    Operation Nihon-GoWatch the bad ending in Story Mode.10
    Plays Well With OthersPlay in a Player Match.10
    Raise the Draw-Bridge!Eko - Lanch some REAL fireworks.15
    Rank and FilePlay in a Ranked Match.10
    Sacrecent (secret)Used moves with the word "Sacred" in them more than 100 times as Fiona.15
    Signed, Sealed, and DeliveredNazuna - Master the follow-up.15
    Storybook EndingFinish Story Mode.10
    Storybook Ending X-TREMEFinish Story Mode on the most difficult setting.20
    Sympathy for the DevilCombo like the Devil!40
    TaliswomanYoriko - Master the follow-up.15
    That's "'S' Words", Mr. ConneryKamui - Unleash the power of the Spiritual Sword to take down your opponents.15
    That's the Pooooower of LoveHeart - Tear down all that stands in your way with the power of love!15
    The Alchemist of LifeDefeat Parace L'Sia in Score Attack Mode.40
    Twisted SisterLieselotte - You can rebuild her... You have the technology!15
    Un-Natural Female EnhancementWin while the Extend Force is unusable.20
    What a CardDorothy - Master the deck of cards.15
    With Our Powers Combined!Win with an Arcana Blaze.20
    You Complete MeClarice - Steal life from your opponent.15
    You Only Have Eyes for Me!Raise one character's RP Level to 10.60
    You're Not Supposed to DO It! (secret)Got attacked immediately after the [Come and Get Me!] teleport.15
    Yukkuri Shiteitte Ne (secret)While the Water Arcana [Regnum] is active, land a [Last Armageddon Drop].15

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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