• Achievements

    1628Use 10 Ampoules25
    Ace Dragon RiderMultiplayer: Scored "S" rank 3 times25
    Act of CourageStart your first mission with Icarus Division10
    Act of HonorComplete all missions for Coral Lake East, Coral Lake West, and Underground Lake on any difficulty50
    Act of TruthComplete all story missions on Casual or Classic difficulty50
    Act of ValorComplete all missions for Forest, Ancient Ruins, and Lava Lake on any difficulty50
    Antibody ArchivistCollect 18 different Antibodies from creatures on Draco15
    Close Call!Use a Revival Gem to revive your dragon during a mission15
    Crimson SkiesKill 2000 enemy creatures45
    Data HarvesterCollect 500 beacons35
    Death from AboveDefeat 3 enemy bosses25
    Do a Barrel Roll!Perform a barrel roll by leaning left or right15
    Draco Delta-731Complete all story missions on Classic difficulty100
    Dragon MasterPurchase 3 dragons from the shop35
    Easy PickingsKilled 50 enemy creatures25
    Equipped for BattleUse 1 Ampoule during a mission10
    First Time BuyerPurchase 1 item Pack using credits or Jewels15
    Focused WillpowerKill 200 enemies using only you dragon’s secondary skill40
    Go-along!Multiplayer: Cleared mission 25 times.25
    Magic MissilesFire 3000 tracking missiles35
    Not Bad RookieEarn a mission medal playing on any difficulty10
    OverachieverAcquire all medals for every story mission in the game100
    Piece of CakeScore "C" rank or higher on a mission in any difficulty mode10
    Primary PlusKill 200 enemies using only your dragon’s main skill40
    Roger That!Activate your wingman dragon communicator and issue a voice command20
    Seeker CaptainAchieve player level 1020
    Seeker ColonelAchieve player level 2025
    Seeker GeneralAchieve player level 4050
    Seeker LieutenantAchieve player level 520
    Seeker SquadronMultiplayer: Completed 5 multiplayer missions15
    Seekers UniteMultiplayer: Completed 1 multiplayer mission10
    Skilled SeekerScore "A" rank during any mission in Classic mode10
    Still AwakeningUnlock a new skill by feeding your dragon15
    Strike from the SkiesMultiplayer: Completed all multiplayer missions on any difficulty50
    Survival of the FittestEvolve your first dragon20
    The NavigatorUse voice commands to navigate to the Shop, inventory, and Dragon Roost15
    Treasure HunterLoot 1 rare item and 25 common items20
    Trying to Rewrite the PastMultiplayer: Defeated the White Phantom 3 times25
    Vermin ExterminatorKill 500 enemy creatures30

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

  • Achievements: Cloud Update

    Breaking the BankCollected over 2,000,000 in credits in your account25
    Crimsonscale ErradicatorKilled 10000 enemy creatures75
    Enhanced AbilitiesUsed 100 ampoules25
    Open SeasonDefeated bosses 10 times in "S" rank.100
    Seeker LegendAchieved player level 50100
    The Finer ThingsLooted 50 rare Items25

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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